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This time, the participants in the trial were undoubtedly more experienced than those in the first trial.

Facing the gun-wielding man with a playful smile, the Red Whip Woman Number Four’s eyes showed anger.

Those who could enter the trial again were not fools. At this moment, the Red Whip Woman naturally understood the intention behind the man’s previous actions and also knew that she had revealed her trump card information.

Inside the space, Song Qingxiao and the others remained silent. The man’s actions were also advantageous for them to figure out the details of the others.

At this moment, the Red Whip Woman harbored a murderous intent towards the man, but the trial had not yet begun. Everyone was on guard against each other, and she was also wary of the gun in the man’s hand.

She was afraid that if they were to fight, both parties would suffer losses and someone else would take advantage of it.

In this situation, the Red Whip Woman suppressed her anger and gave the man a fierce glance. She vigilantly stared at everyone and found a place opposite Song Qingxiao to sit down.

The gun-wielding man had a cunning look on his face, as if he had predicted this situation long ago.

Not long after, another figure appeared in the space. As usual, the man raised his gun, and the others remained silent. Even the Red Whip Woman, who had previously suffered a loss, was waiting to see what would happen.


Before the gun-wielding man could finish his sentence, the newcomer in his mouth pleaded in a trembling voice, “Please don’t kill me…”

The newcomer, Number Five, was a middle-aged man in his forties. He had slick black hair combed back, revealing his forehead.

He was wearing a brand new suit, which seemed incongruous with his temperament. After the man held the gun against his head, sweat visibly dripped from his forehead and nose.

The gun-wielding man obviously did not expect the newcomer to react this way. Surprise appeared on his face as well.

But in order to prevent Number Five from pretending to be weak, he still held the gun and pressed it against Number Five’s forehead, forcefully pushing forward. The force was strong enough to make Number Five take a few steps back, causing the others in the space to furrow their brows.

Song Qingxiao speculated in her heart, could Number Five be a newcomer? But she quickly dismissed her speculation.

Number Five’s expression didn’t seem like he was extremely panicked by suddenly appearing here. Besides fear, there was also helplessness and resignation in his expression.

“Don’t kill me.”

He first raised his hands in surrender, then seemed to be on the verge of a mental breakdown, crying and cursing, “Damn this trial, I want to go back! I don’t want to die…”

Everyone watched this scene in silence.

After a long while, disgust appeared on the gun-wielding man’s face. He kicked Number Five’s shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground. “Get lost, you useless piece of trash!”

Number Five lay on the ground, unable to get up for a while. After a long time, he stood up with a look of despair. He didn’t dare to crawl towards Song Qingxiao and the man with glasses, nor did he dare to approach the Red Whip Woman and the gun-wielding man. He could only find a place farthest from everyone else to sit down.

“I don’t want to die. I just exchanged for money, and I haven’t enjoyed a few good days yet…”

He rambled on, not knowing who he was saying these words to.

Song Qingxiao glanced at him. He was holding his head in his hands, pulling at his hair, as if he had already lost his mind. His originally slicked-back hairstyle now hung down on his forehead, greasy and disgusting.

From his words, she learned that he had already exchanged his points for money and was confirmed as a useless person, so no one paid any more attention to him.

Number Five continued to mutter to himself. At this moment, another person appeared in the space.

The gun-wielding man raised his gun as usual, but before he could speak, the newcomer grabbed his hand holding the gun, split his legs, twisted his upper body, and threw him over his shoulder, slamming him to the ground.

Number Six’s actions were swift and smooth. Even the gun-wielding man himself didn’t expect this to happen. He fell to the ground with a thud, and at the same time, the gun he was holding tightly clattered to the ground.

Seeing this, Song Qingxiao subconsciously wanted to stand up, and the man with glasses on the other side also supported himself with his hands on the ground. The Red Whip Woman even grabbed her whip, ready to take action.

Everyone wanted to seize the opportunity to take the gun from the gun-wielding man. Number Six, the newcomer, was faster than everyone else.

As the gun-wielding man fell to the ground, Number Six took a step forward and bent down to pick up the gun. However, no one expected that even after being thrown to the ground, the gun-wielding man still held the gun tightly. Despite the pain he endured from holding onto the gun, he still didn’t let go.

After Number Six approached, he reluctantly raised the gun, pointing it at Number Six and warning, “Step back, I’m serious.”

As he spoke, Number Six straightened his body and took a few steps back, creating some distance. The gun-wielding man took this opportunity to slowly get up, his face showing caution.

Everyone’s plan fell through. The Red Whip Woman Number Four was somewhat disappointed and put her whip away, returning to her original position, observing the newcomer.

Number Six, the newcomer, was a beautiful young girl who caught everyone’s attention. She had two short braids hanging on both sides of her shoulders, with a pink headband tied into a bow on her head. She was wearing a blue checkered vest and a matching low-waisted skirt, revealing her long legs and slender waist.

But from her previous action of knocking down the gun-wielding man, no one dared to underestimate her abilities.

So far, six trial participants had entered the space. Although Song Qingxiao didn’t like the gun-wielding man, she had to admit that thanks to his actions, she had gained a lot of useful information in a short period of time.

Those who entered earlier had more advantages than those who entered later. Among the six trial participants who entered the space, the one with the most comprehensive information was the one who entered the space first.

Now, Song Qingxiao knew that besides herself, the man with glasses didn’t seem to have any special abilities, at least for now.

The gun-wielding man was physically strong and had a highly lethal weapon. From his reluctance to shoot, it could be inferred that he didn’t have many bullets, and it was even possible that he only had one bullet.

After she entered the space, the Red Whip Woman Number Four followed. After entering the space, she had a confrontation with the gun-wielding man. She had a red whip, which left marks on the gun barrel in the man’s hand.

It could be inferred that this whip was not an ordinary item and was likely a space weapon obtained through points exchange.

Furthermore, the fact that the whip left marks on the gun barrel indicated that the Red Whip Woman Number Four had incredible arm strength, and perhaps she had undergone enhancements in terms of bloodline and physique.

From this perspective, if the Red Whip Woman had made the above two preparations, it proved that she had a considerable number of points.

The source of points was the reward after completing the trial, and Song Qingxiao hadn’t figured out the composition of the points yet. She wasn’t sure if it was related to killing, but in any case, if the Red Whip Woman had enough points, it could only mean two things: either she had participated in multiple trials and accumulated a lot of points, or she had performed exceptionally well in the first trial and obtained a lot of points.

In either case, it was enough to prove that the Red Whip Woman was an extraordinary and dangerous character worth paying attention to.

As for Number Five, his performance indicated that he was the weakest in this trial.

As for Number Six, she quickly took down the gun-wielding man after entering. Although she hadn’t revealed her weapon or trump card, at least from the surface, her reaction was good, and she should be skilled in combat techniques to almost put the gun-wielding man at a disadvantage.

Song Qingxiao’s current advantage was only that she hadn’t revealed any of her trump cards under the threat of the gun-wielding man.

Compared to the gun-wielding man, the Red Whip Woman Number Four, and Number Six, three dangerous individuals, she didn’t pose much of a threat in the eyes of the other trial participants.

The atmosphere in the space suddenly became a bit subtle. Apart from Number Five sitting alone in the corner, Song Qingxiao and the man with glasses were quite close to each other, while the other three occupied their own positions.

After the gun-wielding man stood up and waited for a while, no one else entered the space. While Song Qingxiao was speculating whether this trial would only have six people, a prompt about the game finally appeared in her mind: Protect the civilians, failure will be wiped out!

Song Qingxiao’s expression changed. When she looked up, she saw that the others in the space also had surprised expressions. Obviously, everyone had received the task prompt.