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The bathroom door was partially open, producing a creaking sound as it swayed in the wind.

Whether it was a horror movie, a suspense thriller, or a zombie film, bathrooms tended to have a high appearance rate. They were places where ghosts, monsters, or zombies would suddenly emerge, and with the sky already completely dark, the silent atmosphere was incredibly eerie.

Nan Xing swallowed nervously, then cautiously knocked on the bathroom door to make sure there were no zombies inside before summoning the courage to enter.

The women’s restroom had three stalls, and none of them were locked.

She hesitated but decided to open the first one.

“!!!” Nan Xing tightly covered her mouth.

Inside, there was yet another corpse, dressed in the hospital’s doctor uniform, with its head blown open, and the wall behind it was covered in blood.

Sitting on the toilet, head hanging low, it held a gun in its hand.

Nan Xing took two steps back, her back against the wall, the cold touch sending shivers down her spine.

After gathering her wits, Nan Xing didn’t disturb the body and continued to the next stall.


The second stall had a genuine surprise in store for her.

This time, it was a real surprise.

A family first aid kit, filled with medical supplies, was quietly placed on top of the toilet lid.

Without thinking, she quickly glanced around, then rushed forward to grab the first aid kit, sitting down on the toilet lid.

She didn’t even have time to check what was inside the first aid kit. Instead, she immediately retrieved the one in her storage space.

The two first aid kits were roughly the same size and made of similar materials, although the one in her storage space was slightly larger.

She swiftly emptied the contents of the old first aid kit and crammed everything into the new one.

She suspected that the reason this healing institute had so many zombies was because of this medical kit.

Then, she looked at the old first aid kit in her hand, unsure of what to do with it.

She couldn’t fit it into her storage space, and leaving it in a room would seem out of place, wouldn’t it?

Leaving it empty-handed seemed even more conspicuous.

After a moment’s hesitation, Nan Xing placed it on top of the desk in one of the rooms at the end.

Well, when she found the first aid kit, it only contained a few medical supplies anyway.

In case they asked, she wouldn’t technically be lying.

Following that, Nan Xing turned her gaze toward the seven tightly closed room doors, took a deep breath, and walked decisively towards the nearest room.

It’s not that she hadn’t considered escaping directly, but it was too dangerous outside. It was nighttime now, and the forest not only had zombies but also wild animals. Staying here, where those players were injured and needed her, was safer. Maybe she could even find an opportunity to take care of these players. If she could get hold of their inventory and supplies, the road ahead would be much smoother.

Nan Xing didn’t feel that her thoughts of killing were abnormal or strange in any way. Those who kill will always find reasons to kill.

She turned the handle and opened the room door. As the door creaked open, a figure inside slowly stood up.




Three gunshots in a row, but none of the eight people sitting in the lobby moved a muscle. They weren’t concerned about “Lin Li’s” safety at all. What concerned them more was how to stay alive until their injuries healed and how to get rid of these guys. While the prize money was substantial, it was even more enjoyable to have it all to oneself. With their abilities, surviving alone wasn’t difficult.

After the gunshots had ceased for half an hour, Nan Xing slowly walked back.

She was covered in dirt, her eyes were red and swollen, and they were moist, as if she had been crying.

She placed the found medicines down, but her hands were still trembling. Not just her hands, her whole body was shaking.

She had just been a hair’s breadth away from death.

That room had unexpectedly contained a zombie!

And it had only been activated after she opened the door!

She had never used a gun before; she couldn’t aim properly. The first shot missed and hit the floor. The second shot hit the zombie’s arm, having no effect. It wasn’t until the zombie pounced on her, just a fist’s distance away, that she managed to squeeze off the third shot.

In that moment, accompanied by the foul stench from the zombie’s mouth, she felt like she had glimpsed the gates of the underworld slowly opening.

“Lin Li, come help me with the medication,” Serena’s sweet voice rang out, and Nan Xing came to her senses, her expression still somewhat dazed.

“Okay.” Nan Xing picked up her backpack, searching for medical supplies like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, and bandages.

Both of Serena’s arms were injured, and she couldn’t manage on her own, so she had to rely on Nan Xing. After Nan Xing had treated her own ankle injury, she had some experience, and she had also looked at a first aid manual, so her movements were not entirely unfamiliar.

She used hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds and medical alcohol to disinfect the area around them.

“Lin Li, make sure to clean it thoroughly several times,” Serena said.

“Okay.” Nan Xing hesitated for a moment, then looked at the very obvious bite marks on Serena’s arm and replied in a low voice.

“Poor Lin Li, did you get scared?” Serena reached out to pat Nan Xing’s head and asked with concern.

“Yeah,” Nan Xing sniffled and her voice sounded choked, full of grievances.

In the adjacent room, the humanoid zombie that was no longer human probably felt even more aggrieved.

“Don’t be afraid,” Serena reassured Nan Xing, embracing her with her other arm.

Nan Xing’s tears welled up instantly—oh, it hurt so much!

Since cleaning the wounds was so painful, and Serena wasn’t one to endure pain, she decided to share the pain with Nan Xing. Watching Nan Xing’s tearful and suppressed expression, Serena felt much better, and her smile deepened.

Nan Xing quickly intensified her movements and efficiently treated Serena’s wounds.

“Come help me,” Will said coldly.

“Alright,” Nan Xing replied in a hoarse voice.

Carrying the medical kit, Nan Xing jogged over to Will’s side, taking a closer look at his condition.

He was in a much worse state than Serena.

A gunshot wound to the abdomen, and bites on his shoulder and arm.

Will was sweating profusely from the pain, and his face had turned pale.

“Where are the antibiotics?”

“Here.” Nan Xing quickly handed over a plate of cephalosporin capsules and asked in a low voice, “There are also painkillers, do you want them?”

“Yes.” Will appreciated Nan Xing’s tactfulness and softened his attitude towards her.

“Do you want me to help you too?” Nan Xing asked.

“Yes,” Will nodded, kicking a backpack beside him. “There’s a knife inside.”

“…” Nan Xing widened her eyes in surprise. A knife meant she had to dig out the bullets. Did she dare?

“Hurry up,” Will urged.

“Uh, okay, alright,” she nodded hurriedly, taking out a short knife from her backpack. She used it to cut open the clothing covering Will’s shoulder and arm, tearing it off in the process.

In the quiet night, Will’s stifled groans were quite prominent.

Nan Xing quickly took out the necessary medicines and skillfully began cleaning the wounds.

She was treating two injured patients at once, and she would likely have to handle the remaining few as well.

If this were a virtual game, she imagined that her ears would be constantly filled with the mechanical sound of “Experience +1 +1 +1.”

[Author’s note: The text mentions “Experience +1 +1 +1” to describe Nan Xing’s growing experience in handling medical situations.]