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The blooming period of the wisteria flowers is from April to May, so it should still be in bloom at this time. However, when Qing Shu arrived at the Purple Wisteria Garden, she saw that most of the wisteria flowers had withered, leaving only a few scattered blooms. 

The caretaker, Xiao Mama, noticed Qing Shu staring at the wilted flowers and said, “A few days ago, young master secretly cut off many wisteria flowers when no one was paying attention.” 

“What has gotten into him?” Qing Shu asked. 

Xiao Mama replied, “He said it was all because of Miss that the mistress couldn’t come home. Luckily, the door was locked at that time, otherwise he would have destroyed everything inside the house.” 

These wisteria flowers had suffered an undeserved disaster. 

Qing Shu asked, “Where is Gu Fugui now?” 

Xiao Mama respectfully said, “The young master has been locked up by Old Madam Gu. In order to teach him a lesson, Old Madam has instructed that he be given only vegetables and tofu for all three meals.” Gu Fugui loved meat so much that not being able to eat it was more painful than being beaten. 

Qing Shu felt a bit emotional. Even when her grandmother was angry with Gu Fugui, she only denied him meat and didn’t let him go hungry. But what about Old Madam Lin? She wouldn’t even give her food if she didn’t meet her expectations. 

As Qing Shu walked into the house and looked at the things on the shelves, she smiled. There were Buddha’s hand, fruit baskets, ships, and fluffy dogs. The variety was diverse and very childlike. 

“Who arranged these things?” Qing Shu asked. 

Xiao Mama shook her head and said, “These things were personally selected by Old Madam from the storeroom.” 

Qing Shu felt warm in her heart as she listened. 

Back in the main courtyard, before entering the house, Qing Shu heard Old Madam Gu’s voice, “They’re here, they’re quite fast. Let them wait in the side hall.” 

Qing Shu lifted the curtain and saw Grandmother Gu leaning on the soft couch, her face devoid of any expression. 

Climbing onto the soft mat, Qing Shu leaned against Grandmother Gu, “Grandmother, who has come?” 

Old Madam Gu no longer treated Qing Shu as a child, so she would tell her everything, no matter what it was. “The Yuan family’s people have come.” 

“What are they here for? Are they pressuring you to let Auntie into the house?” 

Old Madam Gu nodded, “The books you bought have been delivered to the Wisteria Garden. You can go there later to read and practice calligraphy.” 

“Okay.” Qing Shu couldn’t worry her grandmother now, so she would obediently listen and not cause any trouble. 

They waited in the side hall for a long time without seeing Old Madam Gu appear. The people from the Yuan family became impatient and irritable. 

Mother Yuan looked worried and said, “Old man, could it be that our daughter’s mother-in-law really wants to divorce her?” 

Father Yuan snorted coldly, “Our daughter has given birth to sons and daughters for the Gu family. Even without any merits, she has still worked hard. She shouldn’t be divorced just because of a small mistake.” 

This statement gave Mother Yuan great courage, “You’re right, even if he wants to divorce her, Heping won’t agree.” 

The sister-in-law of the Yuan family was not so optimistic. She said, “Sister, you should apologize to the old lady later.” This time, Yuan Shanniang was in the wrong, and only by lowering her stance could she gain forgiveness from the old lady. 

Yuan Shanniang was also afraid and nodded. So what if she had to humble herself? She had done it before. 

Second Master Gu and Mao shi were invited by Hua Mama, and when they arrived in the main hall and saw the people sitting at the head, they were surprised, “Third Uncle, Fifth Uncle.” 

Third Uncle Gu and Fifth Uncle Gu were the two eldest elders in the Gu family at present. They would only be invited for important matters. 

After Second Master Gu and his wife greeted the two old people, Mao shi asked Old Madam Gu, “Sister-in-law, I heard that you want to let Heping take a concubine? Is this true?” 

She had heard about it from her daughter-in-law in the morning. If it was true, she would have to have a good talk with Old Madam Gu. 

Old Madam Gu shook her head, “It’s not true.” 

After being persuaded by Hua Mama last time, she had considered it for a moment, but quickly dismissed the idea. If she really did that, in the future when the Lin family wanted to take a concubine for Lin Chengyue, she wouldn’t even have a position to oppose it. 

“That’s good. Taking a concubine not only disrupts the peace of the family, but also ruins the reputation of our Gu family.” 

After putting down his teacup, Second Master Gu asked, “Sister-in-law, what is the matter that has even involved Third Uncle and Fifth Uncle?” 

Old Madam Gu sighed and said, “I’ll tell you when Heping arrives.” 

Soon, Third Master Gu also arrived, but Third Madam Yuan did not appear. 

When Old Madam Gu and Yuan shi had a falling out years ago, the old lady had made it clear that she would not allow her to enter the house again. Over the years, she had not invited her for anything. 

“Sister-in-law…” Third Master Gu wasn’t stupid. He had already guessed that this should be about Xiao Yuan shi. 

Just as Third Master Gu sat down, he heard the maid below report, “Old Madam, the eldest master has returned.” 

Old Madam Gu nodded and said, “Bring the Yuan family here.” 

Originally, she had wanted to wait a few more days before resolving this matter, but now she didn’t want to wait any longer. 

When Gu Heping saw Third Master Gu and Third Master Gu, he inexplicably felt a sense of unease. When he saw the people from the Yuan family, this unease grew stronger. 

As soon as Mother Yuan saw Old Madam Gu, she immediately smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, my daughter has made a mistake this time. You can scold or punish her as you wish. I only ask that you forgive her this time for the sake of our two children.” 

Old Madam Gu leaned back in her chair, “I don’t dare to have such a daughter-in-law.” 

As soon as these words came out, the people from the Yuan family all changed their expressions. 

Second Master Gu and Mao shi looked at each other. They really didn’t expect that their sister-in-law would want to divorce Xiao Yuan shi. 

Father Yuan couldn’t hold back his anger and shouted, “Shanniang just beat up the girl of the Lin family, but you want her divorced. You old hag, you’re too malicious.” 

Mother Yuan couldn’t help it either and raised her voice, “Sister-in-law, Shanniang has given birth to a son and a daughter for the Gu family. She may not have any merits, but she has worked hard. Now, just because she made a small mistake, you want her divorced. You’re pushing her onto a dead end!” 

Yuan Shanniang knelt on the ground, crying with tears all over her face, “Mother, please don’t let Heping divorce me. Mother, I know I was wrong, I will definitely change in the future. Mother, Fugui and Baozhu can’t be without a mother…” 

Gu Heping also knelt in front of Old Madam Gu and pleaded, “Mother, for the sake of Fugui and Baozhu, please give Shanniang another chance!” 

Mao shi, being a woman, felt a sense of sympathy when she saw Yuan Shanniang crying so sadly, “Sister-in-law, it’s true that our niece was wrong to hit Qing Shu, but it’s not to the point of divorcing her. Sister-in-law, if you divorce her over such a small matter, who would dare to marry into the Gu family in the future?” How should she put it? She felt that Old Madam Gu was making a big fuss over nothing.   Even if Yuan Shanniang was at fault, it shouldn’t have escalated to the point of divorce. It was too domineering. 

Of course, Old Madam Gu had always been domineering. 

“What small matter? Do you know that Qing Shu was hit so badly that she developed a headache?” 

Every time Old Madam Gu saw Qing Shu holding her head in pain, she wanted to kill Yuan Shanniang. 

Mao shi didn’t expect it to be so serious, but she still said, “Even so, you can’t force Heping to divorce his wife!” 

Old Madam Gu sneered, “When did I say that I wanted her divorced because she hit Qing Shu?” How could she involve Qing Shu in this matter?