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“Get up!” the black woman shouted and rudely dropped Nan Xing, her voice cold. 

Nan Xing was startled by her shouting, seeming to be frightened, her eyes moist, but she didn’t dare cry. 

Afraid of annoying them, she hurriedly climbed onto the car. 

However, because the car was high, she couldn’t climb up no matter how hard she tried. 

“Kanti, don’t be so rough; you’ve scared our little bunny,” Serena said with a coquettish smile while handling her gun expertly. 

“Smelly bitch,” Kanti scoffed lightly, turning her head disdainfully. 

Serena’s smile became deeper and deeper, and the charming blonde made the short-haired man, Kim Shitai, who was already in the car, smitten and intoxicated. 

Serena cast a seductive glance at him, feeling equally disdainful inside. 

She might be a bitch, but what was she? 

Even bitches were better than her. 

“Yes, I’m sorry,” Nan Xing sniffed and tried climbing up again. 

On her way up, she glanced at the emblem on the car, a big red distinctive X. 

The same emblem as the dead soldier and their equipment. 

She paused for a moment, then continued climbing up as if nothing had happened. 

However, everything she had done just now had been seen by Kim Shitai, who was sitting in the passenger seat. He didn’t say anything but kept it in mind. 

“Drive!” Will kicked away the zombies approaching and quickly closed the car door. 

Seated in the driver’s seats of the two cars, Zhou and the old white-bearded man stepped on the gas and sped away. 

“Where are we going?” Zhou asked in a low voice, concentrating on the road ahead. 

“Little bunny, tell me, where should we go now?” Serena embraced Nan Xing, affectionately pressing against her ear, her eyes seductive and her breath sweet as she spoke. 

Kim Shitai, sitting in the passenger seat, couldn’t take his eyes off her, wishing he could switch places with Nan Xing. 

But Nan Xing felt that Serena was like a venomous snake, icy and deadly, ready to strangle her at any moment. 

This woman was still testing her. 

“Go straight on this road and then turn left; that will take us to the Eagle’s Nest Quarry,” she whispered. 

She had memorized the map; at least she knew all the roads in Twilight Town. 

“What about the other way?” Serena continued to ask. 

“That leads to the Sanctum Healing Institute; Grandpa George from the quarry lives there.” 

“Turn right towards the Sanctum Healing Institute,” Will picked up the walkie-talkie and gave the order. 

“Good girl,” Serena ruffled her hair and took out a chocolate bar from her pocket, handing it to Nan Xing. “This is a reward for a good girl.” 

“Thank you!” Nan Xing’s eyes lit up, happily accepting it. 

“You can call me Sister Serena.” 

“Okay, Sister Serena, that,” Nan Xing hesitated and looked at her, seemingly feeling Serena’s kindness. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“Aren’t we going to the farm?” she asked quietly. 

“Shut up; my decisions don’t need your questioning,” Will said coldly, his face looking extremely sour, as if Nan Xing owed him millions. 

“Yes,” Nan Xing shrank back fearfully and couldn’t help but move a bit closer to Serena. 

Even though this woman had just threatened her with a knife. 

What an idiot. 

Zhou, who was driving, had a hint of mockery in his eyes. He found it ironic that anyone would think that the Black Widow was worth getting close to. 

He hadn’t paid much attention to Lin Li, the NPC. His help earlier had been more about disliking the Dellmar and Alejo brothers. 

Everyone in the car had their own thoughts, and none of them were good people. 

The car continued on its way to the Sanctum Healing Institute, and the people in the car were all focused on their own matters. 

Serena was still persistent in trying to get information from Nan Xing. During this opportunity, Nan Xing had revealed quite a bit to her. 

For example, Lin Li had a brother who was a soldier, and the siblings hadn’t seen each other for a long time. She had been abused by her uncle and aunt for a long time, and they had all died, and so on. 

If they were smart, they might have sensed something. 

She couldn’t say more; there was a limit to how much she could reveal. 

Nan Xing sat quietly, sandwiched between Serena and Will. Although these people were very dangerous, she couldn’t help but feel relieved that at least she didn’t have to worry about zombies with them. 


Nan Xing listened to the constant sound of gunfire in her ears and felt a bit worried. 

Is this really okay? 

With such a commotion, the zombies weren’t deaf. 

She was afraid that their actions might trigger a zombie horde. 

In TV shows and movies, the protagonists were always extremely cautious when dealing with zombies. But they were so reckless… 

Maybe it would be best to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Nan Xing secretly made up her mind, and her heart settled down a bit. She had some time to think about various things. 

Actually, the starting point the organizers had chosen for her was quite good. 

The Cracks Stone Farm had a bit of everything: food, water, weapons, and medical supplies. 

The surrounding forest had alternative water sources, the Eagle’s Nest Quarry next door had weapons and materials, and the Sanctum Healing Institute would definitely have medical supplies. The Upwind Canning Factory had canned goods with an extremely long shelf life. 

If she hadn’t run into this group of people… 

Given some time, she could explore all these places, and she would be fairly well off. 

It’s a pity. 

However, in a certain sense, players were also resources for players. 

The space that players held was also a very important resource; having space would indeed be very convenient. 

Up until now, including herself, there were already nine players. 

But Nan Xing felt that there were probably more players in this area. 

These people carried all sorts of firearms and an endless supply of ammunition. One cubic meter of space would definitely not be enough to hold everything… 

Their space probably didn’t just contain firearms and ammunition. 

Thinking about this, Nan Xing’s heart sank again. 

They must have other players’ lives in their hands. 

She had to keep her disguise tightly sealed. 

“We’re here,” Zhou said softly. 

The car came to a slow stop at the entrance of the Sanctum Healing Institute. 

Gentle sunlight, soft lawns, white buildings, and golden signs splattered with blood. 

Elderly people and caregivers who were sunbathing on the lawn heard the sound of the guests’ car and came up to greet them with cheers. 

“Behave yourself. If you dare to run around, I’ll kill you!” 

“Lin Li, you should stay in the car, okay?” Unlike Will’s threats and intimidation, Serena sounded much gentler and kinder. 

“Yes, I’ll be obedient,” Nan Xing replied nervously. 

One is a tyrant, the other a smiling tiger. In reality, there’s not much difference; neither of them is a good person. 

Carrying their weapons, the group got out of the car, and the welcoming staff of the healing institute immediately approached them with warmth. 

Zhou didn’t forget to take the keys, lock the car doors, and put it out of their reach. To them, Nan Xing was a burden, and it was best for her to stay put and not cause trouble. 

Nan Xing finally dared to take a deep breath. It was truly oppressive to be with them. 

But she always remembered her disguise and didn’t dare to be too reckless. 

She cautiously looked around, observing her surroundings.