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After returning to the farm, Nan Xing began clearing out the old man’s room. 

There weren’t many things to begin with, just a bed and a cabinet. 

The bed was a wooden plank bed, and the cabinet was also made of wood. Nan Xing temporarily moved them all to the living room. 

Once she found an axe or something similar, she could chop them up and use them to reinforce the house. 

She poured all the collected soil into the room, creating a layer that was over ten centimeters thick. 

Nan Xing dragged her sore body and created a pathway in the middle of the soil. 

Then she collapsed onto the sofa. She was tired and hungry, feeling like her whole body wasn’t her own. 

Her physical strength was still too weak. 

The sun was setting at this time. Nan Xing lit the fire pit and lantern in the living room. She was going to make dinner. 

She added some water to the water purifier and used a flashlight to check the water in the bottles. It was clear enough. 

It could be used. 

She boiled the water in a small pot and manually cooled it down, pouring it back and forth between two containers. Soon, the temperature dropped and it became warm water. 

She mixed flour and water together and let it ferment naturally. 

Nan Xing purposely made a little more dough, planning to heat it up for breakfast the next morning. 

Selena and the others didn’t have much food and water in their space. They had large appetites, so they had basically eaten all the food they had obtained. They still needed Alejo and Daimar to go deep into the forest to hunt. 

There were only a few pieces of meat left in the space, and they were starting to smell bad. 

Nan Xing didn’t plan to waste this meat. Although they couldn’t eat it, it didn’t mean it had no other use. 

She mixed the rotten meat with decaying leaves and dug a hole for them to decompose and ferment into fertilizer. 

She didn’t know if there was any animal manure in the forest, but she hoped to find some. 

She goes every day, and human manure wouldn’t go to waste either. She piled it all together and added some ash from plants to slowly turn them into natural fertilizer. 

Nan Xing didn’t know much about fertilizer, so she could only explore it bit by bit. 

There was still one year left. 

She lay peacefully on the sofa. There were actually bone plasters in the first aid kit, but strangely, she was allergic to them. 

She didn’t know if it counted as an allergy, but after taking them off, her skin would turn red and itchy. 

So Nan Xing could only use liniment to massage herself and soothe her meridians. Otherwise, tomorrow would be very bad. 

After lying down for a while, Nan Xing got up and started treating the wounds on her hands again. 

After working all afternoon, the wounds on her hands were starting to worsen. 

She tore off the bandages on her hands, and Nan Xing couldn’t help but let out a soft cry of pain, hissing in her mouth. 

Her hands were already smugged. 

She hadn’t expected it to become this bad. This was the price of lacking certain knowledge. 

After cleaning the wounds again and applying medicine, this time Nan Xing remembered to put a dressing on top before wrapping it with a bandage. The previous wounds weren’t as severe, so she hadn’t used them, just using the bandage to isolate any infections. 

Nan Xing sighed and ate a piece of chocolate to fill her stomach, then went to the balcony and watered the plants. 

The dough was almost fermented. 

She pinched the fermented dough into small dough balls and stuck them in the pot. She didn’t use oil or yeast, but they still tasted good. 

However, this meal used up about half of her flour. 

Nan Xing didn’t have much food left. 

She had to go out and explore tomorrow. 

Her goal was the Upwind Canning Factory processing plant and the Eagle’s Nest quarry. 

She was going to these two places mainly to reinforce the house and the farm. She only had a hammer and didn’t have tools or materials like nails or axes.  So, she planned to try her luck at these two places first. 

Even if these two places had already been visited, according to Selena and the others’ personalities, they probably wouldn’t take any nails. 

While eating, Nan Xing thought about her plan for the next steps. 

After finishing her meal, Nan Xing tidied up the downstairs a bit and went upstairs, also changing her diaper. 

It was really miserable. 

There were no sanitary pads to change. 

Before going to sleep, she massaged her limbs and body with liniment. She had a tough battle to fight tomorrow. 


The twelfth day of the game. 

Because there wasn’t much entertainment at night, Nan Xing went to bed early and woke up early. 

When she woke up, she glanced at the time and it was only a little past five in the morning, almost six. 

The sky was just getting bright. 

Nan Xing pulled back a corner of the curtains, revealing familiar zombies. 

There were a total of thirteen, wandering around the farm. 

Nan Xing didn’t rush to deal with them. She washed her face and brushed her teeth first, then ate the leftover bread. 

Then she picked up her Tai Chi and Eight Section Brocade exercises that she hadn’t practiced in a long time. 

These were the only two exercise methods she knew. 

She leisurely practiced for two rounds before opening the window and aiming her compound bow at the nearby zombies, shooting them one by one. 

She was becoming more proficient at dealing with zombies. 

She went downstairs and went to the wall of boxes, climbing up and luring other zombies over. 

Kill, collect arrows, loot. 

Today’s zombies gave her a small surprise. Nan Xing unexpectedly found two vacuum-sealed snack jerky from their pockets. 

Finger-width jerky. 

Nan Xing was quite satisfied. 

Without resting, Nan Xing carried a hoe, bow and arrow, and a bucket to the forest. 

She was going to collect water. 

There was a thin layer of mist in the forest in the early morning, full of moisture. 

This made Nan Xing feel a sense of anticipation. The large container she used that day might give her a surprise. 


A zombie’s roar came from the forest, making Nan Xing alert. 

Under normal circumstances, zombies wouldn’t make this kind of sound. 


Nan Xing’s face darkened. She hoped it wasn’t what she was thinking. 

She cautiously walked towards the forest, not immediately going to the water collection area, but observing the surroundings first. 

Besides zombies, there were no other creatures. 

As soon as Nan Xing approached, two zombies came towards her direction. 

It was because of the smell of blood on her. 

Without hesitation, Nan Xing immediately pulled out her bow and arrow, shooting one of the zombies first. 

Then she picked up the hoe and charged towards the zombies. 

Swinging the hoe, Nan Xing’s face looked slightly ferocious as she ruthlessly struck the zombie’s head. 

“Crack—” The sound of bones shattering. 

With each swing, the zombie fell to the ground, and Nan Xing continued until she smashed its head into a pulp. 

“Phew—” She wiped the sweat off her forehead. 

So tired. 

“So scary.” She couldn’t help but exclaim. The zombies she had encountered recently were becoming more and more terrifying. 

Pale gray skin, sparse hair, meat on their faces and necks barely hanging on, and worms wriggling on their bodies. 


Nan Xing didn’t dare to think about it anymore and quickly collected the water from the pit. 

It didn’t disappoint her. Each pit had over a liter of water. 

The humidity in the forest was quite high, so if she made a few more pits, she would have a stable water source in the future. 

Nan Xing happily carried the bucket back to the farm, temporarily putting aside the strange occurrences in the forest. 

She wasn’t too worried. If there were any unusual movements, animals would be the first to notice. 

When she was collecting water, the squirrel was still poking its head out from the tree.