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Inserting the key, Nan Xing started the car and headed towards Cracked Stone Farm. 

She needed to reorganize the supplies and the farm. With the car, it would be much more convenient to explore the surroundings. 

Going to town would not be a problem either. 

She also wanted to know what Will’s key contained. 

On the way, there were also scattered zombies. Nan Xing tested the car’s collision resistance on them. 

As expected of a military product, it easily crushed a zombie. 

Apart from the high fuel consumption, everything else belonged to the post-apocalyptic dream car. 

Nan Xing glanced at the fuel gauge, there was probably enough for another 50 kilometers. 

Including the fuel in the farm’s truck, it would barely be enough for her to use for a while. 

It should be enough to collect some gasoline and food in town. 

The distance between the farm and the sanatorium was not far. Nan Xing drove at a steady speed and arrived in a little over an hour. 

There were quite a few zombies on the road, and Nan Xing even encountered a small group of about thirty zombies, which took quite a bit of effort. 

When she arrived at the farm, the car’s fuel was already half gone. 

She parked the car outside the farm’s fence and took out binoculars to look inside. 

The farm looked the same as when she left. 

This relieved Nan Xing. 

Zombies were not scary, people were. 

It was troublesome. 

She knocked on the fence to attract the zombies wandering in the farm. 

She climbed onto the roof of the car and used her sore arms to shoot the arrows stained with zombie blood one by one. 

Nan Xing’s accuracy was getting better, but it may also be because of the close distance. 

After settling down, she planned to set up some targets in the farm to practice. 

Compared to guns, silent bows and arrows were the best weapons against zombies. 

Gunshots were too loud. If she could get a silencer, she could still use it reluctantly. 

However, she had previously seen a popular science video that mentioned the need for specialized subsonic ammunition, otherwise the sound would still be loud. 

She decided to stick with the bow and arrow and make more arrows, which would have the same effect. 

After clearing the zombies in the farm, Nan Xing opened the fence and drove the car in, parking it in front of the box wall by the house door. 

She got out of the car, replaced the bow and arrow with a gun, opened the door with the key, and cautiously explored with the gun in hand. 

There were no signs of human habitation or visitation. 

There was a thin layer of dust on the table, and the house had a smell that hadn’t been inhabited for a long time. 

Nan Xing continued to search the nearby warehouse and the tool room that she had never visited, confirming that there was no one else in the entire farm except for her. 

Only then did she sit on the sofa, wash her face, and prepare to eat the delayed breakfast. 

It was now 9:47 in the morning, eating a full breakfast would save her from having to eat lunch. 

There were still many tasks waiting for her. 

Nan Xing took out the only remaining bottle of mineral water from her space, as well as some salted soda crackers, shriveled apples, and dog biscuits. She cut some sausages and cheese slices. 

The fire bucket was still in the house, so Nan Xing lit a fire and roasted the sausages and cheese slices on a dagger. 

The room was filled with fragrance, and an exceptionally abundant breakfast was ready. 

Satisfied, Nan Xing felt full of energy. 

Half of the sausages were left, which she would save for dinner. 

Nan Xing took the gun, bow and arrow, and tools and headed to the forest. 

There was no drinkable water left in her space except for the small remaining bottle of water. 

She had to collect water. 

The birch sap from before should still be drinkable. She remembered covering the container with some paper to prevent dust from falling. 

If it hadn’t been contaminated by zombies, it could still be used. 

Returning to the previous birch sap location, the container was already filled with a large amount of water. 

In addition to birch sap, there was also water vapor in the air. The forest was humid, and a thin layer of mist would rise in the early morning. 

Nan Xing also thought of another method of collection. 

However, she didn’t have enough plastic film on hand. She could use condoms for now. 

Nan Xing smiled to herself. Now she didn’t need to worry about water anymore. 

She still had four unused condoms in her space. 

Nan Xing looked around, made sure there was no danger, and collected the water from the several containers into a bucket. 

There should be about ten liters. 

Because it was mixed with birch sap, Nan Xing planned to keep this water for drinking. 

She wasn’t sure if it could be used for watering plants, so she would try not to use it. 

Choosing suitable containers, Nan Xing collected the scattered tools in the forest and found a hoe. 

She had originally planned to use it to collect herbs, but now it could be used to dig holes. 

She dug four holes in the ground and placed suitable containers in the center of each hole. 

Then she flattened the condoms and covered the top of each hole, pressing the surrounding soil firmly. She placed a small stone on top of each condom to make it cone-shaped. 

She also made a mark to prevent them from being tampered with. 

This way, the water vapor that rose in the hole at night would condense into water droplets on the condoms and drip into the containers. 

In order to collect more water vapor, Nan Xing also put a lot of leaves and grass in the holes. 

With this method, one hole could collect half a liter to one liter of water overnight. 

When she found more plastic film, she could dig more holes and collect more water. 

She would eventually be able to afford to take a bath. 

Outdoor water sources were too unsafe. They might have been contaminated by zombies at any time. 

Nan Xing wasn’t even sure if she dared to use that water for washing. 

Although this method was a bit cumbersome, it was safe and reliable. 

“Squeak, squeak.” 

Nan Xing looked up and saw a squirrel curiously watching her. 

Squirrels, huh. 

Are there many fruits in this forest? 

If she could still be here in autumn, she could search for its winter food and help it out. 

After finishing all this, Nan Xing didn’t rush to continue exploring the forest. 

Water was taken care of, and now she needed to plant potatoes. 

Potatoes only took two to three months from planting to harvest. 

If she could grow potatoes, she wouldn’t have to worry about food. 

Although there were only six potatoes left in her space, if she planted them well, she could still harvest a lot. 

It would be enough for a whole year, allowing her to harvest two to three batches. 

Nan Xing packed up her things, dug a large basket of soil in the forest, and temporarily stored it in her space using a wheelbarrow. 

She wanted to bring it back to plant potatoes. She didn’t know if the farm’s soil was fertile. 

But judging by the lush plants here, the soil must be fertile. 

“Gray-black soil, I hope I didn’t dig up black soil,” Nan Xing muttered to herself as she walked towards the farm. 

After planting the potatoes, she would reinforce the farm and see if there were any other plants that could be grown in the farm. 

Tomatoes would also be a good choice, with a short planting cycle. 

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