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A sharp arrow whizzed past Nan Xing’s face, leaving her standing still in shock. 

The one who took action was Alejo. 

“My dear, were you bitten by a zombie?” Selena leaned against the door of the hall, her fingertip twirling a strand of golden hair, and she smiled coyly. 

“No, no, no!” Nan Xing shook her head frantically. She was wearing long-sleeved pants, completely wrapped up from head to toe. She had the pillow from the farm with her and had securely fastened it to her belly. 


“I said, take off your clothes, let us see.” Kim Shitai’s lecherous gaze swept up and down Nan Xing’s body, and he even disgustingly licked his lips. 


“Take off your clothes and show us.” Kim Shitai’s lustful eyes looked up and down Nan Xing’s body, and he even stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth disgustingly. 

“What?!” Nan Xing was a little incredulous. 

“I said, take off your clothes.” Kim Shitai raised his gun and pointed it at Nan Xing. 

Kim Shitai raised his gun, aiming it at Nan Xing. 

She stood alone in the sunlight, feeling ice-cold and stiff all over, and did not resist, choosing not to speak. 

“My dear, tell me, where is your brother stationed?” Selena asked. 

“I… I don’t know.” 

They were threatening her. 

“Is it that you really don’t know, or you don’t want to tell us?” 

“Bang!” A gunshot struck the lawn where she was standing. 

“Ah! I really don’t know!” Nan Xing screamed, holding her head and crouching down. 

She had calmed down now. These people must have discovered something, possibly from Will’s belongings, right? 

They wouldn’t actually kill her. 

Nan Xing guessed correctly. 

In the brief time she was disposing of Will’s body, these people found a photograph among his belongings. 

It was a photo of an East Asian girl with black hair and black eyes, bearing some resemblance to Nan Xing. 

After confirmation by Zhou and Kim Shitai, they realized the girl in the photo resembled Nan Xing somewhat. 

The back of the photo had the names Lin Li and Lin You, enclosed within a document. 

This document had been privately kept by Will and hadn’t been opened before he died in the hands of the others. 

Upon discovering this photo, Selena, Conti, and Alejo noticed that something was off about Jin Shita. 

After some coercing, they managed to get him to admit that when they boarded with ‘Lin Li’, he noticed something odd about the car emblem on the vehicle. 

She recognized that car emblem. 

Originally, they thought Lin Li was just an ordinary NPC, perhaps related to the local authorities. 

At first, they hadn’t killed her because of this. Furthermore, having a native NPC would help them understand this world better and infiltrate its inner circles. 

The most important thing is that they kept her due to some unspeakable fetishes of certain individuals, to alleviate the unrestrained desires in their hearts. 

But now, it seems that the true connection she has is with the mastermind behind this disaster. 

Lin Li’s value should be appraised again; they can’t easily harm her. 

So, that’s why they just staged that little test. 

Kim Shitai, who had been forced to reveal the secret, was full of resentment. He took this opportunity to vent his anger on poor ‘Lin Li.’ 

Originally, he wanted to privately inquire with ‘Lin Li’ and, if his suspicions were confirmed, secretly take her away later. 

But now, everything was in jeopardy. 

“My dear, you better tell us everything you know, otherwise, I can’t guarantee where the next shot will land.” 

“I really don’t know. My brother said that if something happened, someone would come to pick me up.” Nan Xing choked out. 

“Have you met them?” 

“He’s dead.” Tearfully, Nan Xing recounted the adapted truth to them, and at the end, she added, “I really haven’t lied.” 

“Dead…” Several players exchanged glances. They were referring to those mysterious soldiers they had killed. 

“Did they come to pick up Lin Li?” 

“Not necessarily, but Lin Li’s identity… isn’t simple.” 

The pieces of the puzzle all fell into place. 

Conti’s eyes twinkled. A smile appeared on her originally frosty face. 

Not only Conti, but the other seven players also became much friendlier towards ‘Lin Li,’ competing to learn more from her. 

The difficulty of survival in this world far exceeded their expectations. They needed more supplies, weapons, and medical resources. 

The massive prize money was highly tempting to them, as the players selected by the game were all eager for wealth. 

They all hoped to be the ultimate victor. 

The special syringes used by those mysterious soldiers were their target, as they had personally witnessed the effects of those syringes. Regardless of the severity of injuries, they could be healed and stopped from bleeding in a very short time. 

With those syringes, they practically gained an extra life. 

“Get up.” Conti walked over and extended her hand to her. “Sorry, we were a bit too hasty.” 

“We were worried you got bitten by a zombie,” Kim Shitai quickly tried to cover for himself, telling blatant lies. 

“Yeah, becoming a zombie is terrifying. My dear, you wouldn’t want to become a zombie, would you?” 

Only these shameless individuals would casually come up with such unbelievable excuses. In their eyes, ‘Lin Li’ was just a pushover, constantly suppressed and bullied by her uncle’s family, which had nurtured her timid personality, making her easy to control. 

“Is that so?” Nan Xing looked at them with a suspicious expression, still somewhat cautious in her actions. 

“Of course, my dear. Are you hungry?” Selena came over, hugging Nan Xing warmly and asked with enthusiasm. 

“A little,” Nan Xing said, feeling overwhelmed by their favor. 

“How about some bread with canned meat for lunch? Plus, a cup of coffee.” 

“Can I? Thank you so much!” Nan Xing’s eyes brightened. Following them for the day, she hadn’t even had a proper meal. 

Life here is truly miserable. 

“Come on, dear, let’s start by rinsing your mouth.” Serena handed Nan Xing an unopened bottle of mineral water, mouthwash, and even a face towel, all neatly prepared. 

“Thank you, thank you so much.” Nan Xing was genuinely surprised and shyly smiled at Serena before heading to the door to freshen up. 

Alejo stared at Nan Xing’s innocent face, and his desires grew stronger, but… 

Why did she have to be an adult? 

Deimar shot a warning glance at his brother. This wasn’t the time for his nonsense. 

“I’ll be back in a moment.” Alejo got up, grabbing his gun and bow. 

With his brother here, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. 

“Come back soon.” 

“Lin Li, would you like some meat?” As he passed by Nan Xing, Alejo stopped in his tracks and asked kindly. 

He still couldn’t give up. 

“No, no need,” Nan Xing quickly declined. 

“How about rabbit or deer?” Alejo mumbled to himself, absorbed in thought. “Deer would be better, their eyes are just like yours, all moist.” 

Nan Xing didn’t say anything more. She just listened as Alejo muttered to himself for a while. Something seemed a bit off about this guy, like a psycho. 

But luckily, Alejo soon left.