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The main entrance cannot be entered. Song Qingxiao climbed into the room through the window at the back. The thunder outside was still loud. After her mother fell asleep drunk, she snored and didn’t know what thrilling experience she had before.

There were water marks left by the window where she climbed in, but she didn’t have the strength to clean it up. The window was constantly shaking from the wind and rain, making a “clattering” sound.

Song Qingxiao collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted, not even willing to move her fingers.

She still held the dagger in her right hand, as if only this could make her feel at ease.

The aftermath of killing surged in her heart, and there was a feeling of blood residue in her mouth, making her chest churn.

She turned her head and vomited twice, spitting out some water. After a while, she calmed down and then had the time to pay attention to the prompts in her mind.

The cards that originally appeared in her consciousness disappeared after she left the space. They were replaced by a new interface that displayed her usable points: 200.

This should be the reward after completing the trial. She tentatively used her mind to feel the points, and a redeemable interface appeared in her consciousness.

She glanced at it briefly. There weren’t many things, and prominently displayed in the first column were imperial coins.

Each amount was 100,000, clearly indicating the points needed for redemption: 20.

Since her memory, Song Qingxiao’s family has never been well-off. Her father disappeared after committing a crime, leaving behind a huge debt. Her mother was an alcoholic.   She relied on the royal family’s subsidy and loans for outstanding students to complete her studies.

She still owed student loans at the moment, which was one of the important reasons why she urgently needed to find a job after graduation. The 200 points she had was enough to redeem a large amount of money, allowing her to repay the loan and live a less tight life.

If she hadn’t experienced the thrilling trial tonight, and almost lost her life in that mysterious space, this much money would undoubtedly be very attractive to Song Qingxiao.

But the previous experience made her still maintain a high level of vigilance even after leaving the space.

The mouse line that the doctor had put around her neck had been pulled off by her. She even killed the doctor herself. However, the shadow brought by this incident had not disappeared. She always had a sense of danger following her, as if the life-threatening crisis had not been truly resolved, making it difficult for her to relax.

Up until now, it was difficult for Song Qingxiao to delude herself into categorizing what happened tonight as her own imagination based on various pieces of evidence.

The “God’s trial” was undoubtedly real. She could temporarily get a glimmer of hope in the space after nearly losing her life.

She had a vague sense of an ominous premonition. The success of the first trial did not mean that she was safe from then on. This might not be the end, perhaps it was just the beginning of a game.

It was as if the door to a new world was slowly opening in front of her, and she took a step forward, unable to retract it.

The rules of the real world did not apply there. Those who wanted to survive had to give their all.

These points were hard-earned. Although money was currently very tempting to her, compared to overnight wealth, Song Qingxiao still wanted to stay alive.

Without hesitation, she removed money from her plan. In addition to money, the interface in her consciousness could also redeem firearms, ammunition, daggers, machetes, and whips. The redemption price for new firearms was 100 points, but bullets also needed to be redeemed, with each bullet requiring 50 points.

Although Song Qingxiao hadn’t figured out the rules for obtaining points, her total points were currently only 200, which made her furrow her brow.

Under weapons were changes and enhancements to bloodlines. Choosing one required exactly 200 points. When she touched it with her consciousness, she received a prompt: Once a bloodline is chosen, it cannot be changed again.

Next to the bloodline change was a mysterious pattern, which had a prompt: Special reward.

This pattern required exactly 200 points for redemption. It did not appear like the previous coins, weapons, and bloodline enhancements, representing something unknown.

Song Qingxiao hesitated for a moment. Currently, perhaps because of her scarce points, she didn’t have many choices. She temporarily didn’t consider money, although firearms and ammunition could ensure her safety, they were too eye-catching and couldn’t be relied on as a surprise winning move.

Changing or enhancing bloodlines did pique her curiosity, but what made her more tempted was the totem displaying “special reward.”

She always felt that within that totem, there was something waiting for her. After hesitating repeatedly, she gritted her teeth and chose the special reward.

A prompt came in her mind: Do you choose the special reward?

Song Qingxiao took a deep breath and chose yes!

This was like gambling. Perhaps the special reward item was not as she expected, but it could also bring her surprises. She lay on the ground, biting her lower lip without making a sound.

After confirming her choice with “yes,” a prompt sound came in her mind, accompanied by a severe pain. The nerves in her mind seemed to have suffered a huge impact.   Even though Song Qingxiao had prepared for it after choosing to redeem the reward, she still almost lost consciousness.

In the face of the crisis, Song Qingxiao tightly gripped the dagger in her hand and decisively cut her thigh, scraping through the wet clothes and cutting a gash in her flesh. This slight pain seemed insignificant compared to the severe pain in her brain, but it allowed her to hold on and not faint.

A large amount of unfamiliar knowledge appeared in her consciousness. Her mind seemed to have been used to the extreme, and she felt her brain heating up. Her vision went black, and even with her eyes closed, she still felt dizzy and nauseous.

Her head felt like it was about to explode. This period of time seemed particularly long, and this agony was even more unbearable than the feeling of suffocation when the doctor strangled her earlier.

Song Qingxiao didn’t know how long had passed before she finally managed to slowly absorb this reward while enduring the pain.

At this moment, she felt even more exhausted than when she was in the space, after the life-and-death battle with Number Four. It felt like she would faint at any moment.   She opened her mouth wide, panting silently, and her clothes, which were already soaked by the rain, were once again drenched in cold sweat.

She still had lingering fear from the previous headache. After a long time, she mustered the courage to check the reward she had obtained earlier.

As soon as the thought arose, the words “Nine-character Secret Command” naturally appeared in her mind. She didn’t have time to explore it further, and her spirit was already stretched to the extreme, like a stretched string. It snapped with a “bang,” and Song Qingxiao immediately fainted.