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“Bring the restraints and sedate him,” the new doctor ordered calmly, furrowing his brow.

“The road down the mountain is blocked, and we can’t make any phone calls. Let’s clean up here first. Dr. Zhou’s body will be temporarily placed downstairs. Detain this person for now,” he continued.

“Let me go!” The burly man’s neck veins bulged as he struggled and scratched the ground with his hands. As soon as the doctor’s words fell, Nurse Zhang quickly retrieved a syringe and medication from the small refrigerator in Dr. Zhou’s office. After injecting the syringe, the man’s struggling weakened, and the nurse and security guard who were restraining him finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At the moment when the burly man lost his ability to resist, the man with glasses squinted his eyes, clenched his fist, and gently pushed up his glasses. He glanced at Song Qingxiao, but found that she was also looking at him. The man with glasses quickly looked away.

With this incident, the atmosphere in the hospital changed immediately. Dr. Zhou’s body was taken down from the chair, and the burly man was escorted by two security guards to the high-security ward in the ward area. It was clear that the hospital staff intended to treat him as a patient with a serious illness.

After entering the high-security ward, the man was restrained and injected with medication, and there was someone watching him 24 hours a day.

This person had just entered the trial grounds and was already considered useless.

“What exactly happened?” The man with glasses, who had been silently observing everything, couldn’t help but speak.

When Song Qingxiao noticed that he was asking a question, his gaze lingered on her for a moment before finally falling on the pocket of her nurse uniform. Inside the pocket was the gun she had taken from Zhu Xiaoke. She had secretly put it in her pocket and held onto it tightly. Now that the man with glasses had asked a question, her palms were sweaty, and she could barely hold onto the gun handle.

The man with glasses’ question was clearly directed at her, and she understood it clearly in her heart. Song Qingxiao felt a surge of killing intent but remained silent with her head lowered.

Zhu Xiaoke spoke up again and explained the background of the man with the gun: “The hospital is currently short-staffed. Dr. Li has left, and Dr. Guo is resting. So we recruited several doctors from outside. This person was interviewed and was supposed to start working today.”

Perhaps because the burly man had been subdued and some time had passed since Dr. Zhou’s incident, Zhu Xiaoke’s emotions had stabilized: “I don’t know why, but this person had a gun. I heard him shout outside, and then a gunshot rang out. When I came in, Dr. Zhou…”

Her words made Song Qingxiao’s scalp tingle, reminding her of the scene when she entered the trial grounds. She looked at Liu Yixun.

He still had the appearance of being killed in the previous trial. If she hadn’t already been in the trial for a while and mentally prepared, it would have been difficult for her to remain calm in front of him.

After all, he had almost killed her before and was ultimately killed by her own hands. To see him suddenly appear in front of her again was an indescribable psychological shock.

At this point, based on Zhu Xiaoke’s words, Song Qingxiao could almost deduce what had happened to the man with the gun in the trial grounds.

After everyone entered the trial space, they received the task prompt immediately. Then, Red Whip Number Four couldn’t control her impatience and tried to get information from Weak Number Five, hoping to learn some hints about the task from him.

Little did she know that Weak Number Five was scared off by Red Whip, and before her whip could strike, he had already fled, causing everyone to be caught off guard and the task to begin unexpectedly.

During the task, Song Qingxiao boldly speculated that the man with the gun, like her, had received a prompt sound and a countdown number as soon as the trial officially began. These two unexpected occurrences had already made people feel uneasy. Then, the choice to enter the task appeared and required a quick decision.

At this point, people’s mental state was already stretched to the limit. Those who had survived the previous trial had a higher level of vigilance than ordinary people.

The burly man should have known that even though entering the trial scene immediately might be dangerous, he had no other choice. In fact, at this point, his spirit was already stretched to the limit.

The sudden ticking sound of the seconds, the countdown numbers in front of his eyes, and the imminent choice all increased the pressure invisibly. After the scene changed, it was probably when his guard and vigilance reached a certain level that even the slightest stimulus could trigger a violent reaction from him.

Song Qingxiao understood this when she saw Liu Yixun.

No matter how good a person’s mental state is, after continuous stimulation and seeing someone they had personally killed appear in front of them again, it is highly likely that they would experience a psychological breakdown.

At the moment Song Qingxiao entered the trial scene, she couldn’t help but tremble all over when she saw the doctor. Subconsciously, she touched the dagger strapped to her arm.

The burly man’s reaction was probably similar to hers. Zhou Yu’s appearance was probably the last straw that broke his already fragile sanity. He quickly reacted and killed Dr. Zhou.

After realizing this, Song Qingxiao couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear.

She also witnessed the fate of the man with the gun, who transformed from a medical staff member to a patient, from being proactive to passive. In this trial, he lost all advantages.

This also proved that the choices made when entering the scene were not true choices. Different individuals’ reactions and mental states would lead to different results.

If she had seen the doctor appear in the scene during the previous entry, after experiencing continuous stimulation, and acted impulsively like the burly man, even if she could kill the doctor again, the final result might be the same as the burly man’s—being subdued and changing from a medical staff member to a patient, ultimately dying in the trial.

This trial, even though the task prompt was clear and the rewards were generous, was far more dangerous than the previous one! Song Qingxiao clenched her teeth and looked up at the man with glasses wearing a doctor’s uniform. Coincidentally, he was also looking at her. The two locked eyes, and they became more guarded against each other.

The man with the gun failed the psychological test before entering the trial and was deemed useless. If every trial participant who chose to be a medical staff member faced the same test as him, the man with glasses was able to remain calm and smoothly become an intern doctor at the hospital. It was evident that he was skilled at concealing his true intentions and had excellent psychological resilience.

Similarly, when they were in the trial space, both the man with glasses and Song Qingxiao’s performances were not outstanding. At least in the eyes of the man with glasses, Song Qingxiao’s performance was ordinary compared to Red Whip Number Four and Weak Number Six, who entered the trial space later. Now that she can join the job smoothly, the man with glasses wouldn’t underestimate or look down on her anymore.

Song Qingxiao sighed silently. This was really troublesome!