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How big this space is, the doctor should have a deep understanding of how big it is.

At this moment, if he let the professional woman Number Two escape instead of killing her, it would not be easy to find and catch someone in such a large space.

Especially in the absence of water and food, he may not be able to support for a long time, and delaying it will only be disadvantageous for him.

It would be better to take this opportunity to kill the professional woman and eliminate future troubles.

As for Song Qingxiao, she is already on the verge of death, so it would be easy to deal with her after dealing with the professional woman Number Two.

The professional woman Number Two is not far from the doctor, and almost as soon as she moves, the doctor follows suit. He grabs her hair and pulls her back.

She screams in surprise, her face loses color, and she tries to grab something to stabilize herself, but the doctor doesn’t give her a chance. He grabs the pen that previously cut Song Qingxiao’s cheek and stabs it into the professional woman’s face and neck.

At this critical moment, everyone is fighting for their lives. There is no reason to hold back. The professional woman screams sharply and tries to claw the doctor’s eyes.

The power that erupts when a person is on the brink of death is terrifying. The doctor’s judgment is correct. The professional woman’s resistance is much more intense than Song Qingxiao’s. Her legs kick wildly on the ground, leaving long marks.

Her body struggles violently, her pelvis lifts high, and her counterattack before danger almost overwhelms the doctor.

With her long fingernails, her nails become her weapons at such a critical moment, digging into the doctor’s eyes.

“Hiss,” the doctor’s eyes are attacked, and he makes a gasping sound. He tightly pulls the professional woman’s hair, exerting so much force that it seems like he wants to pull her scalp off. She involuntarily tilts her head to the side, exposing her neck that has been stabbed several times with the pen.

The pen’s tip is already bent, with blood and flesh on it. A large amount of blood flows out from the stabbed areas, and the professional woman screams in pain. Her chin tightens, and she tries to move her head forcefully, as if trying to escape from this predicament.

Fortunes change, and the crisis that Song Qingxiao experienced earlier has now fallen on her.

Every time the pen stabs into her flesh, her body stiffens, and the veins on her neck bulge out. After the pen is pulled out, the blood flows even faster.

She should not have been easily defeated like this, but because of her instinctive escape earlier, she lost the initiative.

Song Qingxiao slides down and sits on the ground. She feels that her limbs no longer belong to her. After being hit in the temple, she hasn’t recovered her breath yet. She opens her mouth wide and breathes heavily, like a dying fish.

The professional woman’s screams are weak and pitiful, and the grass is making a rustling sound as she rubs her legs against it.

In Song Qingxiao’s blurry vision, she notices that the doctor has turned his back to her and is dealing with the professional woman Number Two.

Both of them are fighting fiercely for survival, risking their lives. No one notices that she, leaning against the large tank, slowly opens her eyes. In her bloodshot eyes, there is a murderous intent.

She repeatedly calmed herself down, refraining from any movements except breathing, using this time to regain her strength.

The doctor had already assumed her to be dead and hadn’t noticed as she subtly shook her hand.

A dagger slowly descended from her tightly gripped sleeve until it finally landed in her palm, firmly held as if clutching a life-saving straw.

The professional woman had been stabbed seven or eight times in the neck. Her entire neck resembled a lotus seedpod; her struggling gradually weakened, her pitiful cries growing fainter. Blood flowed from each wound, pooling together before trickling down. Her pupils dilated, her body instinctively twitched, indicating her impending demise.

In Song Qingxiao’s consciousness, the card belonging to the professional woman had already flipped over.

The doctor confirmed she had breathed her last, so he released his grip, panting heavily with both hands on the ground.

The pen in his hand had warped after the killings. He glanced at it briefly before tossing it aside. His palms were stained with blood, and he wiped them on his own clothes. He turned to look back; Song Qingxiao was leaning against the large tank, her hands on the ground, breathing weakly.

He hadn’t expected that this seemingly easily handled woman hadn’t died earlier but had survived until now.

The doctor forcefully blinked his eyes; the injured eyeball stung unbearably.

There were a total of nine cards; seven had already been turned over. Only the middle card and the right card next to it remained, displaying a black background with red patterns. It seemed to foretell that once the right card was flipped, it meant the person on the middle card could survive.

The doctor had no intention of staying in this damned place for a moment longer. Even if the opportunity to leave was only a mere speculation, he was not willing to give up.  He crawled to his feet, holding the mouse, and approached Song Qingxiao.

At this moment, after killing the professional woman he considered the most threatening, the doctor believed that Song Qingxiao had lost her resistance and was as insignificant as an ant before him.

After killing Song Qingxiao, he wanted to leave immediately. His eyeball had been gouged; there was a risk of infection. He was anxious to return to the real world, to survive, and he was also afraid of going blind.

Under his impatience, the doctor relaxed his guard. As he wound the mouse’s cord around Song Qingxiao’s neck, he didn’t notice that this girl, who seemed like a bag of loose sand, suddenly tightened her body.

The mouse cord wound around Song Qingxiao’s neck.

The doctor, familiar with the process, tied a knot, as if indicating that the situation was already half-successful. He even displayed a smile on his face.

The next moment, he used force to tighten the rope, preparing to snuff out Song Qingxiao’s life in one go. However, the person who had seemed powerless, suddenly used her legs to push, hooking onto his thigh.

Song Qingxiao has accumulated her strength for a long time, and she uses it all in this moment.

The doctor didn’t expect her to do this at all. His body falls towards Song Qingxiao, and in his panic, he sees Song Qingxiao open her eyes, which were always half-closed.

In her bloodshot eyes, he sees his own panicked expression. He doesn’t even have time to support himself with his hands on the ground. Song Qingxiao raises her hand and stabs the prepared dagger into his neck.

“Sizzle,” the feeling of skin being cut comes, and he is very familiar with that sound. It is the faint sound produced when a knife pierces flesh, so subtle that it can be easily overlooked.

If it weren’t for it being stabbed into his body and close to his ear, he might not have been able to hear it clearly.

The doctor is still wondering where Song Qingxiao got the weapon from, regretting that he was too careless and thought the victory was in his hands, but he didn’t expect it to fall into her hands.

Under the danger, he only feels his neck swelling, and he can’t even feel the pain. It feels like being punched, and he becomes weak all over.

He instinctively lets go of the hand that was tightening the mouse wire around Song Qingxiao’s neck, wanting to cover his wound. But before he can react, Song Qingxiao raises her hand and tries to twist the dagger in his neck, making the wound even bigger.

The pain from this attack comes late, but it makes the doctor’s rationality return. He understands the situation at this moment. He tries to grab Song Qingxiao’s hand to stop her from causing a bigger wound, while his other hand tries to grab the mouse wire choking her neck.

At this moment, it’s all about split-second timing. Whoever can’t hold on will die!