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After having lunch at Gu’s house, Grandma Gu took Qing Shu back to her own house. 

On the carriage, Grandma Gu asked, “Qing Shu, your mother told me about the stolen jewelry. Don’t be sad, when you grow up, Grandma will buy you even more beautiful jewelry.” 

Although she promised Gu Xian not to buy expensive jewelry for Qing Shu anymore, it was only limited to her childhood. When Qing Shu grew up, she would buy her many beautiful clothes and jewelry. 

Qing Shu smiled and said, “Grandma, I’m not sad, just a little disappointed.” 

As for suspecting it was an inside job, she didn’t tell Grandma Gu about it. Firstly, she had no evidence, and secondly, it was a family shame. 

After hearing this, a smile appeared on Grandma Gu’s face. “I’m glad you can think this way,” she said. Her broad-mindedness was evident from her ability to see things from this perspective. 

Grandma Gu thought that Qing Shu’s way of thinking showed that she had a broad mind and was not bothered by wealth, while Grandma Lin thought she was a spendthrift. This confirmed an old saying: if you like someone, everything they do is good; if you don’t like someone, everything they do is wrong. 

Not far from the doorstep, the two of them heard a commotion. 

The coachman outside said, “OId Madam, Madam has returned, but the gatekeeper won’t let her in. She is causing a scene at the entrance.” 

Qing Shu was surprised. She didn’t expect Grandmother to really not let Aunt Yuan return for the Dragon Boat Festival. 

Yuan Shanniang saw Grandma Gu and knelt in front of her, crying bitterly, “Mother, I know I was wrong. Mother, I promise I won’t do it again. Please forgive me this time!” 

After sending Yuan Shanniang back to her family, Grandma Gu not only stopped giving Gu Heping and the two children their monthly allowance, but also ordered the shop not to give any money to Gu Heping. 

If that was all, Yuan Shanniang could still handle it. What made her panic was when she heard that Grandma Gu was planning to let Gu Heping marry a second wife. 

Although Gu Heping swore to the heavens that he would not marry a second wife, Yuan Shanniang was not stupid. Grandma Gu was the one in charge, and if she insisted on letting Gu Heping marry a second wife, no one could stop her. If Gu Heping didn’t compromise, he might be kicked out of the house. 

She didn’t care about her reputation, she just wanted to marry into the Gu family for a comfortable life. If she was kicked out, she would have nothing. 

Grandma Gu didn’t even look at Yuan Shanniang, she held Qing Shu’s hand and prepared to go inside. 

Yuan Shanniang pulled Qing Shu’s clothes and pleaded, “Qing Shu, I’m sorry, Auntie shouldn’t have hit you. Auntie apologizes to you here.” 

Qing Shu was frightened and trembling, she hugged Grandma Gu and said, “Grandma, I’m scared.” Now that there were many people at the door, she didn’t dare to conflict with Yuan Shanniang. Otherwise, she would have a reputation for disrespecting her elders. 

She dared to say anything in the Lin family because she was sure that the Lin family would not spread it outside. Otherwise, she would not be able to escape the punishment of Lin Lao Tai Ye and Lin Lao Tai Tai. 

Grandma Gu held Qing Shu in her arms and said coldly, “You didn’t manage to kill my good girl before, and now you want to scare her to death?” 

Yuan Shanniang cried and said, “Mother, I know I was wrong. Mother, don’t worry, I will treat Qing Shu like my own daughter from now on.” 

The onlookers thought Grandma Gu was going too far. No matter what, she shouldn’t drive away her daughter-in-law because of her granddaughter. 

Grandma Gu sneered, “Yuan Shanniang, you used our Gu family’s money to build a house and buy land for your family, and to help your brother find a wife. I didn’t say anything about that. But what about you? When I bought a few clothes and jewelry for Qing Shu, you called her a thief and even beat her so she couldn’t get up from bed. And now you shamelessly say you will treat Qing Shu like your own daughter? Yuan Shanniang, how can you be so shameless?” 

Normally, she turned a blind eye to Yuan Shanniang’s actions. One was because she still had feelings for Gu Heping, and the other was because she cared about Gu Xian. If she had a falling out with Gu Heping, Gu Xian would have no one to rely on in the future. 

But Gu Heping’s indifferent attitude towards Qing Shu made Grandma Gu completely lose hope in him. And Qing Shu’s awakening made her worry-free. So, she personally exposed this shameful matter. 

How could Yuan Shanniang admit this crime? “Mother, I didn’t do it. Mother, I always wished you a long life.” 

Grandma Gu sneered and carried Qing Shu into the house. 

Back in the room, Grandma Gu touched the back of Qing Shu’s head and said, “Qing Shu, you did the right thing just now. I can scold her however I want, but you can’t cause trouble with her.” 

She knew that Qing Shu was different from before, otherwise she wouldn’t have said this. 

Qing Shu hesitated for a moment and said, “Grandma, the other day, my mother told me that a gambler who lost everything kidnapped a rich man’s daughter in the county. The gambler took the ransom but still killed the little girl.” 

Grandma Gu was somewhat surprised and asked, “That happened five years ago. During that time, everyone was very cautious about their children. But why are you telling me this?” 

Qing Shu said, “Grandma, I’m afraid that if you push Auntie too hard, she will hire someone to kill or secretly harm you.” 

Thinking of Yuan Shanniang’s resentful eyes, Grandma Gu’s heart skipped a beat. “You’re right, if we push her too hard, this venomous woman might do something desperate.” 

She could harm Qing Shu, so she wouldn’t hesitate to harm her even more.  Qing Shu held Grandma Gu, her face filled with concern. “Grandma, you must take care of yourself.”  

Grandma Gu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Grandma will be fine. In the future, I’ll be here to see you get married and have children!”  

Seeing Grandma Gu’s acceptance, Qing Shu felt relieved.

Her grandmother was so shrewd; if there was a lack of vigilance in her previous life, that’s probably why she fell victim. Now, with her alertness, she wasn’t afraid even if Yuan Shanniang tried her tricks again.  

Hua Mama observed Grandma Gu’s joyful expression and asked, “Old Madam, why are you so happy? Shouldn’t you be angry considering Yuan Shanniang’s recent antics?”  

Grandma Gu smiled, “I used to worry about Ah Xuan all the time, but now I don’t have to worry about her anymore.”  Qing Shu was intelligent and capable; she wouldn’t be deceived by the Lin family. In the future, she would definitely protect her mother. 


 T/N Ramble: I don’t got any children, am an aunt but still doesn’t have that much interaction with 4 to 5-year-old children, but are 4-year-olds really this smart? But If I was her grandmother and I know she’s enlightened but I still feel like that’s kind of overkill. Or maybe it’s just me.