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The area occupied by this healing institute was quite extensive, with numerous buildings. However, the structures were not very tall, and the entire area was surrounded by trees. 

It wasn’t an ideal place for a temporary resting spot. 

The farm would have been better. 

However, due to their audacious behavior in the forest, it was likely that all the zombies in the forest had been stirred up. 

Nan Xing didn’t know if they would follow the noise. 

If they did come, she… 


Just as she was thinking, the sudden roar of zombies from outside startled Nan Xing. 

She gathered her courage and moved to the car window, looking down. 

Her pupils suddenly dilated, and she immediately lowered her head, not daring to make a sound. 

So many, so many zombies! 

It seemed that the zombies hidden in the forest had been attracted by the gunfire and were showing signs of forming a horde. 

Nan Xing’s heart pounded in fear, tears uncontrollably streaming down her face. She tightly covered her mouth, afraid of attracting the attention of those zombies. 

“Roar, roar!” 

The outside zombies’ roars grew even louder. 

She was genuinely frightened. Her steel fork had already been thrown away, and there was hardly any long-range weapon in her limited space. 

Except for that dagger. 

If anything unexpected happened, she would have to face the numerous horde of zombies head-on. 

The gunfire inside the healing institute intensified as the number of zombies outside increased. 

Nan Xing covered her ears, curled up in a corner of her seat, tightly closed her eyes, and continued to pray in her heart. 

May all the gods above protect her. Let the zombies outside eat those inside; they were all bad people. 

After all, she hadn’t done anything wrong in her life! 

Nan Xing didn’t know how much time had passed, but it was getting dark outside when someone finally came to open the car door. 

“Come out.” 

She quietly opened her eyes, and it was Kim Shitai. 

His condition didn’t look good at all; his face was pale, covered in blood, and he had hastily bandaged himself. 

“Uh, okay,” she replied, but when she spoke, Nan Xing realized her voice sounded hoarse and unpleasant. 

Due to her extreme nervousness and fear, her voice had become rough. 

She followed Kim Shitai closely, glancing at the numerous zombie corpses on the ground, unable to help but shudder with fear. 

Were these zombies really dead? What if they were just pretending? 

Following him into the lobby of the healing institute, the lights had gone out, and they had lit a campfire in the middle of the room. 

Seated in the lobby were various individuals who had suffered injuries of varying degrees, some minor and some severe, and none of them looked good. 

“Your name’s Lin Li, right?” A white man named Will, closing one eye and clutching his arm, gave Nan Xing a somewhat friendly look. 

“Yes,” Nan Xing replied hesitantly with her swollen eyes. 

“Can you shoot?” asked Zhou. 

She shook her head and added, “I’ve seen my uncle use a hunting rifle.” 

“Take this,” Konti threw her a small handgun. Nan Xing anxiously reached out to catch it, fortunately managing to do so. 

She held the gun loosely in her hand, looking at them with fear, not knowing what to do. 

“You teach her,” Will gestured to Kim Shitai, the one who could still move, to teach Nan Xing how to use the gun. 

“When you go inside the healing institute later, search for medicine and come back.” 

“We need bandages, alcohol, antibiotics, and…” 

“Yes,” Nan Xing quickly replied. 

With Kim Shitai’s guidance, she basically learned how to use the gun. Aiming accurately was another matter altogether. 

They had given Nan Xing a Glock 26 pistol, chambered in 9mm, which was more suitable for girls to use. 

Holding the gun and the backpack and flashlight they had thrown to her, Nan Xing carefully walked towards the adjacent building. 

According to the map displayed in the lobby of the healing institute, the pharmacy or storage room was in the next building. 

They had mostly cleared the zombies here, and the doors were not locked. Those who could run had already run out, and those who couldn’t were locked in their rooms. 

That’s why Nan Xing had been given a handgun for self-defense. 

The reason they had her search was that there was no trust among these players, and they had limited mobility, fearing that others might harm them. 

That’s why they had found this NPC, Lin Li. She was timid, shallow-minded, and easy to manipulate. She wouldn’t dare to do anything suspicious. 

Moreover, with their current dire situation, their mutual distrust and inability to coordinate were contributing factors. 

Who would have expected that a healing institute would hide so many zombies? 

Their ammunition was almost depleted. 

At this moment, their hearts were filled with malevolent thoughts. They were all calculating how to eliminate others while securing their own safety. 


On this side, Nan Xing walked into the adjacent building following the corridor. She carried a backpack on her back and had a pillow strapped in front of her. In one hand, she held a flashlight, and in the other, she raised the gun. 

The whole building was eerily silent, and apart from the sound of her footsteps, there was no other noise. 

Although the healing institute had a large area, there weren’t many buildings or rooms inside, and Nan Xing could easily count them. 

Some room doors were open, and others were closed. Nan Xing dared not touch any of the closed doors and only entered the rooms with open doors. 

This building appeared to be the medical section, containing rooms for doctors on duty, nurse stations, and rooms filled with various medical instruments. 

The first room Nan Xing entered was filled with various medical instruments. 

These instruments were bulky and heavy, and Nan Xing paid them no mind. Instead, she turned her attention to searching cabinets and drawers. 

While searching, she remained vigilant for any potential appearance of zombies. 

She proceeded with great caution, trying not to make any noise. 

As it was getting dark outside, Nan Xing could only rely on a flashlight to search the room. 

Possibly due to the large number of zombies, there were abundant resources in the room. 

Nan Xing quickly found a box of cold medicine, a bottle of multivitamins, and a bottle of medication for hypertension. These items didn’t fall within the category of medical resources they needed, so Nan Xing put the hypertension medication in her backpack and unceremoniously stashed the cold medicine and multivitamins in her storage space. 

Before leaving, she had intentionally created some empty space in her storage, which she now conveniently used to store the medicines. 

This room was soon completely searched, and Nan Xing continued on to the next room. 

Bandages, hemostatic adhesive bandages, fever reducers, pain relievers, anti-diarrheal medicine, hawthorn berries, anti-nausea medicine, soothing oil, asthma medication, and… 

Nan Xing had indeed found a substantial amount of medical resources. She selectively stashed some of them in her storage space. 

The space was too small, so she couldn’t carry too many items. She had to give up on some and prioritize the most important ones. 

Soon, she had cleared out all five open rooms on this floor and the nurse station. 

There were still seven closed rooms and one bathroom left. 

After some hesitation, Nan Xing decided to check the bathroom first. She had found quite a few useful items in the bathroom on the farm, and it wouldn’t hurt to find a pack of sanitary pads if possible.