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Now is the perfect time to check what supplies are in the space. 

Nan Xing opened the space. Originally, her space was only 1 cubic meter, but now it has expanded to a full 20 cubic meters. 

In other words, those 8 players killed 11 players. 

20 players landed in this area, and Nan Xing remembered the cries for help that night, wondering if they were also players. 

The shape of the space has now become a rectangular prism with dimensions of 5m × 2m × 2m, which is already quite large. 

There are also a lot of supplies inside. 

However, food and water are still scarce. 

Apart from some stale meat, the most abundant are firearms and ammunition. 

It seems that the most difficult part of this game is obtaining food and water. 

There are not many medical supplies either, but for her, it is enough for the current stage. She has a whole 18-inch medicine box filled with commonly used drugs. 

Compared to that, weapons are the easiest to obtain, and firearms and ammunition are not that difficult. 

In addition, the keys to those two cars are also in the space. 

Nan Xing also found a strange thing, a metal object shaped like a flying saucer. 

But now is not the right time or place to examine it. She can only do so when it’s safe. 

After roughly understanding the supplies in the space, Nan Xing withdrew her attention and began to think about her next steps. 

In fact, the Cracked Stone Farm is a good choice for a refuge. 

If she reinforces it properly and reorganizes it, if she’s lucky, she might be able to live there for a hundred or two hundred days. 

The players in this area should have all been dealt with by Selena and the others. With their brutality and keenness, it’s unlikely that any were left behind. 

Next, as long as she collects enough food and water, she can also plant some potatoes and tomatoes, rely on hunting in the forest, and store some meat. 

According to the mechanical sound, they still need to face natural disasters, so she needs to be particularly careful during the summer and winter seasons. 

Extreme heat and extreme cold are not easy to endure. 

Spring and autumn should be the seasons for them to stock up on supplies, but these two seasons cannot be underestimated either. 

Zombies are also dangerous. 

Nan Xing looked at the stars in the sky, her thoughts scattered. 

Time in the space is also passing, so she needs to store some long-lasting food and accumulate some vitamin tablets. 

As time passed, Nan Xing, who was tied to a tree, gradually began to feel drowsy. The night was long. 


“Chirp chirp-” a bird flew past Nan Xing, making a cute chirping sound. 

Nan Xing yawned. It was already dawn. 

Yesterday was really thrilling. 

On the 11th day of the game, she successfully ambushed seven players and obtained a large amount of resources. 

Achievements obtained: Ruthless Rebel, Best Actress. 

There are still a few zombies wandering under the tree, and Nan Xing pinched her cheek to wake herself up a bit. 

She opened the space and took out a compound bow and arrows. 

There are only five zombies below, so even if she misses a few shots, it’s not a problem. 

Set the arrow, draw the string, release the bow, aim, shoot! 


A zombie fell silently. 

Nan Xing repeated the same action, quietly killing the other five zombies. 

She didn’t rush to get off the tree, but took out a telescope to look around. 

There are no more zombies around. The horde from last night has scattered somewhere. 

Only then did Nan Xing dare to slowly climb down the tree. 

She retrieved the arrows from the zombies’ bodies and searched them briefly, finding a lighter and a pack of betel nut and three cigarettes. 

The harvest was not bad. 

Nan Xing quietly returned to the sanatorium. The majority of the zombie horde had already retreated, and there were only scattered zombies left. 

She can handle them. 

The cars in the sanatorium are something she cannot miss. 

She quietly approached the fence, taking a deep breath and carefully looking inside from the broken iron gate. 

The iron gate had been broken through by the zombies yesterday and was pitifully lying on the ground. 

From here, Nan Xing could see thirteen zombies wandering in the backyard of the sanatorium, and she didn’t know how many were in the front yard. 

Thirteen zombies would be somewhat difficult, but if she’s careful, she can still deal with them. 

Nan Xing crouched down, cautiously checked the surroundings, and when she was sure there were no zombies, she carefully pulled out her compound bow and started shooting. 

One arrow after another, until the five zombies fell, the other zombies inside finally realized something was wrong. 

Nan Xing immediately retreated, took out the iron boxes from the space, stacked them together, and jumped onto the fence. 


This roar directly attracted the zombies in the front yard. Nan Xing didn’t panic and quickly shot them with arrows. 

She efficiently and accurately dealt with these zombies. 

After yesterday’s big scene, today’s situation is nothing. 

However, Nan Xing felt that she needed to practice her close combat skills. 

Her stamina also needs to be improved. 


After clearing the zombies gathered in the backyard of the sanatorium, Nan Xing took out her telescope again to confirm that the zombies’ roar didn’t attract other zombies before jumping off the fence. 

She landed in the pile of zombies and stared at them for a while. 

Then she took out a condom and a scalpel, cut open their skin, and filled all three condoms with their fluids, each containing several hundred milLin Liters. 

These things can be life-saving in specific situations. 

She can experiment another day to see if smearing the zombie fluids on herself would make them consider her as a companion. 

If it works, then it’s equivalent of discovered a new continent. 

She also thoroughly searched the zombies’ bodies and found some snacks. 

The game’s official settings are somewhat humane in this regard. Even if dropped in the middle of nowhere, relying solely on the supplies from the zombies that refresh every day can barely sustain her. 

She put the items into the space and carefully carried the bow and arrows into the sanatorium. 

Sure enough, there were still some zombies in the front yard and the lobby. 

Two were crawling on top of the bodies, and two were wandering in the front yard. 

Nan Xing raised her bow and arrow, solving them one by one. 

Compared to the zombies at night, the zombies during the day are slower. 

Is it because of the sunlight? 

Nan Xing temporarily suppressed this question and came to the lobby. Their bodies had been gnawed to the point of being unrecognizable, and their faces couldn’t be seen clearly. 

She had already collected the supplies that should be collected from their bodies, and there wasn’t much left. The entire sanatorium had also been looted. 

Only the two cars parked in the courtyard were valuable. 

Unfortunately, Nan Xing could only take one. 

She doesn’t know how to drive, so she chose the one with a newer appearance and transferred everything from the other car, including the fuel. 

Nan Xing didn’t have the skill to repair the car in the space, otherwise, she could have dismantled the car’s parts. 

But she did take the spare tire. 

T/N Note: I know there are a lot of plot holes in the novel, some were even acknowledged by the author, but if we can look pass that, guaranteed we will be able to enjoy the novel a lot more. Especially, since our protagonist isn’t immediately OP right from the start, either mentally, emotionally or physically, so unlike the trend now. I can’t deny that I also ride the trend, but I appreciate a novel with a good character development,which is uncommon nowadays. Although, I can’t say this is the epitome of character development, I still like it.