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She saw He Che through the glass doors, amidst the coming and going of people.


He Che was dressed simply in a white T-shirt and jeans, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, exuding an air of scholarly elegance. Leaning against a tree, he was gazing at the road absentmindedly, his face filled with suppressed emotions. Despite that, he still stood out in the crowd.


It had to be said that in terms of looks alone, He Che wasn’t much inferior to Han Jingnian. If we considered temperament, Han Jingnian had a stronger presence and a more imposing aura. However, their noble air wasn’t much different. Han Jingnian was genuinely aristocratic, while He Che… Ai Jiang thought that he was just basking in the glow of his good looks. After all, they had been dating for over half a year, and he barely made a little over ten thousand yuan a month, working long hours day and night. Especially now, after she successfully transferred to Han’s Corporation, he couldn’t even match her monthly salary.


“What’s wrong?” Xia Wan’an asked, puzzled when she saw Ai Jiang stopping in her tracks.


Afraid of revealing anything to Xia Wan’an, Ai Jiang quickly withdrew her gaze from He Che and said, “It’s nothing.”


She had broken up with He Che and he had been trying to contact her these past few days. She didn’t answer his calls or messages, and eventually, she blocked his number. Now, he had shown up at her company.


If she and Xia Wan’an went out now and he stopped them, her relationship status would be exposed…


In just a few seconds, Ai Jiang spoke again, “I just suddenly have a bit of a stomachache. It’s probably my time of the month coming… I need to go to the restroom.”


“Oh, I see. In that case, I’ll go with you…” Xia Wan’an said, turning to follow Ai Jiang towards the restroom.


“The company’s entrance isn’t a good place to park. How about letting Youman go to the underground parking lot? After we come out of the restroom, we can take the elevator and meet her…” If they left through the company’s parking lot, He Che wouldn’t be able to spot them.


Xia Wan’an thought about it and felt that Ai Jiang’s suggestion made sense. She took out her phone and sent a voice message to Song Youman, “Youman, come to the underground parking lot. Ai Jiang isn’t feeling well, so we might be a little late…”


Inside the restroom, Ai Jiang deliberately took her time before coming out. When she and Xia Wan’an took the elevator to the underground parking lot, she turned her head to look towards the entrance.


He Che was still there, but he had a cigarette in his hand.


Song Youman had been waiting in the underground parking lot for a while. When she saw Xia Wan’an and Ai Jiang approaching, she unlocked the car.


After the two of them got into the car, Song Youman complained about how she waited for them for a long time while driving the car to the hotel Han Zhijin had booked.


Due to Ai Jiang, the three of them arrived half an hour later than the agreed time.


Han Zhijin was bored waiting inside alone, so he asked the waiter for a deck of playing cards and started fighting with himself.


Han Zhijin complained immediately, “Why did it take you so long? Are you both snails?”


“Shut up! A grown man is so naggy, isn’t it annoying?” Song Youman was not polite at all as she grabbed her bag and smacked it against Han Zhijin’s head. 


Han Zhijin raised his hand, scratched his hit head, and muttered, “Is it that time of the month for you?” Then she pushed the menu in front of the three ladies and said, “Decide what you want to eat.”


Song Youman balanced herself on one leg on the chair and stood up with one foot on the floor. With the air of a big shot, she opened the menu. “This, this, this, and this… these are all dishes An’an likes. Order them all, but make sure there’s no green onions!”


While Han Zhijin was playing cards Fight the landlord, winning against both farmers, he asked, “How come you remember what Wan’an likes to eat, but you don’t remember what I like?”


“I think you like everything except poop,” Song Youman ordered a few more dishes, then closed the menu and instructed the waiter to place the order as soon as possible.


“What are you saying!” Han Zhijin frowned unhappily and moved to a different seat, increasing the distance between them to show his attitude.


Song Youman didn’t care and waved him hand dismissively. Then she turned to Xia Wan’an, who was exceptionally happy. “An’an, come here and give me a hug! I haven’t seen you in five days, I missed you so much…”


Han Zhijin made a disgusted face, shivered, and continued playing cards.


On the other hand, Ai Jiang, who had been silent since entering, chatted with Xia Wan’an and Song Youman for a while, then left them and looked at Han Zhijin. “What are you playing?”


“Fight the Landlord.” Han Zhijin dealt himself some cards while replying.


“Playing Fight the Landlord alone?” Ai Jiang looked surprised, as if she had never heard of it before.


“Yes.” Han Zhijin beamed with pride. “This is a game variant I invented myself.”


“I didn’t expect you to be so creative…” Ai Jiang seemed sincerely impressed.


Han Zhijin let out a “huh” and focused on his card game, not responding to her further.


Ai Jiang stared at him for a moment, then moved her lips to say something, but before she could speak, her phone in her bag suddenly vibrated.


She took out her phone and glanced at it. It was an unknown number. She hesitated for a moment, then stood up, moved away from the table, and answered the call.


“Who is this?” Ai Jiang said just three words.

A familiar voice came over the phone, “It’s me, Xiao Jiang.”


He Che… Ai Jiang paused for a second, then her tone became even colder. “Why are you looking for me?”


“Xiao Jiang, I want to see you. I know you’re having dinner at Guoyuyan, and I’m right outside Guoyuyan’s entrance. Either you come to see me, or I’ll go to each private room to find you.”


Ai Jiang’s fingers tightened around her phone.


How did he know she was at Guoyuyan? And… if he really barged into the private rooms, her secret of having a boyfriend would be exposed. Although her heart was moved by Han Jingnian, Han Zhijin… was also the next generation of Han Corporation.


After hanging up the phone, Ai Jiang timidly said, “I need to use the restroom.”


After the three of them responded to her, she left the private room.



Twenty minutes later, dishes were served one after another, but Ai Jiang still hadn’t returned.


Xia Wan’an and Song Youman sent several messages to Ai Jiang but received no response.


Seeing this, Han Zhijin pushed the playing cards aside and stood up. “I’ll go wash my hands and see if I can find Ai Jiang.”