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The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “We lost several bottles of Yakult.”


Han Jingnian stopped in his tracks, and his expression darkened as he stared at the phone screen. “…”


On the other end of the WeChat conversation, unaware of the situation here, Xia Wan’an sent another message.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “I counted, and I lost a total of seven bottles of Yakult.”


She even counted how many bottles were missing?


Just as Han Jingnian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Xia Wan’an sent another message.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “By the way, Assistant Zhang, you didn’t report this to the police, did you?”


After a brief silence, Han Jingnian raised his finger and tapped the screen a few times. “No, Madam.”


Of course, he wouldn’t report it to the police because the “thief” who stole the Yakult was him.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “That’s good; there’s no need to report such a small matter.”


Seeing the phrase “small matter,” Han Jingnian’s complexion improved slightly.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “Because even if you did report it, no one would handle it.”


The implication was that if someone did handle it, would she really have reported him for drinking a few bottles of Yakult?


Han Jingnian’s face darkened once again, even more so than before.


He stared at the screen for a moment, then, he tried to salvage his image in Assistant Zhang’s style: “Madam, how can Han Jingnian be considered a thief? Madam and Han Jingnian are family. Your things are his things.”


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an sent an emoji of a kitten lying on the ground, rolling around and crying out of laughter.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “Assistant Zhang, why are you telling jokes tonight? Family? Hahaha.”


‘Family’ and she burst into laughter?


Han Jingnian focused on this message, his lips silently pressed together.


He thought about Assistant Zhang’s usual way of speaking and quickly typed a response: “Madam, you and Mr. Han are already a family. Madam and Mr. Han have a marriage certificate, and you and Mr. Han are one. There’s no difference between you and Mr. Han; you are two figures molded from the same clay, and if one breaks, you can mold two figures again. It’s that kind of relationship.”


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an sent an emoji of someone vomiting uncontrollably.


 The Most Beautiful Wan’an: “Assistant Zhang, you haven’t fallen asleep yet and started talking nonsense?“


Han Jingnian moved his fingers and wanted to say something more, but it was a pity that he hadn’t typed out the words yet. Xia Wan’an seemed to be no longer willing to continue chatting with him, the fake Assistant Zhang. A new message was sent.


“Bye, I’m going to sleep.”


Han Jingnian’s throat felt as if it were choked by something. He stared at the screen for a while, then replied, “Sweet dreams, Madam.”



Xia Wan’an didn’t respond to Assistant Zhang’s messages anymore, but as she looked at their chat history, her eyes grew somewhat dim.


Does Assistant Zhang really not understand Han Jingnian, or is he pretending not to? He actually said that Han Jingnian talked to her so much to report his whereabouts, and he even mentioned that she and Han Jingnian are family, that they are one, and that they have a close relationship…


Assistant Zhang’s way of thinking is truly peculiar!


Thinking about this, Xia Wan’an rolled over and closed her eyes while hugging the blanket.


But speaking of it, he has indeed been a bit strange these past few days… Last night, he took the initiative to talk to her at the old house and even came back home with her. Today, he started a conversation with her again…


Even though she felt sorry and softened her heart due to what her grandmother told her about him when he was a child, she couldn’t push herself into that irreparable situation of loving him so intensely as before.


What’s even more painful than loving someone and not being able to have them is to be delusional. She can’t knowingly be delusional and still insist on it.


Perhaps it was because she saved his life at the company that night, and that’s why he has changed recently… So, she shouldn’t have any expectations, and that way, she won’t feel upset.


With this in mind, Xia Wan’an rolled over again and couldn’t help but curse Assistant Zhang in her heart.


It’s all his fault. If he hadn’t blurted out those words to her, she wouldn’t be lying here now, overthinking and wasting her sleep time.





Cabin crew staff rushed to remind Assistant Zhang that it was time to board the plane.


Assistant Zhang turned his head to look at Han Jingnian. He saw the man standing by the window, holding his phone, motionless. He then got up and walked over.


As he walked up to Han Jingnian, he was about to call out, “Mr. Han,” but he ended up sneezing loudly.


Startled, Han Jingnian quickly put away his phone and glanced at Assistant Zhang.


Assistant Zhang subconsciously moved his lips, trying to tell him that it was time to board the plane, but just like before, he sneezed heavily.


A look of disdain appeared on Han Jingnian’s furrowed brow.


Assistant Zhang rubbed his nose, muttering about who could be secretly cursing him, and cautiously said to Han Jingnian, “Mr. Han, it’s time to board the plane.”


Han Jingnian responded with an “Hmm” and didn’t say anything more. He walked directly towards the boarding gate.


Assistant Zhang picked up his computer and caught up with Han Jingnian. He sneezed several times in a row. He wondered who he had offended to receive such continuous curses.



Time passed quickly, and it was already Friday evening.


Han Zhijin loved going out, and his biggest dream was to have endless fun. So, every Friday, which was the last working day of the week, he would inevitably organize his friends for a night out.


This Friday was no exception. On Thursday afternoon, Xia Wan’an had already received a message from Han Zhijin: “Let’s go out for dinner on Friday night and then head to MIX.”


Of course, the Little Prince of Paying the Bill, Han Zhijin, added a line after sending this notification: “Aunt-in-law, don’t worry, we won’t have a repeat of the last fight at the police station when we go to the bar this time, because I’ve already reserved the entire MIX!”


Since Han Jingnian was on a business trip, Han Zhijin boldly skipped work. Song Youman’s workplace was not too far from Han’s company, so after finishing work, he drove to pick up Xia Wan’an and Ai Jiang.


It was quite coincidental that Xia Wan’an and Ai Jiang ran into each other on the first floor. As they walked out together, Ai Jiang suddenly stopped in her tracks.