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Gu Heping’s actions made Gu Xian stop considering him as her younger brother. However, there was still a hidden danger in this situation. 

Gu Xian said, “Mother, if you drive him out, what will you do in the future?” 

Adopting a son was not only for continuing the family line but also to provide for the elderly in their later years. 

After hearing Qing Shu’s words, Old Madam Gu seriously considered the matter. After giving it much thought, she found Qing Shu’s suggestion feasible. “Aren’t you going to the capital next year? I’ve already made up my mind; I will go to the capital with you next year.” 

Gu Xian couldn’t help but widen her eyes in surprise. 

Old Madam Gu said, “Don’t worry, I won’t live with you. Once you settle down, I will buy a house near your place. You can come over whenever you have time. If you’re busy, you can have a few children take turns to accompany me.” 

Gu Xian hesitated and said, “Mother, the capital is especially cold in winter. I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear the cold.” 

The weather difference between the north and the south was significant. Many people from the south couldn’t adapt to the north, especially the cold and dry climate. Her mother was getting older, so she might find the harsh climate too difficult to endure. 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “I’m healthier than you. You should worry about yourself more than me.” 

Gu Xian fell silent for a moment and tentatively asked, “Mother, can’t you adopt a child from your second uncle’s house?” 

Old Madam Gu shook her head and said, “An adopted child can never be as dear as one’s own. Besides, at my age, I don’t have the energy to raise a child.” 

Then, Old Madam Gu deliberately looked distressed and said, “Xian, if you think I’m a burden and don’t want me to go to the capital with you, just forget about it.” 

Seeing her mother like this, Gu Xian felt uneasy, “Mother, let me discuss this with my husband.” 

Old Madam Gu readily agreed, “Sure.” 

There was an old saying that went, “With money, you can travel the world; without money, you can’t even take a step.” Many officials in the capital couldn’t even afford to buy a house; they had to rent one. Lin Chengyu had moderate talents and no strong backing. Even if he passed the imperial examination and became an official, he would still start from the bottom.  

Low official incomes meant a difficult life. Going to the capital with them had only advantages and no disadvantages. Lin Chengyu wasn’t stupid; he would never refuse! 

Seeing Qing Shu, Gu Xian pulled her aside and said in a low voice, “Your grandmother hasn’t been in a good mood these past few days. You need to accompany her well.” 

After such a blow, it was a wonder she was still in any mood at all. 

Qing Shu asked deliberately, “Mother, why don’t you come back and spend a few days with Grandma?” 

Gu Xian shook her head and said, “You wouldn’t understand.” 

Gu Heping moved out, and she returned home, making outsiders likely to assume that she had incited her mother to drive Gu Heping out, aiming for the family property. Although she felt sorry for her mother, she also had to consider her husband’s feelings. 

Qing Shu couldn’t pretend she didn’t understand; she just valued her reputation more than her grandmother’s opinion. It was only because Gu Xian was pregnant that Qing Shu refrained from speaking harshly to avoid upsetting her. 

After dinner, Gu Xian asked about her husband, “Mother, it’s been so long, and we still haven’t found any details about my husband?” 

Old Madam Gu shook her head, “You don’t need to worry. Qing Shu is still young; it’s okay if your husband arrives a little late.” 

Gu Xian wasn’t anxious. She just wanted to find some topics to divert Old Madam Gu’s attention. 

After chatting with Old Madam Gu for a while, the sun was setting, and she went back home. When she arrived home, she saw Yuan shi and Xuan shi. Gu Xian asked with a stern face, “What are you doing here?” 

Yuan shi smiled and said, “Xiao Xian, your mother has some misunderstandings about Heping. We hope you can help him.” 

“Yuan Shanniang cursed me and my mother. Gu Heping knew about it and accused my mother of slandering Yuan Shanniang. Third Aunt, even a dog raised for over ten years knows how to wag its tail to its owner. Gu Heping isn’t even as good as a dog.” 

Yuan Shanniang had done such a wicked thing, but instead of punishing her, Gu Heping protected her. Gu Xian no longer regarded him as her younger brother. 

Yuan shi didn’t expect Gu Xian to speak so harshly, “Xiao Xian, Heping has been deceived by that wretched woman.” 

Gu Xian said coldly, “Third Aunt, the wretched woman you’re talking about is your own niece, and you even used means to let her into the family.” 

After saying that, Gu Xian continued, “Third Aunt, I’m tired and need to rest. Please leave!” 

When Yuan shi tried to stop Gu Xian, Chen Mama quickly blocked her and said, “Third Madame, please leave!” 

Yuan shi shouted loudly at Gu Xian’s back, “Xiao Xian, I know you’re very angry, but you also need to think about your mother. She’s getting older; in the future, she won’t even have someone to pour her tea and water.” 

Chen Mama felt disgusted. There were so many maids and servants around the Old Madam; how could there be no one to take care of her if she fell ill? 

Gu Xian turned around and said, “You don’t need to worry about this. I’ll take care of my mother when she’s sick.” 

Yuan shi hurriedly said, “But what about your mother after a hundred years? Do you want to see your mother die without even someone to hold her spirit tablet?” 

Gu Xian became furious, “When my mother passes away in a hundred years, if Gu Heping dares not to wear mourning clothes, I will report him to the authorities.” 

Chen Mama escorted the two of them out. 

Xuan shi said helplessly, “Mother, I told you we shouldn’t have come.” 

When they came, she had said that Gu Xian wouldn’t help her little uncle. Gu Xian was her own daughter; how could she possibly help Gu Heping after what he had done? 

Yuan shi said fiercely, “She wants to settle Gu Heping with just one shop? In her dreams.” 

Xuan shi asked in a low voice, “Mother, given the situation, what can we do?” 

“The person Lin Chengyu needs to pass the imperial examination. As long as we spread the news that Tang shi drove Heping out to leave the family property to Gu Xian, I believe Gu Xian won’t ignore it.” 

Yuan shi had long seen through Gu Xian; in Gu Xian’s heart, her husband was the most important, and everything else came second. 

Xuan shi felt that this plan might not work, and she had another worry, “Mother, what if Eldest Aunt adopts a child from the Second Household?” 

“Your Eldest Aunt cares about her reputation. As long as I have a word with her, she won’t adopt a child from the Second Household.” 

But Xuan shi was still not at ease, “What if she gets desperate and donates all the family property?” 

In recent years, there was a case where a widow’s only son died, and her relatives wanted to seize her family property. In a fit of anger, the widow donated all her wealth to an orphanage. The relatives not only gained nothing but also tarnished their reputation. 

Yuan shi remained silent. She knew Old Madam Gu’s temperament. If pushed too far, she might indeed resort to drastic measures. 

Back home, Yuan shi asked the gatekeeper, “Has Master returned?” 

Since the separation of the family, she hadn’t seen any sign of Third Master. Yuan shi was burning with anger inside. 

Gu Heguang shook his head, “Not yet.” 

At that moment, a servant came and delivered a letter, stating that it was to be given to Gu Heguang personally. 

Gu Heguang was a bit surprised, and after reading the letter, his expression turned grim. 

Yuan shi, feeling a dull ache in her head, asked, “What does the letter say?” 

Gu Heguang dared not look at Yuan shi’s face and lowered his head, saying, “It says, Father has kept a woman in Qianhe Street.” 

That day, Yuan shi had already been pushed to her limit due to Gu Heping’s situation. Now, this additional shock was too much for her. She collapsed to the ground. 

In the evening, Mama Hua reported the situation to Old Madam Gu, “Yuan shi fainted upon hearing this news and still hasn’t regained consciousness.” 

Grandma Gu sneered, “She’s too busy with her own troubles to bother me and Xiao Xian anymore.” 

Gu San had redeemed a courtesan and settled her in Qianhe Street.  In the evening, Mama Hua reported the situation to Old Madam Gu had learned about it not long after it happened. However, she didn’t inform Yuan shi due to the ongoing conflict between them. But now that Yuan shi was causing trouble, Grandma Gu decided to expose the truth. With chaos in the Third Household, she and her daughter could finally live in peace.