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The situation on the other side of the wall was equally pessimistic, filled with zombies. 

There were probably around one or two hundred inside the infirmary. 

While there were fewer outside the wall, maybe around forty or fifty. 

Nan Xing calmed her mind and had to come up with a solution quickly, otherwise the wall wouldn’t be able to hold as her defense. 

Fortunately, the construction of the wall in the infirmary was solid and thick, able to withstand for the time being. 

If she remembered correctly, the left half of the wall had a gate. 

She thought of a slightly dangerous method. 

But first, she had to see if there were any materials she needed in the space. 

Nan Xing steadied herself, opened the space, and found it in a messy state after merging. 

Looking at it, it showed many boxes of bullets, firearms, and some not-so-fresh meat and organs. 

Although it was a bit disgusting, Nan Xing still leaned against the wall, pouring alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine all over herself to cover up the smell of blood. 

She first tried throwing out a piece of organ, but it didn’t attract the zombies. 

Nan Xing could only try a slightly uncomfortable method. 

She reached out and directly pulled out a sanitary pad. 

Sure enough, the zombies became more excited. 

Keeping her composure, she smeared the blood from the sanitary pad onto the organs and meat of the prey, temporarily storing them in the space. 

Then she moved her body, and with every movement, she felt a hot stream and clumps flowing from her lower body. 

She had to find that Daoist gate and gather the zombies on both sides of the wall. 

Turning on the flashlight, Nan Xing crawled forward without stopping, seeing the gate not too far away from her. 

The gate was an iron fence gate, bound by a large iron chain. 

Biting the flashlight in her mouth, Nan Xing picked up her gun and aimed at the large iron chain on the gate. 


The bullet shot out, accurately hitting the iron chain. 

The chain broke with a sound. 

Then she used the gun to open the gate, allowing the zombies outside to enter the infirmary. 

After doing all this, Nan Xing didn’t rest, immediately tidying herself up and wiping off the blood with fabric. 

These fabrics wouldn’t go to waste either. 

She put away her gun, sprayed a large amount of strong-smelling liquid on herself from the space, and took out her compound bow. 

Deimar was very powerful, having made many arrows, around twenty or thirty, including the ones she found in the attic, totaling around forty. 

She hung the bloody organs on the arrows, pulled back the bow, and aimed as far as possible. 


The arrows pierced into the ground. 

One after another, the zombies swarmed like elderly people rushing to get free eggs, crowding around, afraid of being a step too late. 

Even the zombies outside the wall ran in through the gate, joining in the scramble. 

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Nan Xing quickly climbed down from under the wall and fell to the ground. 

She quickly got up, quietly moved to the side of the gate, and took out the rope she had prepared in advance, tying it to the gate. 

“Roar!” A zombie noticed Nan Xing’s movement, realizing her plan to lure them away, and immediately called its companions. 

In an instant, all the zombies looked towards Nan Xing, a terrifying sight. 

The hideous zombies moved in unison, their mouths still covered in flesh and blood, all making a roaring sound. 

Nan Xing quickly tied a knot and then crazily ran towards the forest. 

The rope wasn’t very strong, with their strength and numbers, they would probably break through the iron fence gate soon. 

However, as long as Nan Xing ran fast enough, she would be able to escape their pursuit soon. 

The more she ran, the more Nan Xing felt a heavy sensation in her stomach, as if something was flowing down her legs. 

Today was the first day of her period, and the flow was too heavy. 

She had to find a safe place to hide. 

But there were no villages or shops nearby, no other buildings. 

The closest was the neighboring Eagle’s Nest Quarry, but she couldn’t run there on her own legs. 

The forest at night was equally dangerous, not only with zombies, but also wild beasts, and even some poisonous plants that she couldn’t see clearly or be aware of. 

Nan Xing stopped and looked around. 

The zombies hadn’t caught up yet. 

But they would soon catch up, following the scent of blood. 

She looked at the sturdy pine trees around her. 

Now…there was only one way. 

Climbing up the tree. 

It was currently the safest option. 

She didn’t know how many zombies or even wild beasts were hiding in the forest. 

At night, their combat power was enhanced, while her own combat power was weakened. She couldn’t see the situation around her clearly. If a zombie jumped out from somewhere, she might not even have a chance to resist before being surrounded by them. 

In just ten seconds, Nan Xing decided to climb up the tree. 

She took out the parachute rope from the space, tied it around her waist and the pine tree, wrapping it several times, and then started climbing up. 

The pine trees in the forest might be Korean Red Pines or Huashan Pines, with branches that weren’t particularly thick. To prevent herself from falling, it was best to tie herself to the tree. 

Nan Xing was quite skilled at climbing trees, climbing to a certain height in just a few moves, and standing on a branch. 

Her palms were just slightly stinging. 

Her stomach also hurt. 

It felt like someone was pounding her stomach with a clenched fist. 

And the blood was still flowing. 

She tightened the rope around herself a bit more. 

Then, taking advantage of the darkness, Nan Xing quickly used up her last sanitary pad. 

If possible, she hoped to find some tampons. 

Compared to sanitary pads, tampons would be more convenient to move around with, and the smell of blood would be less noticeable, almost undetectable. 

Nan Xing continued to spray a large amount of medical alcohol on herself to cover up the smell. 

She temporarily wrapped the wounds on her hands with fabric, and could only deal with them tomorrow. 

The medical alcohol and iodine in the space had all been used up. 

In addition to tampons, she needed to obtain some strongly scented liquids to help cover her tracks. 

Perhaps the blood and brain fluid from the zombies would be a good choice. 

It was easy to obtain and there was a large quantity. 

It was just very disgusting. 

But compared to her life, what was a little disgust? 


Just as she was thinking, the horde arrived. 

Nan Xing held her breath and tightly hugged the tree trunk. 

They followed the scent of blood all the way to the forest, but then lost Nan Xing’s trail. 

Perhaps they were wondering how such a good prey suddenly disappeared, sniffing desperately with their noses that couldn’t find a trace for a long time, trying to find Nan Xing’s whereabouts. 

But besides the strong smell of medical alcohol, they couldn’t smell anything else. 

How could they have expected that Nan Xing was hiding on a tree? 

With no food stimulation, their movements became slow again, aimlessly wandering in the forest. 

Nan Xing’s pounding heart finally became somewhat normal. 

But this wasn’t over yet. 

The long night was just starting, and it was only around eight or nine o’clock at night. She still had to endure. 

During this time, once she was discovered by the zombies, her fate would be death.