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After experiencing being killed, entering the trial space, and ultimately surviving, Song Qingxiao should have had trouble falling asleep. But this fainting spell solved many of her problems.

However, she didn’t sleep soundly during this nap. The events in the trial space became her nightmare. She always ‘saw’ those nine cards and was afraid to see her own face when the cards were turned over. She also dreamed of Number Six and the doctor who she had killed.

The doctor’s face was extremely ferocious, staring with bloodshot eyes, as if he wanted to strangle her neck and kill her.

“Hoo!” Song Qingxiao covered her neck and widened her eyes, taking deep breaths.

After a while, she woke up and realized that she had returned to the real world.

Her clothes were still wet from last night, clinging to her body heavily, making it difficult for her to breathe.

The sweat and blood stains mixed together after being washed by the rain, reminding her of the suffocating bloody smell in the space every time she took a breath. Without hesitation, she took off her jacket and threw it aside, wiping the sweat off her face.

She still tightly grasped the dagger in her palm. When she realized this, she subconsciously trembled and threw the dagger away.

With a ‘clang’, the dagger fell to the ground. She suddenly remembered something when she was breathing heavily.

After coming out of the trial ground, she seemed to have received a reward and exchanged it for a mysterious gift, obtaining a ‘Nine-character Secret Command’. Unfortunately, she lost consciousness afterwards and didn’t know if it was her imagination or something that really happened.

Just as she thought of this, the secret of the Nine-character Secret Command naturally appeared in her mind.

The Nine-character Secret Command was probably not complete because Song Qingxiao recalled that she only knew a small part of the ‘Lin’ character technique.

Actitanking the secret command required the assistance of mental power to achieve the goal of attack.

Song Qingxiao had never seen such an attack method before, let alone heard of character techniques like the Nine-character Secret Command.

At present, it seemed that the Nine-character Secret Command didn’t have much killing power. She felt a bit disappointed, but she had already made her choice and had no room for regret.

Perhaps experiencing too many ups and downs tonight, her mind was in an extremely tense state. Following the guidance of the Nine-character Secret Command, she easily sensed the existence of mental power in her sea of consciousness and tried to awaken them.

This process was not smooth. She tried many times before finally forming a handprint. Even so, Song Qingxiao felt mentally exhausted and extremely hungry.

The sky was already getting brighter. She stopped practicing, got up, cleaned herself, and filled her stomach with food.

In a corner of the room, her mother was drunk and lying unconscious among a pile of random items, unaware that her daughter had just escaped death.

Taking advantage of the time before going to work, Song Qingxiao helped her mother onto the bed, prepared food and water for her, and then prepared to leave.

The alley from last night left her with a shadow, so she took a slightly longer route to the police station and arrived a little late.

Inside the changing room, several tall female guards were changing uniforms. When Song Qingxiao entered, the conversation stopped abruptly, and everyone’s gaze fell on her.


Everyone in the guard team knew that a fragile newcomer had arrived, and they were all waiting to see when this newcomer would be scared away from this place.

Song Qingxiao lowered her head and softly responded, “Yes.”

She wasn’t wearing a uniform and appeared fragile among the strong female guards. Her long bangs hung down, covering half of her face, preventing the female guards from seeing her eyes.

Her voice was a bit hoarse. A woman laughed contemptuously and provocatively, “I really don’t know how the higher-ups recruited such a waste like you. It’s really lowering our standards.”

As soon as this woman finished speaking, the others laughed as well. She also laughed and reached out to push Song Qingxiao, but before she could speak, she saw Song Qingxiao lift her head and give her a faint glance.

The woman noticed the strangulation marks on Song Qingxiao’s neck, the skin already split open and the surrounding area turning purple, making it look extremely dangerous.

No wonder her voice sounded a bit off earlier. This newcomer had suffered such a severe injury but didn’t make a sound. The female guard who had attacked her instinctively swallowed her saliva and felt a slight pain in her throat.

The gaze from Song Qingxiao made her feel a bit creepy. The keen sense brought by her years of professional experience made her retract the words that were already on the tip of her tongue and lower her voice:

“Move aside, I want to go out.”

Song Qingxiao took a deep breath, lowered her head, and moved to the side, allowing the woman to leave.

The people around didn’t notice anything wrong. Song Qingxiao only lifted her head for an instant, and her figure was blocked by the pushed female guard. No one noticed her strangeness. The group of guards left one after another. Song Qingxiao leaned against the cabinet, listening to the footsteps.

One female guard asked:”Any news from Gao Linlin’s side?”

As soon as this name entered Song Qingxiao’s ears, her whole body tightened instantly. She didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but she remembered the first girl who died in the trial space. When the card was flipped over, the girl’s name was written on the bottom: Gao Linlin.

“She has been missing for three days. It is said that she has connections with the municipal hall, and Sir An happens to be in charge of this matter.”

Song Qingxiao clenched her teeth and resisted the urge to find out more. She tried to calm herself down.

She originally wanted to find her locker to change clothes and prepare for work, but she found that her locker had been pried open and a new lock was put on. Her other set of uniform was thrown on the corner of a storage cabinet.

She was the only one left in the changing room. Song Qingxiao changed into her uniform and took the opportunity to take out the dagger from her bag and hold it in her palm.

She played with the dagger for a while. Although she had almost been killed by this dagger before, she had also used it to kill someone.

It had a slightly different shape from a regular dagger. It was about fifteen or sixteen centimeters long, with a curved back and handle, and it was heavy to hold.

The blade was extremely sharp and had a long cutting edge. The blade was slightly thick. After flipping it over and over, Song Qingxiao noticed a special leaf-like totem at the back of the dagger’s handle.

This uniquely shaped dagger was not the ordinary dagger she remembered, and with this totem mark, if she followed up with investigation, she might be able to find out who killed her someday.

She still remembered the killer’s aura, the protrusion on his fingers when he held the knife, and the sound and silhouette when he hummed a song after killing someone.

Song Qingxiao narrowed her eyes. She didn’t know if she had offended someone or if the killer acted on impulse, but regardless, she was in trouble at the moment and needed to be more careful.

Letting out a silent sigh, she hid the dagger in her sleeve. When she came out, she happened to meet the person sent by Captain An to call her over.

Captain An was the person in charge of the security team in the western district where she worked. He was a strong man in his forties, with a frustrated expression.   When Song Qingxiao entered, he was standing and talking to someone, not even glancing in her direction, completely ignoring her.

“The western district has been short of manpower for a long time…”

His voice was loud and his expression fierce, as if he was requesting more manpower from above.

Song Qingxiao stood in front of the desk for a while, looking at the cup placed in front of Captain An. His attention was fully focused on the conversation, so Song Qingxiao silently formed a hand seal and carefully tried to release her mental power.

Under the pressure of her mental power, ripples appeared on the surface of the water in the cup.

Captain An seemed to sense that something was wrong and subconsciously stopped talking, turning his head. The office was quiet, and Song Qingxiao stood there with lowered eyelids, as if the strange feeling from earlier was just his imagination.