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After dealing with the aftermath, Nan Xing quickly searched them. 

The zombies outside were watching closely, and there was always a possibility of breaking through the defense line. Even if she had enough ammunition, she couldn’t defeat them. 

Hackman, Kim Shitai, and Zhou’s spaces were easy to find, they were respectively worn on the neck, wrist, and ear. 

“Detected unowned space, host has died, should fusion be conducted?” 

“Fusion!” Nan Xing immediately chose fusion and glanced at the zombies outside, immediately speeding up her actions. 

It was a bit difficult to find Conti’s and Selena’s, as they were hidden in more secluded places. 

But Nan Xing still found them, in the form of earrings. 

Deimar was his cross. 

When it was Alejo’s turn, Nan Xing searched for a while and finally found his space. 

He didn’t have any accessories on him. 

“… ” Nan Xing bit her finger, feeling a bit anxious. While thinking, she put their firearms and weapons into the space. 

Considering what Will did, hiding things in his crotch, she quickly used a knife to strip these people naked to prevent anything from being left behind. 

If it wasn’t an accessory, could it be like her, turned into something inside their bodies… 

Nan Xing’s gaze turned to Alejo. 

“Roar!” She heard the sound of the fence shaking, and Nan Xing’s heart pounded, but her mind remained calm. 

She reached out her hand and put it into Alejo’s mouth, feeling each tooth. 

“Detected unowned space, host has died…” 


After finding the last space, Nan Xing immediately got up. She didn’t have time to check the space and the remaining supplies. She couldn’t delay any longer, life was more important. 

She couldn’t take the car in the yard, she would die if she tried to take a car. 

It was a pity, but there was no other way. She could only wait until dawn to see if there was a chance to drive away. 

Nan Xing quickly ran towards the building behind. Her ankle had fully recovered under the care of Selena and the others these days, and she could run fast. 

The yard was full of zombies, and the only chance of survival was to go to the woods in the back. 

“Click!” The fence broke. 

The crazy zombies agilely rushed in, pouncing on fresh corpses, and some were attracted by Nan Xing and chased after her. 

In the dim night, Nan Xing listened to the howling wind in her ears. She didn’t dare to look back, she could only run desperately. 

Being well protected by Deimar and the others, Nan Xing never knew how terrifying the zombies were at night. 

Even when she was on the farm, there were barriers of boxes and houses, and the zombies outside never found her. 

Therefore, she had no chance to witness the power of night zombies. 

Faced with mindless zombies, no matter how many strategies she had, they were useless. 

There was only one way, to run. 

Fortunately, as long as she crossed the fence of the sanatorium, she could temporarily escape the pursuit of the zombies in the sanatorium. 

Although there were zombies in the woods, as long as she was careful not to disturb them, she should be able to get through the night. 

“Roar!” The zombies’ roars became closer and more numerous, and the stench of decay and blood became more distinct. Tears welled up in Nan Xing’s eyes. 

She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t control it. 

But the more tears flowed, the clearer her mind became. 

It was too dark, she couldn’t even see where the sanatorium’s fence was. 

In order to prevent the patients in the sanatorium from getting lost, the entire sanatorium was surrounded by walls. 

Therefore, the sanatorium was very large. 

In the end, the zombies here were just a group of creatures that relied on smell and hearing, and didn’t even rely on sight. 

As long as she found a safe place inside the sanatorium and found a way to cover up the smell of blood on her body. 

It would be best to divert their attention elsewhere, then she would be safe. 

And if they couldn’t climb trees, the giant banyan tree in the middle of the sanatorium courtyard was a good hiding place. 

Thinking of this, Nan Xing looked back at the chasing zombies. 

“!!!” She was shocked when she looked. With the light from the players’ fire, the zombies were actually jumping on the seats on both sides of the aisle! 

The zombies at night were terrifying to this extent. 

Or was it that the strength of the zombies was gradually increasing over time? 

But it was only the tenth day. 

There was no time to think too much, Nan Xing temporarily gave up the idea of staying in the sanatorium. 

The tree wasn’t tall, and if the zombies could really climb trees, she would be doomed. 

However, as time went on, her legs became heavier and heavier, as if they were filled with lead.  Fortunately, Nan Xing finally saw the blurry white wall in the dark night. 

The wall of the sanatorium was about three meters high, while Nan Xing was only about one meter sixty. 

Including the length of her arms, it was about two meters. 

The remaining 80 to 90 centimeters, 40 centimeters depend on her jumping ability, and the rest can only rely on the boxes in the space. 

She knew that there were boxes of bullets in their space. 

For the sake of her life, sacrificing some supplies was worth it. 

With a distance of forty to fifty meters left, Nan Xing exerted her strength and accelerated her pace while searching her space. 

There were quite a few metal boxes. 

She didn’t have time to check if there were bullets inside, so Nan Xing quickly threw two of them out. The metal boxes hit the corner of the wall, making a loud noise. 

The sound of the zombies became more and more intense. They had probably finished eating the corpses inside and were now chasing after the fresh ones. 

Nan Xing ran with all her might and stepped on the metal boxes. 

The feeling of heaviness under her feet was because she threw out a box full of bullets. 

Using all her strength, she leaped and grabbed onto the edge of the wall. 

The wall didn’t have any footholds, she tried several times but couldn’t climb up. 

The zombies behind her had already caught up, surrounding the wall and making joyful calls. They reached out their hands, waving them in the air with purpose. 

Several times they almost grabbed Nan Xing’s legs. 

Nan Xing’s face turned red, and her posture was very funny as she hung on the wall. 

She didn’t have much strength left, and her arms trembled uncontrollably. 

She knew that if she let go, she would become a midnight snack for the zombies. 

Even if she didn’t let go, as long as the zombies grabbed her feet, their strength would be enough to drag her into the crowd of corpses. 

And all her calculations would be meaningless! 

Nan Xing tightened her fingers on the wall, her nails split and started bleeding, as she supported her body up bit by bit. 

With great effort, her feet finally hooked onto the wall, and her whole body was hanging on the wall. 

She still didn’t dare to breathe a sigh of relief, she climbed up the wall, and was finally able to sit, then she could finally breathe a sigh of relief. 

She was temporarily safe. 

However, the situation on the other side of the wall made her heart sink.