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After taking the medicine and feeling a bit better, Yuan shi said to Gu Heping, “Now go back and apologize to your mother. Beg for her forgiveness.” 

Gu Heping shook his head and said, “Mother, even if I apologize, she won’t forgive me.” 

If he were her biological son, the family business would have been handed over to him a long time ago. How could he have been reduced to merely managing a rice shop and not allowed to participate in the family business? Now that he had been driven out, he didn’t want to seek trouble again. 

It had to be said that Yuan Shanniang and her daughter had successfully brainwashed Gu Heping. 

Yuan shi pounded the bed hard and said, “How do you know it won’t work if you don’t try?” 

Gu Heping smiled bitterly, “Mother, let it go! I can support my wife and child with my own hands. Moreover, after moving out, I can better serve you.” 

He really didn’t want to live under the shadow of the Old Madam anymore, without any dignity left. 

Yuan shi angrily said, “No. Even if she doesn’t forgive you, she can’t leave you with nothing. At least, she should give you half of the family property.” After calling Tang shi her son’s mother for so many years, how could she accept this outcome? 

She didn’t consider that OId Madam Gu had never intended to adopt Gu Heping in the first place. It was their efforts that had persuaded Old Master Gu to adopt Gu Heping into the main branch. 

Gu Heping said, “Mother, besides giving me this house, she also gave me the grain shop and two thousand two hundred taels of silver.” 

Yuan Shanniang was not satisfied with these things. “No, the grain shop doesn’t make much money. If she wants to give something, it should be a silk or tea shop.” 

Gu Heping said quietly, “Mother, she didn’t even see me before asking me to move out. How could she possibly give me a silk or tea shop?” 

Back then, he thought he would leave with nothing, so Grandmother Gu giving him the grain shop was already a pleasant surprise. 

Thinking of Grandmother Gu’s character, Yuan shi couldn’t help but curse Yuan Shanniang bitterly. 

Yuan Shanniang hung her head and endured the scolding. 

After the scolding, Yuan shi said to Gu Heping, “Give me the property deed and the silver coins to keep.” 

Gu Heping hadn’t spoken yet, and Yuan Shanniang became anxious, “Aunt, we can manage these things ourselves.” 

Yuan shi glanced at her and said, “I know what kind of person you are. If these things end up in your hands, they’ll probably be squandered within a year.” 

When they were in the Gu family, Yuan Shanniang used to buy new clothes and cosmetics every month, and they had to be of the highest quality. Additionally, with the good food in the Gu family, she still ate out several times a month. In the past, she didn’t care because she couldn’t control it, but now, she wouldn’t allow it. 

Gu Heping didn’t agree either and said, “Mother, I want to keep the money for business.” 

Yuan shi raised her voice, “What business? Take this money and buy two shops for rental income.” 

Although Yuan shi’s character was not good, she did think for Gu Heping. A mother knows her son best, and she was well aware that Gu Heping was not cut out for business. That’s why she wanted to buy two more shops. Even if the grain shop business didn’t do well, they could rely on the rental income from these three shops for a worry-free life. 

Unfortunately, Gu Heping, who had always been obedient, didn’t understand her intentions this time. He simply refused to give her the money. Even the property deeds for the house and shops, he didn’t hand them over. This infuriated Yuan shi to the point of almost fainting again. 

While there was chaos on Xiushui Street, life in the Gu family was also difficult. 

Hearing Grandma Gu sigh again, Qing Shu couldn’t help but ask, “Grandmother, what’s wrong? Do you regret letting Uncle move out?” 

Grandma Gu shook her head and said, “No. I just thought that when you and your mother go to the capital next year, I’ll be left alone here.” 

Qing Shu didn’t think it was a problem at all and said with a smile, “Grandmother, you can come to the capital with us!” 

Grandma Gu shook her head and said, “Your father is not a son-in-law, how can he support my retirement? Even if your father is willing, your grandparents would not agree.” 

Qing Shu pretended to be puzzled and said, “Grandmother, you are healthy now, and you have money. Why would you need my father to support you?” 

As long as there was money, many problems could be solved. Her grandmother had money, so there was no problem with them going to the capital. 

Pausing for a moment, Qing Shu continued, “Grandmother, when you are old and can’t move, I will have grown up by then. I will take care of you at that time.” 

What Grandma Gu feared most was becoming immobile when she got old, without any relatives by her side. Just the thought of it made her extremely anxious. Now, Qing Shu’s words were like a soothing pill for her anxiety. 

Holding Qing Shu, Grandma Gu said happily, “My good girl is the most filial.” 

The news of Gu Heping abandoning his mother and leaving spread quickly throughout Taifeng County. 

When Mama Chen heard about it while selling vegetables, she didn’t believe it at first. However, seeing everyone talking about it, she quickly went home and informed Gu Xian. 

Gu Xian was dumbfounded, “Mother drove Heping out? How is that possible?” 

“Madam, you should go back and ask,” the news was spreading like wildfire; it was most likely true. However, they didn’t know what had happened to make the Old Madam drive them out. 

When she returned home and saw her mother, Gu Xian asked, “Mother, I heard that you drove Heping out? Mother, this can’t be true, right?” 

Grandma Gu nodded and said, “He wanted to move out on his own; I didn’t drive him out. I gave him a house, a shop, and two thousand two hundred taels of silver. As long as they don’t spend recklessly, they won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of their lives.” 

This was said for Gu Xian’s benefit.  

Gu Heping had never lacked money, having been well-off since he was young. Yuan Shanniang, used to a life of luxury, couldn’t endure a life of simplicity. Two thousand two hundred taels of silver would be enough for them to live on for a year. As for the shop, given Gu Heping’s indecisiveness, it might go out of business sooner rather than later. 

Gu Xian became anxious and asked, “Mother, is it because of Qing Shu that things turned out like this?” 

OId Lady Gu didn’t want to talk about these unpleasant matters herself. “Mama Hua, tell her what happened!” 

After listening, Gu Xian was stunned. “Yuan Shanniang cursed you every day and didn’t even bother even with Heping around, and he did nothing about it? Mother, this can’t be true, can it?” 

In Gu Xian’s heart, Gu Heping was still the obedient and considerate little brother. 

Seeing is believing. When she saw the puppets, Gu Xian was angry and shocked, “Why would she be so malicious to me?” 

“You’re my only daughter. If something happens to you, I’ll most likely collapse. At that time, the Gu family will fall into Gu Heping’s hands, and she will be in charge,” Grandma Gu said disdainfully. 

Gu Xian couldn’t believe it, “How could she be so malicious?” 

Grandma Gu sneered, “Gu Heping knows what she did but pretends not to. He probably hopes that I will die soon.” 

In the past, Gu Xian would have certainly spoken up for Gu Heping, but now she fell silent. 

Gu Xian said, “Mother, it’s not worth getting upset over such a heartless and ungrateful person.”