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Protect the people, failure means obliteration!

This time, the trial prompt was not only much faster than the previous one, but also more direct, eliminating the anxious guessing of the crowd and directly pointing out the content of the trial.

What surprised and unsettled Song Qingxiao was that in addition to the task content in this prompt, there was also a reward prompt after completing the task: Complete the task and receive a reward of 1000 points.

This reward was really generous!

Compared to the previous trial where she barely survived, killed two people, and only received a reward of two hundred points, this time the clues were clear and the rewards were so abundant that Song Qingxiao couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease.

It seemed like these one thousand points were like bait, aimed at luring her in.

After seeing the points, her initial excitement gradually cooled down. Unusual situations are usually suspicious, so she furrowed her brows and refrained from acting recklessly.

Song Qingxiao glanced at the others in the room. The faces of the other six people initially showed surprise, but quickly returned to calm, making it difficult to discern any clues.

The big man with the gun sat on the ground, holding the gun and never removing his finger from the trigger.

The Red Whip Woman has an arrogant expression, the glasses lowered and her lowered their heads.

Number Five, who entered later, was scratching his head with a timid expression, while Number Six crossed his arms and spoke first: “It seems that everyone has received the task prompt.”

Number Six’s words broke the eerie silence, and although no one spoke up, no one refuted either.

In this trial filled with dangers, where a slight mistake could cost their lives, everyone was on guard against each other, trying to extract information from others in order to increase their chances of survival.

“I did receive the task prompt.”

Perhaps very confident in her own abilities, Number Four, the Red Whip Woman, admitted first. After sweeping her gaze around the room, she finally landed on the man known as Number Five.

This man appeared to be the weakest, and from his earlier muttering, everyone knew the most about his situation.

Even Number Six, who entered later, knew that he had exchanged the points he obtained from the previous trial for money and enjoyed himself.

When he entered this trial, he immediately collapsed and begged for mercy at the sight of the big man with the gun pointing at him, without even considering resisting.

A person like him probably wouldn’t survive in such a cruel trial.

The Red Whip Woman looked at him as if she was looking at a dead man and stood up, pointing at him and asking: “Number Five, what is your task prompt?”

The moment he was called out, Number Five trembled all over.

Number Four, with an air of righteousness, pressured him to reveal the content of his task prompt.

The people around them watched coldly. In this survival-of-the-fittest environment, no one was willing to speak up for him, especially when it meant offending someone as powerful as Number Four.

“I…,” Number Five bent his legs and buried his face between his knees. Although his expression couldn’t be seen clearly, everyone could hear the trembling fear in his voice, “I…”

He couldn’t even speak clearly. Number Four seemed a little impatient. She swung her long whip, and with a forceful flick, the whip made a loud cracking sound in the air before landing heavily on the ground with a “thud.”

The sound made everyone’s muscles tense, and goosebumps appeared on their bodies.

Even though the whip didn’t hit anyone, Song Qingxiao could imagine how painful it would be if someone was struck.

“I don’t know, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me…”

Number Five seemed to have completely collapsed. He suddenly burst into loud sobs.

To avoid the whip from Number Four, he quickly rolled away and crawled towards the direction of the dense fog, crying, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

No one expected such a turn of events. Even Number Four hadn’t anticipated that the man’s mental state would be so fragile. She was momentarily stunned, but after regaining her composure, she noticed Number Five’s actions and raised her whip, saying, “Don’t let him escape.”

The people around them also prepared to intercept Number Five, but he had been sitting alone in a direction slightly further away from everyone else. They had already looked down on his weakness and uselessness. They believed that even if he was far away, it wouldn’t be difficult to kill him. Therefore, they didn’t pay much attention to the fact that he was sitting farthest away from them.

By the time they wanted to chase after him, it was already too late.

Number Five’s figure quickly disappeared into the dense fog, and his pleas and cries abruptly stopped.

Number Four’s face was filled with anger. The whip she swung missed its target, and before she could retract it, a prompt sounded in her mind:
“Welcome to the trial of the gods.”

This meant that the game had officially begun.

The space disappeared instantly, and the people around Song Qingxiao also disappeared.

She instinctively closed her eyes, and her ears rang with the ticking sound, like the sound made by an ancient clock.

Startled, she quickly opened her eyes and saw a countdown timer appearing in front of her, 119:59:59.

The sudden change made her feel uneasy. She blinked, but the numbers were still there, proving that it wasn’t her imagination. The last digit was counting down along with the ticking sound in her ears.



Song Qingxiao took a deep breath and touched the dagger hidden on her arm. She forced herself to remain calm and tried her best to not be disturbed by the incessant countdown and ticking sound in her ears.

She noticed that behind the task prompt in her consciousness, there was also a new choice: whether to enter the scene? 10, 9, 8, 7…

The consecutive countdowns made Song Qingxiao panic. She hadn’t figured out what the so-called scene was, but when she saw the numbers counting down in front of her, she had a vague feeling of unease.

She didn’t know what kind of scene the prompt was asking her to enter, and she couldn’t be sure if there would be any danger once she entered.

The ticking sound in her ears and the numbers in front of her represented something that she couldn’t analyze in such a short time. She didn’t dare to be certain about the consequences of not entering the scene…

At this moment, Song Qingxiao deeply hated the rules of this game, which confused her mind but left her helpless. Every choice she made needed to be carefully considered, fearing that a wrong choice would cost her life.

After struggling for two seconds, the countdown in her mind had already reached ‘3’.

There was no more time for her to hesitate. Song Qingxiao took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, and resolutely chose to enter the scene.

The moment she made the choice, she instinctively placed one hand on her wrist where the dagger was hidden, gripping it tightly and adopting a defensive posture.

The prompt sound in her mind stopped, but the dangerous situation she had anticipated didn’t occur. Instead, another prompt appeared, asking her to make another choice: medical staff or patient?

Song Qingxiao was still in a state of shock, and the repeated choices kept her on edge, causing cold sweat to flow down her back.

The countdown for the choice appeared once again, and she couldn’t help but curse in her heart.

Finally, before the countdown ended, she chose: medical staff.

The moment she made the choice, the environment around Song Qingxiao changed once again. The dense fog dispersed, and she found herself standing in a clean office.

A man in a white coat was staring at her without saying a word. She bit her lip tightly to suppress the scream that was about to escape her mouth.