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After cleaning Will’s shoulder wound, Nan Xing began treating the gunshot wound on his abdomen. Because it wasn’t her own injury, she worked efficiently.

Water was precious, and they didn’t have much of it. So, after heating the knife with fire, she disinfected it with alcohol before proceeding.

She then started to work on Will’s wound.

“I’m starting now.”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Will snapped impatiently.

“Alright, alright,” Nan Xing half-crouched, feeling a slight pain in her injured ankle, and balanced herself on her uninjured foot.

Lowering her head and focusing on Will’s wound, she resolved to treat his injuries first. Once that was done, she would tend to her own wounded ankle.

The bullet was deeply embedded in his flesh, and Nan Xing didn’t know the exact extent of his injury. She decisively plunged the knife into his flesh, cutting through the muscle. Fresh blood oozed out, dripping onto Nan Xing’s hand.

Will gasped heavily, arching backward, his forehead covered in cold sweat.

He clenched his fist, gritting his teeth, and managed to force out two words, “Hurry up.”

“Okay, okay.”

With the knife now plunged deeper, she encountered resistance—something hard. It had to be the bullet. Nan Xing pursed her lips, gently rotated the knife, and extracted the bullet wrapped in flesh.

“Ding!” The bullet fell to the ground, producing a clear sound.

She proceeded to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, suture it, and bandage it. Nan Xing worked methodically, not treating it as her own injury. It was just another opportunity to accumulate experience.

“All done,” she whispered softly.

“Come here,” Will’s hand rested on the back of the chair, and he spoke quietly.

“What?” His voice was low, almost hoarse, and Nan Xing struggled to hear.

“I said come here!” Will shouted, ignoring the pain. He suddenly sat up straight, glaring fiercely at Nan Xing, and forcefully grabbed her hair, pulling her toward him.

“Ah!” Feeling an excruciating pain on her scalp, Nan Xing couldn’t help but cry out, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Shut up, you filthy whore! If you dare make a sound again, I’ll cut out your tongue!” Will threatened.

Tears were already rolling down Nan Xing’s cheeks. She tightly closed her mouth, not daring to utter a sound. She believed this person was fully capable of such an act.

“Tomorrow, we’ll change the dressing. If you dare do something like this again, I’ll throw you out to feed the zombies! Do you hear me?” Will pulled Nan Xing’s hair and stared at her fiercely, emphasizing each word menacingly.

“Yes,” Nan Xing replied meekly, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Get lost!” He angrily threw Nan Xing to the ground, his tone harsh.

Nan Xing silently picked herself up, retrieved the medicine from the ground, and kept reciting a calming mantra in her mind.

“Coldness persists through eternity; all things remain still…”

“Will, you’re being too petty,” Serena smiled at Will, her eyes filled with disdain and contempt. “Poor Lin Li, really.”

“Shut up, you filthy bitch!” Will glared at Serena fiercely, showing a readiness to act if she dared to speak again.

Serena sneered and tightened her grip on the gun. This arrogant guy…

“Do you want to fight?” she retorted angrily.

The atmosphere became extremely tense and oppressive. Nan Xing was prepared to escape if necessary. These people were extremely cautious and had kept their guns with them all along. Even Serena, with her injured hands, didn’t let her gun out of her sight. Zhou and Kim stayed silent, and Conti and Hackman observed coldly. The guy, Alejo, who made Nan Xing feel extremely uncomfortable, spoke up to defuse the tension.

Well, not really defusing it, but rather breaking the silence and getting Nan Xing out of there.

“Lin Li, come here, to my side,” he beckoned to Nan Xing, his smile appearing very friendly.

“Hmph,” Serena coldly snorted and lowered her gun along with Will.

If the two of them actually fought, it was most likely that both would be injured, benefiting the others. They weren’t about to do something so foolish.

Nan Xing continued to wear the appearance of a timid and weak girl, making herself appear easy to bully, coupled with her innocent and naive appearance…

Alejo’s eyes remained fixed on Nan Xing, sticking to her face and her body, unwilling to leave for a long time.

His brother, Deimar, turned his face away in annoyance, wanting nothing to do with this matter.

“Dear Lily, come help me check if my heart is injured,” he said.

“I think it should be fine,” Nan Xing replied, keeping her head down and avoiding eye contact, silently increasing the speed of her meditation.

“How can you know if you don’t look?” Alejo grabbed Nan Xing’s hand, which was damp and made her feel nauseous.

Among the nine players present, the two brothers had the least severe injuries. Because they were brothers, they could trust each other, unlike the others who were calculating each other’s lives.

“How old are you?” Conti suddenly asked.

“Yeah, dear Lin Li, are you an adult?” Serena asked playfully.

“Uh? I’m already eighteen,” Nan Xing replied, pretending to be bewildered.

“…” Alejo’s gaze turned cold all of a sudden, but he still couldn’t let it go and asked, “When is your birthday?”

“On X month, X day,” Nan Xing accurately answered, revealing the birthday recorded by Lin Li, which was half a year before the current time in this world.

Her brother didn’t come back, and her long-anticipated coming-of-age ceremony was missed. She even had to endure a dinner consisting of only a hard piece of bread that could kill a person and a bowl of watery soup so clear that it reflected her face.

She could only curl up alone in a small room on a tiny wooden bed, feeling melancholic, and used her diary to vent her emotions.

“…” Alejo’s gaze turned completely cold, and he looked at Nan Xing with a look of annoyance and even disgust. He abruptly let go of her hand, and his voice became rigid.

“I don’t need you to tend to my wounds.”

“Alright,” Nan Xing glanced gratefully at Conti and Serena, then continued to help the others with their injuries.

Even though she didn’t know the specifics of these eight people’s situations, Nan Xing had already concluded that they weren’t good people.

Hackman and Kimm, two individuals who had been flirting with her while she was assisting with their wounds, even went so far as to make advances and invitations towards her.

Two guys who had clearly lost their minds and were thinking with the lower half of their bodies.

Nan Xing pretended to be clueless and acted like she didn’t understand. Fortunately, these guys were all injured and still needed her help with various tasks, so they didn’t take further actions.

After tending to their wounds, she had to cook for them, right under their noses.

Her stomach was growling from hunger, and in the end, she was only given a thin piece of bread and a small bowl of shallow water.

She was even worse off than Lin Li.