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The layout of the fourth floor ward is different from the second and third floors. One side is the special treatment room, and the other side is the ward. Because the patients living here have extremely strong aggression, there should be security guards in addition to nurses and doctors on the fourth floor. 

However, there was an incident in the monitoring room. After she went upstairs and closed the door with a crisp sound, the corridors on both sides were unusually quiet, and no one came out to check. Even the nurse station was silent. This situation was not normal. 

Song Qingxiao was cautious, with her throat tightened, and she tried her best to slow down her footsteps, walking close to the wall. 

When she passed by the door of Room 1, the door was locked and there was no light inside. Through the light in the corridor, Song Qingxiao took a look at the ward. Besides medical equipment, there was no one on the bed. No one lived here. 

Just by looking at it, Song Qingxiao was already tense all over. After confirming that there was no one, she quickly flashed to the other side of the treatment room. This treatment room was still locked, and she tried to grasp the doorknob. The door was locked and couldn’t be pushed open. 

She looked at three more wards, but there was no one. When she reached the fourth one, through the light in the corridor, 

She was about to reach out and touch the key hanging on her body, but she saw from the corner of her eye that although the opposite ward of the first treatment room had its lights off, the door was slightly ajar and not tightly closed. 

The old TV hanging on the wall was playing the designated content silently. Song Qingxiao slowly exhaled, made a hand gesture, and slowly leaned towards the ward. 

The door was indeed not locked. The latch was pressed against the lock, and the door was slightly ajar. The light from the corridor shone through this gap and illuminated the bed. 

The bed was a bit messy. Song Qingxiao held her breath, one hand pressing the dagger behind her waist, and the other hand reaching out. Her fingertips lightly pushed the door. 

The door slowly opened, and more and more light shone in. There was no one on the bed. The restraints on both sides of the head of the bed were scattered on the side, as if they had been hastily pulled apart. 

A nurse was lying motionless on the floor, with a shiny medicine tray overturned on the ground, and medicine scattered all over. This scene proved that someone had been staying in this intensive care unit before, and the nurse was attacked while delivering medicine. 

Song Qingxiao stepped in slowly, holding her breath and focusing, afraid that her breathing would be too loud and she would miss any movement, ignoring the fact that someone was lurking in the darkness. 

After she let go, the door lost its resistance and slowly closed, blocking her figure. 

The room still had the smell of medicine and disinfectant, but there was no smell of blood. She reached out to touch the nurse’s neck on the floor, and it still had warmth. The pulsation of the artery proved that she had just fainted after being attacked. 

The latch of the door hit the lock frame and made a soft ‘click’ sound.  

The sound made Song Qing’s body shiver, and she immediately reached for the dagger at her waist and stood up. In the next moment, all the lights in the corridor outside went out. 

The room suddenly plunged into darkness, and Song Qingxiao cautiously moved to the side of the door, afraid to make any sudden movements. 

There was someone hiding on the fourth floor, and they may have already known of her presence. The hundred points she had lost earlier were probably a ploy to lure her into a trap. 

The door was half-closed, and after all the lights went out outside, that person was likely in position, patiently waiting for her to appear and strike a fatal blow at the right moment. 

It was impossible for her to stay hidden here. Her mission was to protect the people, and there were already two patients on the fourth floor today, in addition to three nurses, security guards, and other patients. If anything happened to these people, the consequences would be unimaginable. 

Two people died tonight, causing her remaining points to drop to 850. If it continued to decrease, her life would be in danger. 

Song Qingxiao grabbed the door handle, took a deep breath, and opened the door. 

It was quiet outside, as if there were no living beings on the entire fourth floor. 

Fortunately, the remaining points in her mind did not change and remained at 850, indicating that her opponent also had some concerns when she was cautious. 

She carefully took out the key that Zhang Xiaoyu had given her today and locked the door. In the quiet darkness, the keys collided with each other, making a crisp sound. After Song Qingxiao calmly completed all of this, she moved forward along the wall. 

Despite the commotion on the fourth floor, it didn’t seem to alarm the third floor for some reason. In the darkness, she always felt eyes watching her, but whenever she turned around, she couldn’t see anyone. 

In this environment, her senses were heightened to the extreme. Her heart was beating fast, and the accelerated blood flow made her hands and feet cold, with a dry and parched feeling in her mouth. 

She placed one hand on the wall and the other on her waist, quickly reaching the door frame. Song Qingxiao followed the door frame and felt the heavy door. She pressed her back against it, but before she could exert force, the door creaked open without being locked! 

There was something strange inside the room. She had experienced life and death situations before and was very sensitive to this kind of atmosphere. Something must have happened in the room. 

With her back against the door, she pushed it open. After her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she vaguely saw a person lying on the bed. She stood still for a moment, sensing no other presence in the room. She cautiously approached the bedside, reaching out to touch the foot of the bed. She felt a pair of feet. 

The feet were still warm and not small in size, unlike the two female patients who had fought earlier today. 

As expected, she took two steps forward along the bedside and carefully examined, even though she couldn’t see clearly. From the height, body shape, and hair, she could still recognize the man with the gun. 

His hands were bound, limiting his movement, and his head was unnaturally tilted to the left, indicating that his throat had been broken and he had already lost his life. 

What surprised Song Qingxiao was that the man with the gun was the first to be eliminated among the six trial participants. 

If the man with the gun was one of the two who died tonight, then he must also be an ally or had been considered a patient by the trial space when he entered. 

When the incident happened tonight, Number 5 was right under her nose. The person who killed the man with the gun was either the man with glasses, Number 4, or Number 6. These people all had grudges against the man with the gun, and once the man lost his weapon and was at a disadvantage, they all targeted him to eliminate him from the game. 

If someone hadn’t acted first, Song Qingxiao was also prepared to do the same. 

But now, who killed the man with the gun? She quickly left the ward and partially closed the door. In the short time it took her to do this, she wanted to continue checking other places, but the prompt in her mind changed again. 

Protect the people, failure will be eradicated. 

Mission completed: 800 points. 

She lost another 50 points, indicating that someone was still killing at this moment. 

Under the cover of night, someone was hunting and harvesting lives. 

Song Qingxiao bit her lip and didn’t dare to hold back. 

She quickly moved along the wall, searching the left side first, not even sparing the restroom at the end of the corridor. Then she switched to the other side and searched the wards. 

Every time she touched a ward door, she pushed it open. Some rooms were empty, while others had patients who had fallen into a deep sleep, unaware of what was happening outside. 

It wasn’t until she reached Ward 23, which was adjacent to the nurse’s station, that Song Qingxiao finally found another dead body. 

Ward 23 was already locked, but through the glass wall, she could still see a person half-lying at the foot of the bed, with the waist pressed against the iron railing of the modified special bed, the upper body hanging down in a “hanging” position, and the hair covering the face. Even though she couldn’t see the person’s appearance clearly, Song Qingxiao could recognize her from the hairstyle. This should be one of the two women who fought in Room 19 today. 

She was the second dead person discovered by Song Qingxiao tonight! According to the points prompt, there was still one more body, but she had almost circled the fourth floor and hadn’t found the attacker or any other bodies. The only place left to check was the nurse’s station.