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Nan Xing, on the second floor, lay on the bed with her legs crossed and her hands behind her head, humming a song softly.

She looked very relaxed and carefree.

Suddenly, a warm flow surged from beneath her, and Nan Xing’s face changed.

She had been living too comfortably and had forgotten about this.

Damn menstrual period.

Her face turned gloomy as she walked into the bathroom, clutching her stomach.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

She didn’t even have enough sanitary pads to support this menstrual period, only the adult diapers used by the elderly.

And now that she was separated from those players, the road ahead would be much more difficult, and the smell of blood on her body would attract nearby zombies.

She had to plan carefully for what to do next.

Meanwhile, the people downstairs who had finished dinner were not so calm.

After all, they had eaten poisoned food. Nan Xing had thoughtfully added poison to every dish, even injecting a bit of deadly nightshade into the soup made from potatoes.

The first to encounter trouble was Hackman, a tall and strong man who had eaten the most, including some dishes with poisonous mushrooms.

While practicing Thai boxing with Zhou, who was exercising every day, he suddenly sprayed out a mouthful of blood, fell to the ground, and clutched his stomach, making a groaning sound.

His stomach suddenly experienced intense pain, as if someone was stabbing it with a knife.

Large amounts of blood gushed out of his mouth, staining the ground, which frightened everyone.

Then they all realized that they were also beginning to feel intense pain in their stomachs, limbs, and heads.

One by one, they fell to the ground, uttering cries of pain.

“Deimar!” Selena, clutching her stomach, blood flowing from the corners of her mouth, glared at Deimar with hatred, wishing she could tear him to pieces.

Selena felt a chilling sensation throughout her body, unbearable pain, pale and weak, as if her whole body was soaked in sweat.

“Why!” Kim Shitai looked at Deimar with hatred, but couldn’t understand what he was up to.

He had eaten dinner too, and so had his brothers.

What benefit could they gain from this?

To die together?

Conti tremblingly took out milk and drinking water from the space and desperately poured them into herself, trying to induce vomiting.

Selena pounced on her, despite the excruciating pain in her limbs, but the desire to survive ignited a force within her, and she fought with Conti for the milk and water.

“Give it to me, give it to me!!” Selena grabbed Conti’s hair and desperately pulled it back, biting Conti’s neck.

Selena was extremely ruthless, and blood oozed from Conti’s scalp.

Hackman stood up unsteadily, his breathing weak and difficult, his face showing a bluish-gray color.

He picked up a chair and viciously smashed it on Selena and Conti’s heads, one after another.

Their heads were smashed open, and they couldn’t hold onto the water and milk in their hands.

The water and milk mixed with broken glass scattered all over the floor.

“Bang!” In the chaos, Selena grabbed a gun and fired.

It hit Hackman’s leg.

With a heavy thud, Hackman knelt on the ground.

He desperately held the mixture of milk and water on the ground, trying to pour it into his stomach and vomit out everything he had eaten.

Kim Shitai was forcefully digging his throat, trying to vomit out what he had eaten.

“Roar!” The zombies were attracted by the blood and the loud gunshot. In the stimulation of fresh blood and the darkness, which already enhanced their combat effectiveness, they became even stronger after being stimulated.

They desperately shook the crude barriers, wanting to rush in and tear them all to pieces and devour them.

“Brother, my brother, why did you do this?” Alejo didn’t understand, but then he seemed to understand.

He lay on the ground, without any struggle, just murmuring words that no one could understand, gradually becoming insane.

Deimar remained silent, not answering their questions, tightly gripping the cross in his hand, sitting on a chair, eyes closed, ignoring the chaos in front of him.

Zhou staggered to his feet and raised his gun. He knew that it was useless.

There are not enough medical resources here to treat them, they only have one way to go, death.

But before dying, he must kill the mastermind behind it all!

After a gunshot, Zhou fell down.

His eyes were wide open, unable to close in death.

After he fell, they saw who fired the gun.

It was ‘Lin Li’.

“Damn it.” Selena’s eyes widened in anger. She never expected that the mastermind behind it all would turn out to be the innocent NPC they had been protecting.

Unfortunately, she had no chance to express her doubts and unwillingness.

In her final moments, she must have realized the identity of the Nan Xing as a player, but it was of no use.


Another gunshot, Nan Xing didn’t hesitate or hesitate at all, she pulled the trigger of the shotgun and quickly dealt with Selena.

Then she quickly crouched down and picked up the rifle Selena dropped on the ground. The shotgun only had two bullets, she had to be fast.


Nan Xing rolled alertly to the side, avoiding the bullet.

It was because Conti was seriously injured, convulsing all over, and couldn’t aim properly, that she could easily dodge.

Nan Xing had no expression on her face, raising the gun.




Hackman, Conti, and Kim Shitai all went west together.

Now only Alejo and the Demar brothers were left.


Before she could make a move, she heard a gunshot.

It startled her.

Nan Xing thought Demar had changed his mind again.

“Goodbye, my brother.” Demar held the gun, smoke still coming out of the barrel, murmuring.

“…” Nan Xing watched all this, not knowing what to say.

But she saw Demar turn around, still holding the gun in his hand.

Nan Xing instinctively fired.


Demar’s massive body fell down, a relieved smile on his face. “Goodbye, little girl. May the Lord bless you.”

“May the Lord also forgive my sins and foolishness.”

He slowly closed his eyes, his once tightly clenched hand loosened, revealing the cross inside.

“Goodbye, Mr. Demar, I sincerely hope you can see God.” Nan Xing smiled and without hesitation, aimed at his head and gave him another shot.

God could not protect her, she was not within his jurisdiction.

As for forgiving Demar, that could be discussed when he met God.

But perhaps he wouldn’t even get to see God, hell was their destination.

She turned around and cautiously shot each of the players in the group in the head, watching as their heads exploded, completely destroyed.

Beware of players who play dead.