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After enjoying a belated breakfast, Nan Xing was escorted back to her room by them, ostensibly to rest and tend to her foot injury. In reality, it was more like imprisonment and detention.

Nan Xing didn’t mind, though. She asked them for some medical books she had found in the infirmary and began reading in her room.

To survive in this world, basic medical knowledge was indispensable. She hadn’t forgotten what the mechanical voice had said; players had to face not only zombies and their ilk but also nature and disasters.


Mostly things like floods, scorching heatwaves, severe cold, and so on.

Once she got rid of them and secured their space and resources, she would have to start systematically gathering supplies.

There were eight players in total.

Her inventory would expand to at least nine cubic meters at its lowest capacity.

There are also two cars, which should be enough for resource collection.

As for dealing with them, that was also necessary.

Thirty-six strategies: first sow discord and then borrow a knife to kill someone.

She couldn’t wade into this mess herself. Besides, she might not need to do anything; these people might end up killing each other.

Lin Li’s value was self-evident, and who wouldn’t want to possess her?

Currently, the two white brothers were the strongest among these people. Nan Xing didn’t want them to be the last survivors among this group of players; it was too dangerous.

Despite their age, they were still physically fit, experienced, and had an advantage over the other players.

Age was on their side.

For Nan Xing, the best candidate to manipulate would be Kim Shitai. He was the weakest physically among them except Selena. He is not as good as Kanti, and his vulnerabilities were quite apparent.

He had a weakness for beautiful women and was somewhat timid.

Sandra was too cunning and capable, and Nan Xing didn’t want to pick her.

However, Kim Shitai and Hackman were already obviously her subordinates.

As for choosing Zhou…

Nan Xing pondered.

“Lin Li, come down for dinner,” Conti knocked on the door, sounding unusually friendly.

“I’m coming, thank you, Conti,” Nan Xing smiled sweetly, closing her book.

Unbeknownst to her, time had passed quickly, and it was already getting dark. She yawned and stretched lazily before getting out of bed.

Opening the door, Conti rubbed her hair and asked, “You’ve been reading all afternoon? Do you like reading?”

Nan Xing nodded, using a girlish tone to converse with Conti. “Yes, I want to become a doctor. My brother said that if I could get into the university, he would support me to study in the capital.”

“But…,” she lowered her head with a touch of disappointment.

“If you like, I can find more medical books for you to read,” Conti offered.

“Thank you, Conti!” Nan Xing happily hugged Conti’s arm.

“Don’t mention it. If you want anything else, just let me know.”


Nan Xing’s mood remained good until she saw the eyeless deer in the middle of the living room. She grabbed Conti’s clothes and hid behind her, feeling a bit scared.

Conti glanced at Nan Xing, smiled, and reassured her, “Don’t be afraid.”

“My dear Lin Li, my poor girl, is your injury getting better?” Serena, with a forced smile, observed Nan Xing, who had clearly grown closer to Conti.

Conti, that cunning woman.

Alejo returned from hunting, covered in blood, wearing a bloodthirsty yet satisfied smile.

Nan Xing huddled behind Conti, suspecting that Alejo had killed someone outside.

He was too dangerous.

“Much better, thank you, Serena,” Nan Xing smiled shyly.

“What do you want to eat?” Deimar was sharpening his knife nearby, asked as he sharpened.

The game was already skinned and ready for roasting.

Besides deer, Alejo also brought back roe deer, rabbits, partridges, and more.

Except for rabbits and partridges, which she had eaten from the farm, Nan Xing hadn’t tried any of the other animals.

“Hmm?” Deimar looked at Nan Xing.

“M… Me? Any of them is fine,” she replied hesitantly. Clearly, she wasn’t accustomed to this kind of attention.


The zombies had paid another visit.

Zhou and Hackman went out, each carrying a long knife.

Nan Xing had some thoughts. Perhaps they didn’t have many bullets left, or maybe they didn’t want to trigger another zombie wave?

“Alright,” Deimar replied as he divided the game into portions and started skewering them onto sticks for roasting.

There weren’t any seasonings, just salt, so the taste wouldn’t be too great. Nevertheless, Nan Xing was quite satisfied. In this world, being able to eat freshly roasted meat was a luxury few could afford.

They provided food, ensured safety, and all she had to do was read. Life was indeed comfortable.

However, Nan Xing was well aware that all of this came at a price. It was because Lin Li had sufficient value that they were making these efforts. Once they discovered that she wasn’t Lin Li but Nan Xing…

She thought that death might be a luxury in that case.

“What are you doing?” Nan Xing curiously asked in a soft and gentle tone.

Kim Shitai was holding a piece of wire and tampering with a locked iron box.

“Unlocking it.”

“May I have a look?” Nan Xing looked at Kim Shitai with a pitiful expression.

Kim Shitai glanced at the others nearby and gestured for her to follow him to a corner.

This was his unique skill and a key reason he was allowed into the team. Originally, he was a thief, and a seasoned one at that. He frequently entered other people’s homes to steal their belongings, so lock-picking was a skill he had to master.

“Using this wire?” Nan Xing’s eyes widened slightly, and she expressed admiration. “You’re so amazing!”

“Of course!” Kim Shitai was quite pleased with Nan Xing’s admiration. “Do you want to learn?”

“Hmm, is that okay?”

“Uh… Of course! Come, I’ll teach you!” Once the words left his mouth, Kim Shitai regretted it. However, there was nothing he could do; the words were already spoken. His impression to Lin Li wasn’t great to begin with, and changing his mind now would only worsen it.

Nevertheless, since Lin Li was an NPC, there wasn’t much harm in teaching her.

Moreover, whether she could learn or not was another matter.

Nan Xing’s smile became even more profound. He probably didn’t know that some people naturally had strong learning abilities and excellent memory.

She couldn’t achieve photographic memory, but…

“Open… opened?” Kim Shitai stared in disbelief at the lock that Nan Xing had just unlocked.

Her talent was actually this strong!

“No, isn’t that it?” Nan Xing grabbed her skirt, looking worriedly at Kim Shitai.

It’s not difficult.

As long as she had time and enough opportunities to practice, reaching Kim Shitai’s level wouldn’t be difficult.

“Yes,” Kim Shitai forced a smile and regretted his earlier slip of the tongue. “You’re really smart.”

“Thank… thank you.” Nan Xing lowered her head, shyly smiling. This guy was useless.

“Lin Li, it’s cooked and ready to eat.”