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When Rutong entered the room, she saw Qing Shu diligently practicing her calligraphy. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of the pristine white paper Qing Shu was using. Even her father’s paper didn’t look as good as this.

“Qing Shu.”

Qing Shu raised her head to look at her and replied expressionlessly, “What is it?”

Today, Qing Shu was wearing a brand-new peach-red jacket with a five-colored jade flower wrapped around her bun and a pure gold longevity lock hanging from her neck.

Rutong was taken aback for a moment and asked, “Qing Shu, why are you dressed differently today?” Different clothes were one thing, but even the jewelry was different.

Qing Shu smiled deliberately and said, “Do you like it? My grandmother came back from the capital not long ago and brought me a box of new clothes and many beautiful pieces of jewelry.”

Seeing Rutong’s eyes light up with envy, Qing Shu suddenly found it uninteresting. She lowered her head and continued practicing her calligraphy.

Rutong, gazing at the pristine white paper, suddenly said, “Qing Shu, can you give me two sheets of paper, just two sheets, please?”

Qing Shu refused, saying, “No, I don’t even have enough for myself.” Even if she had extra, she wouldn’t give any to Rutong.

Rutong, with a pleading expression, said, “Qing Shu, can’t you spare me just one sheet, please?”

In reality, the type of paper used for calligraphy wouldn’t affect the outcome. But Rutong preferred this paper and believed that by flattering Qing Shu, she might get her way.

Qing Shu laughed, “Instead of asking me, you might as well ask your second uncle or big brother.”

In the past, they had bullied her so much; she wouldn’t give them anything willingly, let alone Rutong.

Seeing Qing Shu’s refusal, Rutong felt both embarrassed and irritated. “Qing Shu, you used to be different.”

Qing Shu noticed the pearl bracelet on Rutong’s wrist and suddenly realized something.

Wei shi wore simple, rough-looking silver hairpins. It was highly unlikely that she would buy such a beautiful pearl bracelet for Rutong. So, there was only one answer: the bracelet belonged to her.

With this in mind, Qing Shu abruptly grabbed Rutong’s wrist and forcefully took the pearl bracelet.

Rutong was too slow to react, and by the time she realized what was happening, Qing Shu had already taken the pearl bracelet away.

Rutong’s eyes welled up with tears, and she tried to snatch it back.

Qing Shu was agile and managed to evade her. As a result, Rutong missed and ended up hitting her head on the dressing table.

Rutong cried out in pain, and her loud sobs filled the room.

Unfortunately, Old Madam Lin was just outside the door and heard the crying. Her face immediately darkened. Crying on a festive day brought bad luck.

She entered the room and saw Rutong lying on the floor, crying in pain. Qing Shu, on the other hand, stood nearby with a blank expression.

Old Madam Lin jumped to conclusions and scolded, “Hongdou, how dare you hit Rutong at home?”

“Grandmother, I didn’t hit her; she fell on her own.” Qing Shu used to be frightened whenever Old Madam Lin spoke sternly. However, after experiencing so much and spending three years in the Lion Temple, she had become fearless, even in front of Old Madam Lin.

Rutong, with tears in her eyes, said, “Grandmother, Qing Shu took my pearl bracelet.”

Old Madam Lin was furious. “If she dares to steal things at home, she might even resort to murder and arson in the future. Today, I must teach you a lesson. Ah Yue, fetch some willow branches for me.”

The willow branches wouldn’t harm her physically but were extremely painful and left green and purple bruises.

Qing Shu, shouting loudly, said, “I didn’t steal her things. That pearl bracelet is mine, and I only took back what belongs to me.”

Qizi walked out.

The willow switch didn’t hurt the bones, but it was exceptionally painful and would leave green and purple bruises.

Qing Shu shouted loudly, “I didn’t snatch her things. The pearl bracelet is mine; I just took back my own belongings.”

Old Madam Lin looked at Rutong and asked, “Is what she’s saying true?”

Rutong wiped her tears and choked, “Grandmother, Qing Shu gave me this bracelet.”

Since it was given to her, it naturally became her property.

But Qing Shu didn’t agree, “At that time, you pitifully said you liked this bracelet and hoped I could lend it to you for a couple of days. This bracelet was given to me by my grandmother. How could I possibly give it to you? Grandmother, I never expected she would want to secretly keep my bracelet, so she snatched it back in a hurry.”

The family wasn’t particularly wealthy, and considering her young age, her mother wouldn’t have bought her such an expensive piece of jewelry. Therefore, the bracelet could only have been given to her by her grandmother.

Rutong immediately retorted, “You were the one who said you were giving it to me. Since you gave it to me, how can you change your mind?”

Before Qing Shu could speak, Gu Xian and Wei shi walked in from outside.

Crying children get what they want. Rutong cried so sadly, but Qing Shu stood there expressionless. Those who entered subconsciously thought Qing Shu had made the move.

Seeing the swollen bump on Rutong’s forehead, Wei shi angrily said to Qing Shu, “Eldest Sister-in-law, this girl is so vicious at such a young age. You should really discipline her properly.”

Gu Xian glared at Wei shi and then turned to ask Qing Shu, “Tell mother, what happened?” She didn’t believe Qing Shu would resort to violence.

Qing Shu briefly explained the situation, “Mother, she clearly said she wanted to borrow it for two days, but now she claims I gave it to her. I want it back, but she won’t agree.”

After hearing this, Gu Xian turned to Mrs. Lin and said, “Mother, Qing Shu really likes this bracelet. She hasn’t taken it off since she got it.” The implication was that something she liked so much couldn’t possibly have been given away.

As expected, the bracelet was bought for her by her grandmother.

Mrs. Lin looked at Rutong with a displeased expression. To lie at such a young age; she would cause trouble in the future. Moreover, if this spread, it would be said that they couldn’t discipline their children properly.

Rutong’s face turned pale, but she quickly said, “Grandmother, when Qing Shu gave me the bracelet, Eldest Brother was right there. If Grandmother doesn’t believe me, you can ask Eldest Brother.”

Lin Lezhu was Mrs. Lin’s beloved grandson. With his testimony, Mrs. Lin would definitely side with Rutong. Rutong had struck a chord with Mrs. Lin.

Mrs. Lin immediately called Lin Lezhu and inquired about the matter.

Lin Lezhu nodded and said, “Yes, Hongdou did say she wanted to give this bracelet to Rutong. Grandmother, I heard it with my own ears; there is no mistake.”

Mrs. Lin’s face turned cold, and she said, “Hongdou, return the bracelet to Rutong.”

Humph, shameless. She tricked her in giving her own belongings away and now claimed them as hers.

Gu Xian also felt that Qing Shu had behaved recklessly. She handed the bracelet to Rutong willingly; there was no need to take it back.

Qing Shu held her wrist and said, “This is my belonging, none of you can take it away.”

Gu Xian felt a headache and said, “Qing Shu, don’t you still have two pearl bracelets? Qing Shu, be obedient, give this bracelet to Rutong.”

Even her own mother didn’t stand by her side, it seemed like she couldn’t keep the bracelet.

Understanding this, Qing Shu ran out.

Gu Xian was shocked, “Qing Shu, come back here.”

She thought Qing Shu was going back to the county to find Grandma Gu.

Instead of going back to the county, Qing Shu went to the kitchen. There, she found an axe, lifted it in front of everyone, and smashed it onto the pearl bracelet.

Seeing the powder and broken pearls on the ground, Rutong’s tears flowed uncontrollably, “My bracelet, my bracelet…”

Wei shi’s heart ached witnessing the valuable jewelry being destroyed like this.

Qing Shu threw the axe aside and coldly said to Rutong, “Let me make it clear to you, my belongings, even if I smash or throw them away, I won’t give them to you.”