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Seeing everyone agreeing to divorce his wife, Yuan Shanniang was frightened. She clung to Gu Heping’s legs and cried, “Husband, please don’t divorce me. If you divorce me, Shanniang won’t be able to live.” 

Tears filled Gu Heping’s eyes. “Mother, I can’t divorce Shanniang. Mother, I beg you to give her another chance. I promise that I will be filial to you and Shanniang in the future.” 

Old Madam Gu sneered, “Filial to me? If I let her stay, I’m afraid I’ll die a violent death one day.” 

This was not an unfounded statement. Considering what Yuan Shanniang had done, it was entirely possible. 

Mother Yuan wailed, “If the child has done something wrong, you can punish her as you see fit. I only beg you not to divorce our Shanniang.” 

Yuan’s elder sister-in-law also said, “Grandmother, they say it’s better to destroy a temple than a marriage. Grandmother, Shanniang made a mistake, but you can discipline her properly. Rest assured, we won’t interfere in the future.” 

Old Madam Gu refused to even look at Yuan Family. She stared at Gu Heping and asked, “Are you really not divorcing your wife?” 

“Mother, I beg you to give Shanniang another chance!” 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Very well, I won’t be the villain who destroys your relationship.” 

With these words, both Yuan family and Yuan Shanniang showed signs of relief. They never expected the situation to take such a turn. They thought Yuan Shanniang was definitely going to be divorced this time. 

Only Third Master Gu felt that something was terribly wrong. 

As he anticipated, Old Madam Gu calmly said, “Since you’re unwilling to divorce your wife, I can’t live under the same roof as this wicked woman. In that case, you should move out!” 

Gu Heping didn’t react immediately. “Move out? Move to where?” 

Old Madam Gu nodded. “I’ll give you the two-entry house on Xiushui Street, and the rice shop is yours too. I’ll also give you two thousand taels of silver as settlement.” 

This was not just asking them to move out; this was splitting up with them. 

Usually, families divided their properties when there were several sons. However, when there was only one son in the main family, there was never any talk of dividing properties. So, Gu Heping had never thought that he would be separated from the main family. 

Not to mention Gu Heping, even Yuan Family was stunned. They couldn’t believe that Old Madam Gu was willing to cast her own son away. 

Gu family, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised at all. They had long witnessed Old Madam Gu’s fierceness. Although she had become more temperate over the years, a tigress couldn’t turn into a sheep. 

Third Master Gu became anxious. “Elder sister-in-law, don’t be angry. Heping was confused for a moment. Elder sister-in-law, don’t hold a grudge against him. I will talk to him.” 

Yuan Shanniang held Gu Heping’s hand and said, “Husband, let’s move out. I don’t believe that we can’t live a good life on our own.” 

In fact, she had other plans. Her husband was the only son of the main family. Even if they were separated, once Old Madam Gu passed away, these properties would still belong to them. So, why stay here and suffer when they could live a life of luxury on their own? They had a house, a shop, and money; she could be the mistress of her own domain. It would be like living in heaven. 

Gu Heping hesitated. 

Third Master Gu felt like slapping him across the face, but he had his reservations. “Gu Heping, if you still consider me your father, divorce this wicked woman immediately.” 

Old Madam Gu sneered upon hearing this. When she adopted Gu Heping, she had given the Third Master’s family many benefits. Unfortunately, people were insatiable. They coveted the properties of the main family, so they secretly persuaded Gu Heping against her. 

Thinking about this, Old Madam Gu regretted her decision. She had originally chosen Gu Hongrong, the second son of the Second Uncle. Gu Hongrong was honest and reliable, which had put her at ease. However, Old Master Gu didn’t like Gu Hongrong. He found him dull and thought he was too old. At that time, Mao shi was not very willing to have her son adopted, so in the end, they agreed to the Third Master’s suggestion. 

Gu Heping said, “Father, if I divorce Shanniang, what will happen to Fugui and Baozhu? Do you want them to grow up without a mother?” 

Old Madam Gu sneered. Gu Heping was good to his wife and children, but he wasn’t filial to his adoptive mother. Despite his filial piety towards his birth parents, he never cared much for his adoptive mother. 

Third Master Gu asked, “Are you defying me for this wicked woman?” 

Gu Heping truly loved and cherished Yuan Shanniang and their two children. “Father, even if we move out, I can still be filial to you, mother, and mother-in-law.” 

“Are you divorcing her or not?” 

Gu Heping shook his head. “Father, I can’t divorce Shanniang.” He couldn’t be without Shanniang, and he couldn’t let Fugui and Baozhu grow up without a mother. 

Third Master Gu was so furious that he slapped Gu Heping across the face. “Rebellious child, are you trying to kill me?” 

This time, Old Madam Gu had deliberately invited Third Master Gu to prevent him from causing trouble with the Yuans in the future. Although she wasn’t afraid, she was getting tired of it. 

“Old Third, if this couple is affectionate, let’s not be the villains who destroy their relationship.” After speaking, Old Madam Gu turned to the two elderly people. “Since Third Uncle, Fifth Uncle, Second Uncle, and Third Aunt are all here, let’s get the division of family property documents done. This way, you two don’t have to make another trip.” 

For the division of family property, there must be witnesses. With the division of family property documents, Gu Heping could be moved out. 

Third Master Gu was so anxious that he was sweating. “Elder sister-in-law, this child has been blinded by this wicked woman. Elder sister-in-law, give me some time, I will definitely persuade him.” 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Old Third, he is unwilling himself. If I force him to divorce, he will resent me. It’s better to separate them. This way, everyone benefits.” 

“Elder sister-in-law…” 

Old Madam Gu waved her hand. “I have made up my mind; there’s no need for further discussion.” 

She called Zhong Mama over and asked her to write the division of family property documents. 

If she had known, she should have brought the old woman with her. With her around, this brat wouldn’t have dared to act recklessly. At this moment, Third Master Gu regretted deeply. 

The division of family property documents was quickly prepared, and Zhong Mama handed the document to Gu Heping. 

Once signed and stamped, it would be irreversible. Third Master Gu grabbed Gu Heping’s hand and said, “Heping, you can’t be so confused. Even if the woman is gone, you can marry again. But once you move out, this family will have nothing to do with you.” 

In fact, he wanted to say that the family’s assets had nothing to do with Gu Heping. However, he still had some face left, so he didn’t say it so explicitly. 

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Gu said, “Old Third, that’s not right. Even if Heping moves out, he’s still my son. After I die, I still want him to serve my spirit and attend to my memorial tablet.” 

Gu Heping lifted his head and said to Third Master Gu, “Third Uncle, rest assured, even if we move out, I will still be filial to you and Third Aunt.” 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Move Third Uncle aside and let the patriarch sign and seal the document.” 

Seeing Gu Heping hesitating, Yuan Shanniang’s tears fell again. “Husband, don’t abandon me. Without you, Shanniang won’t be able to live.” 

Under Yuan Shanniang’s tearful plea, Gu Heping finally picked up the pen and signed his name and stamped his seal on the division of family property document.