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After a night of silently reciting the Jingxin Jue technique countless times in her mind, Nan Xing couldn’t find peace even in her dreams when she went to sleep. 

These players even had her collecting pillows and bedding from all over the hospital, helping them make beds, and dealing with their bloodstains and blood-soaked clothing. 

Nan Xing’s desire for revenge was becoming unbearable. She had completely given up on the idea of leaving and was determined to deal with these guys. However, she knew that it wasn’t the right time yet; she had to be patient. 

Not only were they cautious and experienced, but they were also ruthless. Nan Xing knew her own personality well, and after encountering this group of players, she had a vague suspicion about the selection of players in this game. 

However, she couldn’t be sure yet. She needed to interact with more players to confirm her theory. 

Lying on a hospital bed, Nan Xing tightly closed her eyes, covered by the clean blanket she had specifically chosen. The blankets in the girls’ rooms were the cleanest she could find, while the pillows and bedding on the guys’ side were all taken from certain wards with skin diseases or other issues. 

In her mind, she contemplated how to safely deal with these people. If she could eliminate them all in one go, she wouldn’t mind getting injured, as she had enough supplies in her inventory to treat wounds. How should she go about it? 

Could there be sedatives, sleeping pills, or even poison inside this sanatorium? Perhaps she could find an ally and, once successful, betray them and kill them. 

As her eyes remained closed, Nan Xing drifted into a deep slumber. She was exhausted after this day. 


On the fourth day of the game— 

Nan Xing lazily yawned as she got out of bed, waking up naturally from her sleep. 

The room was empty, and Selina and Conti were nowhere to be found. 

Last night, Nan Xing was the only one who had truly been asleep, sleeping soundly. Everyone else had just been in light sleep, always vigilant against potential threats from their surroundings. 

Nan Xing opened the door to find the corridor silent, not a sound to be heard. As she walked to the staircase, she faintly heard voices from below. 

“…mine… not acceptable.” 

“Don’t divide too much…” 

It sounded like they were dividing something. Had they found something inside the sanatorium? 

Nan Xing deliberately increased her footsteps’ sound, walking down the stairs. 

“Good morning,” she greeted them timidly, her hands clenched tightly. 

“Darling, you’ve come at just the right time. Throw this guy out,” Selina said, flipping her hair and giving Nan Xing a flirtatious smile. 

“!!!” Nan Xing’s pupils shrank suddenly. By Selina’s feet lay the lifeless body of Will! 

The others sitting in the middle of the hall seemed completely nonchalant, as if it were an everyday occurrence. 

An everyday occurrence… 

“I… I…” 

“Darling~” Selina dangerously narrowed her eyes, her voice still as seductive as ever. 

“Okay, okay,” Nan Xing fearfully approached, trembling as she grabbed Will’s collar with all her might and began dragging him outside. 

But the others just watched, showing no intention of helping. 

After using all the strength of nine cows and two tigers, Nan Xing dragged out the body of the man who weighed far more than her. 

“Darling, remember to clean up the others outside too,” Selina said loudly. 

Nan Xing gripped Will’s clothes tightly. The radiant sunlight shone on her, but it couldn’t dissipate the ominous aura surrounding her. Her expression remained calm, but her thoughts raced. She continued her work. 

Dragging Will’s corpse towards the forest outside, it seemed like they intended to use this convalescent home as their base. 

Otherwise, there would be no need for them to have Nan Xing clear the outside zombie corpses. 

Of course, the possibility that they were intentionally causing trouble for Nan Xing couldn’t be ruled out. 

However, if they indeed planned to use this place as a temporary base, she might need to start planning. 

Dragging Will’s body into the woods, Nan Xing escaped their sight. Staring at Will’s corpse, she contemplated.  

His chest had a wound over his heart, and there was a knife stuck in his forehead. This unlucky guy must have had a severe injury from yesterday, developed a fever in the middle of the night, and fallen into a coma, giving them the opportunity they needed. 

Then it was quickly and cleanly resolved. 

Nan Xing couldn’t believe he died so fast. 

Making sure there was no danger around, Nan Xing reached out and touched his body. 

The others were fighting over his space and resources. Nothing had been touched on Will’s body; even his clothes were intact. Maybe she could find something useful. 

Searching up and down, Nan Xing soon found something in his, um, private area – a key. 

She wrapped the key in a leaf, held it up to the sunlight, and read the number on it. 

It looked like a key to a storage locker in some store. 

Nan Xing put it in her inventory, then thoroughly searched Will’s body again to make sure nothing was left behind before returning to the sanatorium. 

There were still countless zombie bodies waiting for her to deal with there. She could also take advantage of the situation to gain weight. 

Mosquito meat is also meat, and a little adds up to a lot. 

They might look down on it, but Nan Xing still likes it. 


A zombie that had been wandering around the edge of the forest was attracted by the fresh blood on Will’s body and lunged at Nan Xing, howling. 

She was terrified and turned to run. She was truly defenseless now, with no means of self-defense. Her leg wounds hadn’t fully healed, and her running speed was already slow. The zombie quickly caught up. 

Facing the approaching zombie, Nan Xing desperately tried to resist. She had observed that getting bitten by a zombie wouldn’t turn you into one, at least based on the experiences of those players yesterday. However, it wasn’t certain whether an NPC getting bitten by a zombie would have the same result. 

The zombie knocked Nan Xing down by the roadside, bringing her face-to-face with its decaying visage, the wriggling worms within its body, and the overpowering stench. Its drool dripped onto Nan Xing’s face, and all of this made her scream uncontrollably. 

The players inside paid no attention to her life or death and continued to loot Will’s resources. 

Faced with a life-threatening situation, Nan Xing erupted with a strong survival instinct. She felt around her and quickly found a fairly heavy stone. 

Tears blurred her vision, but she used all her strength to viciously smash the stone onto the zombie’s head. The zombie froze for a moment, and Nan Xing took the opportunity to overturn it.  

She straddled it, clutching the stone in her hand, and relentlessly pounded the zombie’s head one blow after another until she had smashed its skull to pieces, and black liquid flowed onto the asphalt road. 

The zombie was completely motionless. 

Nan Xing’s face was covered in tears, but she dared not make another sound. Anxiously, she crawled and ran back into the sanatorium.