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After returning to the farm, Nan Xing tidied up a bit and drained the oil from the truck. 

After draining it, she realized that the two vehicles used different types of oil. 

Selena and the others’ car looked more like an off-road vehicle, but there was a slight difference from an off-road vehicle, indicating that it had been modified. 

Their car used gasoline, while the farm truck used diesel, and the two couldn’t be mixed. 

She hadn’t thought about this when she returned from the sanatorium, so… 

There was no other choice but for Nan Xing to choose between the Eagle’s Nest Quarry and the Upwind Canning Factory. 

The oil in the off-road vehicle was barely enough to go to one of the places, and there might not be enough to make it halfway. 

Nan Xing hesitated for a moment and chose to go to the Eagle’s Nest Quarry. 

Out of the two places, the Eagle’s Nest Quarry seemed more likely to have oil and other vehicles. 

Nan Xing packed up and put the diesel in her space. 

There was quite a bit of diesel in the truck, estimated to be around twenty to thirty liters, and she needed many containers to hold it all. 

After locking the gate, Nan Xing started the off-road vehicle and headed towards the quarry. 

It was 8:30 in the morning, and there was still a thin layer of fog in the air. Nan Xing’s eyelids kept twitching. 

It was an ominous sign. 

This made her more vigilant. 

It seemed like something was about to happen. 

But it was impossible for her to go out and explore. The food she had could only last her for a day or two. 

The road to the quarry was smooth, without a single zombie, and she arrived without any obstacles. Inside the quarry, there were stones everywhere, scattered mining tools and zombie bodies. 

Just as she expected, this place had already been visited, maybe by Selena and the others. 

Judging from the bodies on the ground, they had been dead for a while. 

The quarry was large, but there weren’t many places to search. 

There was a row of long houses, surrounded by rocky mountains, and nothing else. 

Oh, there were a few trucks for transporting stones. 

“That is…” Nan Xing suddenly brightened up. 

She saw something. 

A convertible three-wheeled agricultural vehicle! 

She knew this vehicle, it used diesel. 

Although it was a bit slower, it was still faster than walking, especially when empty, it could go very fast. 

The off-road vehicle was good, but it was useless without fuel. 

Nan Xing didn’t get off immediately, but cautiously observed her surroundings. 

There wasn’t much to observe, everything was clear, except for the houses, but their doors were wide open. 

Because they had already been visited. 

After confirming that there were no zombies or humans nearby, Nan Xing finally dared to get off the vehicle, holding a gun in her hand. 

She walked towards the three-wheeled vehicle, and the key was still in the vehicle, but the fuel tank was empty. 

Nan Xing took out the diesel from her space and poured it in, then tried it. 

There was no problem with this three-wheeled vehicle, it could be driven. 

The most important thing was that the size of this three-wheeled vehicle was 3900×1350×1400mm. 

She could fit it into her space! And there would still be plenty of space left in her personal space. 

Nan Xing couldn’t express her joy. She had just tried driving it, and the noise from the three-wheeled vehicle was also very low. 

Although this three-wheeled vehicle only provided partial cover, Nan Xing was still very happy to finally have a handy vehicle. 

She immediately poured all the diesel from her space into the fuel tank of the vehicle. It was estimated that the fuel tank capacity of this vehicle was around 40 liters. 

Then, Nan Xing searched the fuel tanks of the other trucks, but unfortunately, there was no fuel at all. 

No wonder no one had touched the vehicles here. 

Nan Xing put the keys of the off-road vehicle and the three-wheeled vehicle into her space and walked towards the row of houses with her gun. 

There were two floors and seven rooms in total, built very simply, with dormitories on top and a kitchen, dining hall, and meeting room on the bottom. 

The rooms were empty, with basically nothing inside. 

But Nan Xing’s observant eyes still found quite a few useful things. 

Two very large blue water buckets with a capacity of about 380 liters. 

But there was no water inside, only two red ladles. 

The kitchen used firewood, and Nan Xing rummaged through the charcoal pile and found a small bag of soybeans, not much, only about 200 grams. 

There was also a wooden rack, and Nan Xing put all the scattered items from her space on it, and then put it all into her space. 

Apart from that, there wasn’t much else in the kitchen. 

The meeting room had pens, notebooks, and a stapler, and the rest were heavy tables and chairs and a water dispenser. 

The water dispenser had no water, but Nan Xing didn’t overlook the plastic water bucket on top of it, which was good for collecting birch sap. 

There were also plastic water buckets on the floor that were already empty, and she took them all. 

Nan Xing hesitated for a moment about the water dispenser, but she also took it. After all, there was enough space in her space, and it might come in handy at some point. 

The storage room was empty, there was nothing inside, only dust. 

The dining hall was the same, except for tables and chairs, there were pots, bowls, ladles, and basins. 

Nan Xing put everything into her space, twenty-six pairs of chopsticks, and lunch trays. 

In the entertainment room, she found a game of flying chess, three decks of playing cards, and a pool table. 

She couldn’t take the pool table, but she took the balls and cues. 

She couldn’t tear the pool table cloth, so she had to give up. 

Next to it was a small bar, but there was no alcohol inside, not even a glass bottle. 

Only scattered glass shards. 

Nan Xing didn’t waste them and used a broom and dustpan to sweep them up, taking the broom and dustpan with her. 

These glass shards were good things that could be used to make traps and defense measures. 

The last room looked like the manager’s office. Here, Nan Xing saw a computer and an unknown laptop. 

Suppressing her excitement, Nan Xing quickly approached. The laptop had no power, and there was no backup power either. 

She calmed down a bit and put all the paper materials in the office, along with the laptop, into her space. 

Next, she had to find a way to charge the laptop. She was really curious about what was recorded in the USB drive. 

The information inside should be crucial. 

But for now, the most important thing was to find enough food and fill her stomach. 

Walking out of the last office, the sky was still gloomy, with a thin layer of fog all around. 

Nan Xing felt an inexplicable sense of restlessness in her heart, urging her to hurry. 

This restlessness wasn’t directed at the Eagle’s Nest Quarry, but for the time being, she couldn’t figure out what it was about. 

“Is it something the game organizers are doing?” Nan Xing muttered to herself. 

Thinking of the sudden zombie roar in the forest in the morning, a flash of insight crossed Nan Xing’s mind. “Could it be… a zombie tide?!”