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After going upstairs, Nan Xing went to rest. She didn’t want to strain her eyes reading by the firelight. In this eerie place, there would be nowhere to cry if she damaged her eyes. 

In the following days, under the protection of these few players, Nan Xing enjoyed an unusually comfortable life. They would clear out any zombies that spawned in the sanatorium. Nan Xing spent her days reading, eating, drinking, and nursing her ankle injury back to health. 

She also learned various skills from the players, such as shooting, firearm maintenance, fitness, combat, archery, and even how to make bullets. They possessed a wide range of skills, reflecting their previous professions before entering the game. 

However, what worried Nan Xing was that their actions seemed to deviate from her expectations. These players had somehow reached a kind of agreement and were coexisting peacefully. They took turns exploring the outside world every day while leaving one or two people behind to guard Nan Xing. 

This situation was not ideal. Although her current life was comfortable, the longer she stayed with them, the greater the chance of her true identity being exposed. Furthermore, in a survival game, being pampered without contributing was not a good thing. 

On the tenth day in the game, Nan Xing decided to take the initiative. Coincidentally, the one assigned to watch over her today was Deimar. 

“Deimar, sir,” Nan Xing approached the elderly man sitting quietly in the hall, hesitating. 

“May I… may I take a walk in the woods?” 


“I read in the notes of the hospital staff that there’s a type of plant in the forest.” 

“Alright,” Deimar quietly set aside the firearm he was maintaining, and the cross necklace around his neck swayed as he moved. 

He put on his hat and slung his rifle and bow, agreeing before Nan Xing could finish her sentence. 

Nan Xing watched Deimar’s back as he prepared to leave, squinting her eyes. Deimar… 

She followed in Deimar’s footsteps, matching his pace and wearing a sweet smile on her face. “Thank you, Mr. Deimar.” 


“Mr. Deimar, how is the situation outside right now? Is everyone in the town still alive? Have you seen Grandma Daisy?” 

“She’s a good person; I hope the Moon Goddess blesses her and keeps her safe.” 

Nan Xing chirped away like a little bird, asking Deimar questions. Deimar was a silent and patient man, answering her questions one by one as he led her into the woods. 

The afternoon forest was quiet, and the sunlight filtered through the leaves, warming them. If one ignored the zombies in the woods, this forest was quite beautiful and had many medicinal plants. 

Initially, Nan Xing only recognized a few of them, but the learning she had done over the past few days was not in vain. If she had known she would enter such a strange game, she would have memorized every herb in existence. 

Deimar shielded Nan Xing and, calmly, raised his bow and arrow to systematically shoot down the zombies one by one. 

Nan Xing watched his back, filled with envy, and pinched her own soft flesh. She didn’t know when she would reach their level. 

“Alright,” Deimar put down his bow and arrows, speaking casually. 

“Ah, alright, thank you, Mr. Deimar,” Nan Xing quickly thanked him. 

Deimar handed her a basket for collecting herbs, while he went to retrieve the arrows. 

Nan Xing watched his back, suppressing a smile. She had chosen today for a reason, not only because Deimar was in charge of guarding her, but also because it had rained yesterday. 

According to the notes of the doctors here, a patient once entered the forest to collect mushrooms after the rain, and after eating them, the rescue was ineffective, resulting in death. Comparing the doctor’s description, Nan Xing guessed that the mushrooms were Amanita phalloides, or death cap mushrooms. 

These mushrooms looked ordinary and were not much different from the mushrooms commonly eaten. They often grew in green belts, parks, and under various trees, and they could be found throughout the year. 

In the initial stage of poisoning, there were symptoms of gastroenteritis, followed by damage to the liver and kidneys, restlessness, convulsions, coma, and a high mortality rate. When combined with oleander, also known as the devil’s trumpet, even if they didn’t die, they would have no resistance left. 

Nan Xing hummed a song and happily collected mushrooms that grew under the trees and plants that resembled honeysuckle, which was similar to oleander. 

Common mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms, honeysuckle and oleander, when mixed together, were difficult to distinguish, especially for people from other countries who had no concept of them. 

Although Zhou was of Chinese descent, based on their daily conversations, he should be from Hong Kong and didn’t have much chance to be familiar with these things. 

Deimar leaned against a tree, quietly watching Nan Xing flutter around like a butterfly, moving from tree to tree, collecting mushrooms and herbs. 


“It’s time to go back,” Deimar glanced at the sky and said. 

“Ah, alright,” Nan Xing agreed with a smile. 

Indeed, it was time for them to return. It was almost time to prepare dinner. 

“Yes,” Deimar took the basket from Nan Xing’s hand and walked silently ahead. 

“Mr. Deimar, can I help with cooking later?” Nan Xing asked tentatively. 

“…Sure,” Deimar remained silent for a moment and replied slowly. 

“I will make the most delicious dishes to thank all of you,” Nan Xing lowered her eyelids, feeling even more determined about her intentions. 

Back at the Sanatorium, Nan Xing joined Deimar in the kitchen. 

She participated in making every dish. 

Today’s dinner was particularly sumptuous. 

Creamy mushroom chicken stew, pan-fried luncheon meat, sandwiches, salad, roasted potatoes, and venison. 

After finishing her early dinner, Nan Xing returned to her room to continue reading while it was still light outside. 

Books contain a treasure trove of knowledge, and the ancients did not deceive her. 

“Wow, Deimar, what’s the occasion today? We have such a feast,” Kim Shitai exclaimed as he looked at the delicious food. 

Deimar ignored him and only beckoned his brother, Alejo, to serve him a bowl of creamy mushroom chicken stew. 

Then, he served himself a bowl of the same stew, took a baked potato, and spread it with a secret sauce. 

After Deimar and Alejo started eating, the others also sat down to enjoy today’s feast. 

They ate whatever Deimar ate and avoided what he didn’t touch. 

Kim Shitai, Hakman, and Zhou particularly enjoyed meat, so the meat dishes were their primary targets. 

As for Selena and Conti, based on their dietary habits, they preferred vegetarian food, which was why they opted for the salad and sandwiches. 

Soon, the table was emptied of all the delicious food.