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Nan Xing was thrilled to have successfully acquired a new skill. In just two days, she had managed to learn two valuable skills: bandaging and lockpicking.

These two skills were incredibly useful and important in the world of survival games. There were many situations in the game where these skills came in handy.

For example, airdrops.

According to the mechanical voice, the game organizers would sporadically drop airdrops at random locations throughout the different areas. The airdrop’s contents were locked, and the lock couldn’t be forcibly broken. If you didn’t know how to pick locks, you’d have to wait for it to unlock automatically.

The lock on the airdrop would unlock in the final minute of the countdown. During that minute, players needed to retrieve the supplies and escape the explosion radius of the airdrop.

Airdrops were explosive, with enough power to obliterate two people.

“Here, you can have this leg,” Hackman kindly offered a deer leg that was larger than Nan Xing’s face.

“Thank… thank you,” Nan Xing accepted it hesitantly and thanked him quietly.

“You’re welcome. You should eat more,” Hackman said with a smile.

If Nan Xing hadn’t already seen the true identities of these people or been aware of the conflicting roles they played, she might have been easily deceived. They were incredibly convincing, and their performances were Oscar-worthy.

“Do you need me to help you cut it?” Hackman leaned slightly toward her, seemingly like a gentleman.

“No, it’s fine,” Nan Xing replied, pursing her lips, and began to focus on eating the deer leg.

The venison tasted quite good, even with just salt as seasoning. Nan Xing managed to devour an entire leg.

Deimar’s grilling skills were excellent, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender interior with sizzling juices.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from Kim Shitai’s direction, as if he had discovered something. The others gathered around him, leaving Deimar still grilling meat.

“What did you find?”

Nan Xing wasn’t curious and remained seated, quietly enjoying her grilled meat.

“Mr. Deimar, you’re really skilled,” Kim Shitai commented.

“If you like it, eat more,” Deimar replied calmly.

For Nan Xing, Deimar was the only one here who seemed like a good person. The deceased Will was a violent man, likely with a propensity for domestic violence and a disdain for women.

Selena might be involved in some form of prostitution, a conclusion drawn from her daily arguments with Conti.

Likewise, from their daily disputes, it could be inferred that Conti was involved in human trafficking. One would call the other a whore, and the other would accuse her of being a human trafficker.

These two individuals likely know each other.

Hackman and Zhou are both members of the underworld, and Kim Shitai, with his recent lockpicking skills, is undoubtedly a thief.

Furthermore, he may have committed more serious crimes, such as sexual assault.

Nan Xing overheard Kim Shitai boasting about himself during their conversation.

As for Alejo…

This ancient man is a pedophile and has a taste for killing and cruelty.

And Deimar, well, he appears to be a good person, or at least he appears to be.

When Alejo thought she was a minor and intended to make a move on her, Deimar never once intervened.

Every person here, except for her, may have been involved in taking a life.

There isn’t a single good person among them.

Nan Xing lowered her eyelids, her voice sweet and tinged with shyness, “Mr. Deimar, can you please help me cut this? It’s a bit too big.”

“Sure,” Deimar took the deer leg and silently sliced it into pieces for her convenience.

“Thank you very much for your trouble,” Nan Xing’s eyes curved as she smiled warmly, and she caught a glimpse of the players on the other side discussing something with astonishment.

It seemed they had discovered something valuable.

Nan Xing naturally withdrew her gaze, using bread to sandwich the grilled meat and pairing it with water. She enjoyed her meal thoroughly, leaving her stomach comfortably full.

After finishing her meal, Nan Xing gracefully stood up and politely asked, “May I return to my room first?”

“My dear, it’s quite dark outside. Let me escort you back to your room,” Selena grabbed her wrist, leaving no room for refusal.

“Thank you, Sister Selena,” Nan Xing replied with a demure smile.

“It’s nothing.”

“Is anyone there? Help! Help!”

Accompanied by the groans of zombies, a desperate cry for help rang out.

“Let’s go; we’ll take care of everything,” Selena held her wrist tightly, indicating that there was no room for objection.

“Okay,” Nan Xing obediently nodded.

“Sister Selena, where do you plan to go next?” As they ascended the stairs, Nan Xing asked proactively.

Lin Li’s value needed to be showcased, and currently, all they had was a dangling carrot. They might lose patience at any moment.

That could be dangerous for her.

Moreover, Nan Xing hoped they would start fighting amongst themselves—the more chaos, the better.

When it was chaotic, that’s when she’d have an opportunity.

“Do you have any suggestions, Lin Li?”

“I… I…” Nan Xing hesitated.

“It’s okay, you can tell me.”

“I want to find my brother,” she said softly.

Selena narrowed her eyes, her smile taking on a somewhat dangerous edge. “Do you know where your brother is?”

“No,” Nan Xing shook her head, “but I’ve heard my brother mention a place before, and maybe we can find a clue about him there.”

“As long as we find my brother, we’ll be safe, and we won’t have to face those scary people anymore.”

“I will make sure my brother rewards you. Is that okay?” Nan Xing looked pitifully at Selena.

“What place is it, little Lin Li?” Conti leaned in, glanced at Selena beside her, and subtly nudged her aside.

“It’s… it’s a place called the Kukas Biochemical Laboratory.” Nan Xing nervously pinched her clothes and lowered her head.

Conti and Selena exchanged a quick glance. Perhaps that was the place they were looking for, where the special potion was.

“Lin Li, do you know where that laboratory is?” Selena’s voice became gentler.

“I only know it’s in the town,” Nan Xing’s voice grew even smaller, and she felt extremely embarrassed.

“We… we can also wait here for my brother to find me. He will definitely come for me.”

“Mmm,” Selena replied nonchalantly, silently calculating in her mind.

“But if it’s a biochemical laboratory, ordinary people probably can’t enter, right?” Conti asked.

“…Maybe it’s not locked,” Nan Xing tightly pressed her lips together, and the fingertips clutching her clothes turned white with force.

This NPC definitely had a big secret.

Conti and Selena reached a consensus.

“We’ll talk to them nicely and see. Dear, you can go back to sleep now.”

“Yes, thank you, Sister Selena and Sister Conti.”

As Nan Xing turned to go upstairs, a smile appeared on her face, and she began her plan.