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There was a nurse standing beside, one hand covering her mouth and the other holding a gun, trembling uncontrollably. The sharp scream from earlier must have been from her. Song Qingxiao glanced at her name tag: Zhu Xiaoke.

The big man on the ground was being restrained by others, struggling fiercely. The two security guards and nurses were struggling to hold him down.

His legs kicked wildly, his face being forced to the side, veins popping on his temple, his face turning red.

Song Qingxiao’s gaze paused for two seconds on the gun held by the nurse. She swallowed lightly.

“Let me go…”

The big man continued to roar, and when Nurse Zhang saw the scene, her body trembled twice.

“What’s going on?”

As Nurse Zhang spoke, she hurriedly walked towards where Dr. Zhou was, with Song Qingxiao following behind her.

The nurse holding the gun heard her speak and her body trembled, as if she had been startled. She turned around and saw Nurse Zhang, tears immediately streaming down her face.

“Sister Xiaoyu.” She took a few steps forward with the gun, looking down at it as if holding a hot potato, as if she wanted to throw it away but didn’t dare to. Song Qingxiao’s gaze flickered, and she took the opportunity to reach out and touch the gun, pretending to console her.

Nurse Zhang didn’t notice her actions and hurriedly checked on Dr. Zhou.

A splatter of blood appeared on the white wall behind Dr. Zhou’s head. The bullet had pierced his skull.

From the prompt in her mind, Song Qingxiao knew that he was beyond saving, but she didn’t say anything to alert Nurse Zhang, allowing her attention to be diverted.

Her hand gently rested on the shoulder of Zhu Xiaoke, who was sobbing, and then slowly slid down. She could feel her tense body, clearly frightened.

Song Qingxiao’s hand paused on her hand for a moment, finally touching the gun. The barrel of the gun was warm, as if it still carried the heat from the bullet that had killed someone.

At this moment, while Nurse Zhang was checking on Dr. Zhou’s condition and the frightened nurse was shaking, the security guards and nurses were restraining the big man on the ground, no one noticed the excitement in Song Qingxiao’s eyes.

Her heart started pounding, almost jumping out of her throat. This was an extremely rare opportunity. If she could get the big man’s gun, it would provide an extra layer of protection for this trial.

“What happened?” She deliberately slowed down her tone, afraid that her trembling voice would startle the nurse holding the gun. Because of the intense stimulation, her blood was rushing, her senses were magnified, and the sound of her own breathing in her mind was almost drowning out her own voice.

But in the end, she successfully placed her hand on the nurse’s hand. The nurse didn’t resist and allowed her to take the gun. Song Qingxiao’s breathing became momentarily chaotic, then she tightened her lips and exerted a little force. The nurse holding the gun let go.

As she held the heavy gun in her palm, Song Qingxiao could hardly believe that things had gone so smoothly. Joy flashed in her eyes, but she firmly held onto the gun, her finger on the trigger, not daring to make any unnecessary movements, afraid of waking up the people in the room and being discovered.

Zhu Xiaoke let go of the gun, holding her face with both hands, and reluctantly spoke, “Dr. Li recently left, and the hospital is planning to hire new doctors to fill the vacancies. Dr. Zhou was interviewing the new arrivals today…”

Song Qingxiao suppressed her excitement and focused on listening to her, afraid of missing a single word.

“But I don’t know what happened, the new arrival had a gun, and then the incident happened.”

“Did you call the police?”

After hearing her finish these two sentences, Song Qingxiao calmly asked, planning to put the gun in her pocket. The panicked nurse shook her head helplessly.

“I can’t make a call.” Her voice was filled with despair and a sense of foreboding. “An hour ago, we received news that there was an accident in the road construction down the mountain. The only road down was cut off, and the signal tower collapsed. It will take five days to restore it.”

In other words, for the next five days, this mental hospital would be a closed trial ground.

This situation was already within Song Qingxiao’s expectations, but she only received confirmation from the nurse’s words.

Although a death had occurred shortly after entering the scene, she had learned some useful information.

The civilians that she needed to protect in this trial ground were most likely the people in the hospital.

And from the deduction of fifty points due to Dr. Zhou’s accidental death, it seemed that the doctors were definitely included in the protected “civilians.”

Before she could put the gun in her pocket, she heard a hurried and chaotic footsteps outside. Song Qingxiao keenly felt a gaze fall on her, and she instinctively looked up. 


At the entrance of the office, Liu Yixun and two other doctors dressed in white coats had come down. The thin man with glasses in a white coat was among them. When he noticed Song Qingxiao’s gaze, he instinctively raised his glasses, and the reflective lenses blocked his expression.

The first thing the people who entered the office noticed was the condition of Dr. Zhou’s death. Only the man with glasses noticed her first, although he quickly looked away like the others, but Song Qingxiao still didn’t forget the chilling feeling that made her hair stand on end from that moment. It was a kind of sinister malice hidden within.

Including the man with glasses, there were already five players in the trial, leaving only the fourth player, the woman with the red whip, unseen.

The man with glasses hurriedly entered with Liu Yixun, taking a glance at the big man on the ground who was still struggling, and a slight smile appeared on his lips. His eyes quickly swept over with a mocking look.

Nurse Zhang quickly stepped aside, and the two doctors went over to check. They shook their heads with some regret.

“He has already lost vital signs.”

Song Qingxiao naturally already knew this information, but after Liu Yixun announced Dr. Zhou’s death, several nurses still sighed with regret. At this moment, she noticed that the man with glasses also shook his head.

His expression had a forced sense of sorrow. Song Qingxiao stood beside him and saw that his eyelids were half-closed beneath his glasses, his gaze somewhat indifferent, as if he wasn’t surprised by this news.

Based on a woman’s intuition, Song Qingxiao was sure that the man with glasses had already received the news of Dr. Zhou’s death from the prompt in his consciousness before entering this room.

“Let go!” The big man on the ground continued to struggle, perhaps realizing that his life was at stake, so he struggled fiercely. The two security guards and nurses became red-faced, using all their strength, but they could barely hold him down.

“Let me go!” The big man desperately struggled, his clothes twisted and deformed. His powerful legs kicked wildly. If this were not a mental hospital, where nurses, security guards, and doctors faced patients who could go crazy at any moment, he probably would have escaped long ago.