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Just like when she killed Number Six, although both were unexpected surprise attacks, the situation now was obviously much more dangerous, and the doctor was also more difficult to deal with than Number Six.

Song Qingxiao exerted all her strength and used her legs to lock the doctor’s thigh. The doctor grabbed her neck with one hand and grabbed the mouse line, while the other hand tried to pry her hand holding the knife.

The two were very close, and they could both see the murderous intent in each other’s eyes. Song Qingxiao felt that her fingers were about to be broken by the doctor, while the doctor was desperately trying to snatch the knife from her hand. This was her only trump card, and this knife meant something different to her. She wanted to survive and hold this knife to find the killer who had killed her in the alley before.

If the doctor took away the knife now, she would have no hope of survival!  Thinking of this, Song Qingxiao gave up trying to push the doctor’s hand off the mouse line, enduring the suffocating feeling, and placed her hand on her own hand holding the knife, pressing hard!

The two were very close, and Song Qingxiao could clearly see the doctor’s swollen cheekbones and the blood vessels bulging on his temples. The blood vessels on his neck were swollen, and the carotid artery was beating rapidly. She regretted not being calm enough in her panic and not being able to cut it open in one go.

The doctor clenched his teeth in pain, and his breath sprayed out with saliva from between his teeth. The faint smell of blood could be smelled. One of his eyes was swollen by Song Qingxiao, and the other eye was wide open. Sweat on his forehead wet his hair, and the muscles on his cheeks twisted and twitched.

A slight negligence could lead to serious consequences. The mouse line tightened more and more, making it difficult for her to breathe. Her arms and legs felt heavy, and she almost had no strength to hold the knife any further.

The trouble was that her thinking started to slow down, affecting her actions. She couldn’t feel the doctor’s heavy body pressing on her anymore. In this moment, many memories flashed through her mind.

Am I going to die?

She had this thought. Somehow, at this moment, she thought of Number One. At this moment, she was just like Number One, with the deadly mouse line around her neck, and the doctor’s face overlapping with Number Six’s face, like a death god holding a sickle, trying to reap lives.

But she was different from Number One. When Number One was killed, he had no resistance, but she still had the knife! Thinking of this, Song Qingxiao’s spirit was revitalized, and her scattered gaze regained its brilliance. She didn’t want to die here. She didn’t want to disappear silently like Number One.

She wanted to live. She had finally grown up, graduated successfully, found a job, and didn’t die in the alley. She didn’t enter this space just to die and become a stepping stone for others to leave!  Song Qingxiao clenched her teeth and forcefully lifted her head to hit the doctor’s face.

She thought she had already used all her strength, but the force was not that great. Fortunately, they were very close, and she still hit the doctor’s face with this hit, making a dull sound.

The doctor was holding her neck with one hand and trying to pry open her hand with the knife with the other hand. He was already struggling, and Song Qingxiao’s sudden attack caught him off guard. He didn’t expect that this woman, in such a state, could still fight back.

He exclaimed “Ah” in his mouth, and the hand that was holding Song Qingxiao’s hands instinctively loosened.

After the two had been deadlocked for a while, a slight change was enough to bring fatal consequences. Seizing this opportunity, Song Qingxiao clenched her teeth and resisted the pain caused by suffocation. She held the knife tightly and stabbed it in again after pulling it out a bit.

Blood splattered out, flowing down her palm and onto her arm. She exhausted all her strength in these two movements. If she failed, she would have no strength to resist anymore.

She sank her consciousness into her mind and focused on the cards there. Two cards were still not flipped.

Her body began to twitch, and all her resistance seemed to be in vain. The doctor’s body pressed on her as if trying to squeeze out her last breath.

The icy large tank was pressed against her back, and Number Six died in her hands inside the tank. Those eyes that couldn’t close were definitely staring at her through the bottom of the tank.

Song Qingxiao’s mouth twitched, and the force on her neck gradually weakened. The mouse line that tightly entangled her slowly slipped from the doctor’s hand. In her mind, the card on the right finally flipped over at an extremely slow speed.

The doctor’s smiling face appeared above it, and his name appeared below the card: Liu Yixun. She won!

She took a deep breath as air entered her lungs again. Song Qingxiao gasped heavily, feeling completely drained of energy. She couldn’t even push away the doctor’s body that was pressing on her.

Trembling, she pulled out the knife from the doctor’s neck. It took her several attempts to accomplish such a simple action.

A prompt sounded in her mind: Trial completed, leaving the space in ten seconds! When this sound rang, Song Qingxiao’s mouth twitched, revealing a smile that was even uglier than crying.

She succeeded. The method to leave the space was indeed as she expected, by being the last survivor! The card representing her in her consciousness was the one in the middle of the nine cards. The other eight people who entered the space had all died.




The countdown continued, and Song Qingxiao coughed loudly and vomited forcefully. She pushed the doctor away, letting his body roll to the ground, and tried to sit up straight.

The mouse line was still around her neck, and she took a while to reach out and tear off this thing that almost took her life, throwing it aside. The countdown continued: “Two…”


She instinctively closed her eyes, and the next moment, a thunderous roar sounded, lightning flashed across the sky, and heavy rain poured down, hitting her face and causing pain.

The smell of rain mixed with the smell of soil, not pleasant, but much better than the indescribable gloomy oppression in the space.

She was back!

Song Qingxiao still lay in the position where she had fallen after being stabbed in a vital spot, as if everything that had happened before was just a dream.

If she hadn’t been holding the knife in her hand, if the rain hadn’t washed away the blood belonging to the doctor from her palm, she would probably have thought that everything that happened tonight was just her imagination.

Her throat still burned with pain. She looked up at the night sky, where the galloping lightning illuminated the sky. Rain fell on her face, making a “popping” sound, flowing into her eyes and mouth. She swallowed two mouthfuls, and only now did she truly feel that she was still alive.

There seemed to be some new changes in her consciousness, but at this moment, Song Qingxiao didn’t dare to check.

This alley was too dangerous. She didn’t know how long she had been in the space after entering from real life, and she was afraid that the man who had killed her before would return.

Now her condition was not necessarily able to withstand an attack from anyone. She drank some rainwater, supported herself against the wall, and slowly stood up, staggering towards home.

Fortunately, she wasn’t far from home. She saw the familiar front door from a distance. The door was locked with an iron lock and painted with red paint, with the words “Pay Back” written on it. This scene, which used to frighten her, now made her breathe a sigh of relief.