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It’s not because Qing Shu was beaten that Yuan Shanniang wants to divorce her. Mao shi asked curiously, “Elder sister-in-law, then why do you want her divorced peacefully?” 

Madam Gu turned to the outside and said, “Bring her in.” This wicked woman, she would never let her stay in the Gu family again. 

Yuan Shanniang’s personal maid, Xiaohong, was brought in by two maidservants. 

As soon as Xiaohong saw Madam Gu, she knelt down and begged, “Madam, spare me, spare me.” 

Madam Gu didn’t say anything. 

Hua Mama spoke up, “Repeat the words your mistress cursed Madam with.” 

Xiaohong was already scared out of her wits, and when she heard this, she quickly said, “Mistress resents Madam for not letting her manage the household and not handing over the business to the master. She has been secretly cursing Madam.” 

“What did she curse?” 

“She often curses Madam for being old and not dying, an old witch, an old monster. She also complains about why the heavens haven’t taken Madam away. Since Young Miss came to the Gu family, she has been cursing her as a thief, a ghost, a short-lived ghost. She also cursed the second madam for having a difficult childbirth and wished for her to die along with the baby…” 

Yuan Shanniang wanted to rush over and hit Xiaohong, but she was stopped by the maidservants. 

Yuan Shanniang was furious and said, “You wicked servant, how dare you falsely accuse me? When did I ever say such things?” She did say those words, but she would never admit it. 

Xiaohong was scared and lowered her head, but she was even more afraid of Madam Gu. If she didn’t tell the truth, Madam Gu would sell her to the mines. By then, she would be unable to survive or die. 

Since she had already spoken, Xiaohong poured out everything she knew: “Madam, the mistress often urges the master to win over the managers of several shops and take over the family business. She also said that once she takes charge of the household, she won’t allow the second madam and Miss Biao to come to the door and cause trouble…” 

Yuan Shanniang hated that she couldn’t strangle Xiaohong, but she was restrained and couldn’t even touch her. “Mother, I never said such things. Mother, this wicked servant is falsely accusing me. Mother, please don’t believe her.” 

Madam Gu chuckled lightly, “Falsely accusing you? Then tell me, why did Fugui curse Qing Shu as a thief?” 

“I don’t know. Mother, I never said such things. Mother, please believe me, I can swear…” 

Madam Gu sneered, “Even now, you’re still trying to defend yourself. Yuan Shanniang, our Gu family is small and can’t tolerate a wicked woman like you.” 

Father Yuan saw that something was wrong and shouted, “You are the head of the Gu family. The lives and deaths of these maidservants are in your hands. You let her say whatever she wants.” 

Mother Yuan immediately agreed, “My daughter Shanniang is filial and would never curse her mother-in-law. Old Madam, even if you don’t like our Shanniang, you shouldn’t falsely accuse her like this.” 

They dared to turn the tables. 

Madam Gu looked at Gu Heping and said, “Has Yuan Shanniang ever urged you to win over the managers of several shops and take over the family business?” 

Gu Heping decisively said, “No. Mother, the maid’s words are slanderous. Shanniang has never cursed you.” 

When they heard him say so decisively, everyone present had some doubts. 

Madam Gu asked again, “So Yuan Shanniang has never cursed me as an old undying witch, or Qing Shu as a thief, a short-lived ghost? She never cursed Xiao Xian for a difficult childbirth and wished for her to die along with the baby?” 


Madam Gu stared at Gu Heping and said word by word, “Do you dare to swear? Swear that ‘if there is a single false word, you and your parents will be struck by thunder, have no burial place after death, suffer in the 18 levels of hell, and never be reincarnated.’ As long as you swear, I won’t let you divorce Yuan Shanniang.” 

Calling Xiaohong to confront Yuan Shanniang was not to have them argue, but to let everyone know why she wanted to divorce Yuan Shanniang. But she didn’t expect that Gu Heping would still protect Yuan Shanniang. 

Gu Heping didn’t expect Madam Gu to make such a poisonous oath. He loved Yuan Shanniang, but the weight of his biological parents in his heart was the same as Yuan Shanniang’s. 

Gu Heping was in great pain. On one side was his wife, on the other were his biological parents. No matter which side he chose, it would be wrong. 

His hesitation didn’t escape the notice of Third Uncle Gu and Fifith Uncle Gu, who were both shrewd and cunning. Even Second Master Gu and Mao shi could tell that he had lied before. 

Old Madam Gu’s eyes instantly turned red, “Back then, when I disagreed with you marrying Yuan Shanniang, you made her pregnant and forced me to agree. Now she curses me, but what’s even worse is that she curses Xiao Xian and Qing Shu, and you still protect her…” 

At this point, Madam Gu couldn’t say anything more because she was too heartbroken. 

Second Master Gu sighed, “Heping, although you are not my sister-in-law’s biological child, she raised you with great effort. Now you are hurting her for a woman, do you have no conscience?” He almost pointed at Gu Heping’s head and accused him of being unfilial. 

Third Master Gu angrily shouted, “You ungrateful brat, even now you still protect this wicked woman? Are you going against your parents for the sake of this woman?” 

In these years, Old Madam Gu had cultivated her character and was amiable to everyone, but when she was young, she was ruthless and decisive. Otherwise, his eldest brother wouldn’t have dared to not take concubines, resulting in his knees being barren, and finally, his youngest son being adopted. 

If Heping dared to protect Yuan Shanniang, he might be kicked out as well. By then, he would have no connection to this large family business, and his biological parents wouldn’t benefit from it either. 

Old Madam Gu looked at the two elderly people sitting above and said, “Third Uncle, Fifth Uncle, today this wicked woman must be divorced.” 

No one dared to accept such a malicious daughter-in-law. 

The two old men had no objections, “You can decide on this matter.” They came over just to witness it. 

Third Master Gu also expressed his support for Madam Gu, “Heping, quickly divorce this wicked woman.” 

Mao shi no longer sympathized with Yuan Shanniang. As someone with a daughter-in-law, she could empathize. If any daughter-in-law cursed her like Yuan Shanniang did, she would make her son divorce her. 

Third Master Gu said, “Heping, did you hear what your second uncle said? Quickly divorce this wicked woman.” 

Father Yuan became anxious when he heard this, “Brother-in-law, Shanniang is your niece. How can you side with this old hag instead of her?” He never expected that Third Master Gu would turn against them. 

In the face of interests, not to mention his eldest brother, even his biological parents had to take a step back. 

Third Master Gu said firmly, “What old hag? That’s my sister-in-law. Without my sister-in-law, there would be no Gu family today.” 

Mother Yuan cried and wiped her tears, “Brother-in-law, you can’t divorce Shanniang. How can she live if she’s divorced?” 

Third Master Gu said angrily, “Blame yourselves if you want to blame someone. If you had taught her properly, this wouldn’t have happened.” 

Back then, they married Yuan Shanniang to Heping to win him over so that they wouldn’t be separated as a couple. Now that Yuan Shanniang was holding Heping back, she couldn’t stay. 

After saying that, Third Master Gu looked at Gu Heping and said, “Heping, quickly write the divorce letter.” 

He would only be at ease if this matter was resolved earlier. If it dragged on, he was afraid that something unexpected might happen.