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Nan Xing returned to the farm carrying some collected items, and also used a hoe to kill a zombie. 

Fortunately, no one saw her brutally kill the zombie. The zombie’s head was completely destroyed by her hoe. 

The biggest item she carried was the zombie’s body. 

She planned to use the zombie she killed to encircle the farm and see if she could make the zombies avoid this area. 

Casually throwing the zombie on the ground, Nan Xing used a key to open the door and returned to the house. 

She needed to take care of the wound on her hand, although it was minor, she couldn’t be careless in this kind of place. 

Besides the extra space, the most satisfying harvest for her from following those players was the 18-inch medical box. 

It was filled with commonly used medical resources such as iodine, adhesive bandages, gauze, etc. 

Nan Xing used the remaining water from the morning to clean her palms, applied iodine with a cotton swab, and wrapped a bandage around it. 

It might be a bit exaggerated, but Nan Xing believed it was better to be cautious, after all, she had a cut that was bleeding. 

Next, Nan Xing planned to purify the collected water. 

After all, the water had been placed in the forest for so many days, and the materials for purifying water were readily available. 

Charcoal, grass and moss, sand, small stones, and the medical cotton balls in the medical box. 

She cut a mineral water bottle in half and quickly made a simple water purification device. 

From the bottom to the top, it was cotton balls, grass, moss, charcoal, sand, and small stones. 

After finishing all this, Nan Xing put it aside for now. After purifying the water, she could even make a pancake and eat it with a little tomato, cheese, and sausage. It would be delicious. 

Speaking of which, Nan Xing’s previous experiment failed. The plants placed in the space did not grow, but at least they didn’t die. 

Now, she placed the tomato seedlings on the balcony and the unidentified grass. 

She even specially covered the balcony with fabric, sealing it so that nothing could be seen from the outside. 

She put a piece of candy in her mouth, hummed a little tune, and went outside to get some hay. 

There was plenty of hay on the farm. 

Nan Xing sat on a chair, lit the hay with a lighter, and then started cutting the potatoes. 

This was a method she learned from a video platform. 

She used to work in a second-tier city. Small office workers like her usually had a dream of the countryside. 

Unfortunately, living in the city, she couldn’t experience the countryside. So, she liked watching videos about farming, breeding, and cooking in rural life. 

The potatoes in her hands were small, so she cut them into three or two pieces, wrapped them in wood ash, and planted them with the sprouts facing down. 

If she had fertilizer, she would sprinkle some, but she didn’t have any. 

With the cut potatoes, Nan Xing went to the sealed balcony on the second floor and poured all the soil from the shopping cart. She picked out the small stones. 

There was only a thin layer. 

Nan Xing stared at the soil, which was less than one centimeter thick. It was definitely not enough to plant potatoes. 

She needed to go to the forest again and bring back more soil since she had space. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough seeds. Otherwise, it would be great to use the best-facing room on the first floor to grow them. 

She didn’t dare to plant things outside. Firstly, it would attract attention, and if any players or NPCs saw it, it would be bad. 

Secondly, zombies randomly spawned in the farm. If she slightly damaged them, she would have no place to cry. 

Nan Xing took two bed sheets from the room where she never slept and brought a wheelchair and a small cart. 

She planned to do it all at once and fill that room with soil. Although she couldn’t plant everything, she could start with some tomatoes. 

Seven tomatoes should produce a lot of sprouts. 

While going downstairs, she added some water to the water purifier. Nan Xing locked the door and headed to the forest. 

Time passed quickly. When she went out again, it was already past one o’clock in the afternoon, almost two o’clock. 

It would be great if she could get a bicycle. 

Nan Xing shook her head and arrived at a place with dense leaves. The soil here should be more fertile. 

“That over there…” Nan Xing squinted her eyes. She seemed to see a fruit tree. 

It was full of fruits. 

Nan Xing put down her tools and walked closer to look up. 

“It’s apricot!” Her eyes brightened. She actually found a fruit tree that had already started bearing fruit. 

However, it was a pity that it had just started bearing fruit, and it would take some time for them to ripen. 

It would probably take one or two months. 

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…” 

Familiar sounds came from above. Nan Xing looked up and saw the squirrel she had seen before, this time accompanied by a little monkey. 

The two small animals stood on the tree, curiously observing Nan Xing. 

“Monkeys and squirrels, this place must have abundant resources.” 

As long as there were a pair of observant eyes, at least there would be no shortage of food and water. 

Nan Xing relaxed a lot. For now, it didn’t seem difficult to survive. 

If she didn’t encounter any players, that is. 

Nan Xing opened two candies and put them under the tree, trying to please the monkey and squirrel. When they became more familiar, she might be able to find where they hid their food. 

If possible, she would like to have a dog. 

Although it would increase the consumption of food, it would provide higher security. 

Nan Xing had mixed feelings about animals. She neither particularly liked nor disliked them, but she wanted to keep a dog because it would be useful. Trying to please the monkey and squirrel was also because she felt it would be useful. 

The monkey and squirrel didn’t move, they just stared at Nan Xing from the tree. Nan Xing ignored them and took out paper and a pen to draw a simple map. 

She marked the farm, the forest, the birch tree group, and the newly discovered apricot tree on the map. 

“I should also mark the small cabin. Right, I haven’t been to the small cabin yet, I’ll go there tomorrow.” Nan Xing muttered to herself and drew a picture of a house on the map. 

She really hoped to find some useful herbs, such as seven-leafed grass. 

Seven-leafed grass was good for stopping bleeding. It liked to grow in front and behind houses, but there was none on the farm. She could only try her luck at the small cabin. 

With a snap, Nan Xing closed her diary and picked up the hoe to start working. 

Time was running out, and it would be dark soon. She had to return to the farm before it got dark. 

Tomorrow, she would start reinforcing the house and its surroundings. 

Swinging her sore arms, Nan Xing couldn’t help but sigh. She was really tired. 

Country life wasn’t as easy as she thought. 

At some point, the two candies under the tree had been taken by the little monkey and squirrel. 

They both licked the candy while watching Nan Xing work hard. 


Until the sun gradually set and the forest began to feel eerie, with various rustling sounds, Nan Xing finally returned to the farm with her space, cart, and wheelchair full of fertile soil and decaying leaves. 

Author’s Note: Nan Xing will separately post a chapter about her supplies, updated in real-time.