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“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. We’re from a foreign country,” the white woman reassured her, taking a step forward and patting her back. However, she firmly held onto Nan Xing’s wrist, not allowing her to resist. 


It really hurt. Nan Xing cried out in pain, looking even more pitiful. 

“Selena,” another white man carrying a rifle warned, “this woman might be an NPC here.” 

Selena rolled her eyes, ignoring her cries of pain and sat down beside her. 

“What’s your name?” Selena playfully toyed with a dagger in her hand, skillfully twirling it up and down. 

“Lin… Lin Li,” Nan Xing shrank back, looking at her fearfully. 

“Alright, Lin Li, tell me, where is this place, where is your home, and why were you in the forest?” Selena casually tossed the dagger, embedding it deep into a nearby pine tree. 

“This is Twilight Town. I live at my uncle’s farm, Cracked Stone Farm, because there’s no water at home. There are birch trees in the forest, and I came to collect some birch sap to drink,” compelled by the threat, ‘Lin L honestly answered Selena’s questions. 

“What’s the name of this country?” Selena pulled Nan Xing’s hair gently, twisting it. 

“Tranquil Country.” 

“What other countries are there in the world?” 

“Eternal Night Country, Arashi Country, Shining Gold Country…” Nan Xing listed seven or eight in a row, then couldn’t continue. “Sorry, I only know these.” 

She wanted to make up more, but she was afraid of leaving any loopholes. All of these were mentioned in agricultural magazines, and she had jotted down some special agricultural products when she was browsing through them yesterday. 

“Good girl. Now, take us to your uncle’s farm,” an old white man with a gun said, patting Nan Xing’s head, looking friendly and not at all like a bad person. 

“Okay,” Nan Xing nodded obediently, appearing docile and pitiable, though she felt disgusted and repelled inside. 

Getting touched by this old man made her feel like she was being slimed by a sticky slug, and she was uncomfortable all over. 

“Go from here,” Nan Xing pointed in a direction, catching a glimpse of an old white man coming out of a small cabin with a bow and arrow in his hand. 

A modern compound bow! Her heart bled; that was supposed to be hers! 

“Do you recognize this?”  

“Yes, it’s my uncle’s bow,” Nan Xing obediently replied. 

Hearing her words, the old white man actually checked the bow and arrows. “What’s your uncle’s name?” 

“Lin Wen.” 

The old white man nodded, indicating no problem. 

“Lead the way,” the Korean man pushed Nan Xing angrily, speaking harshly. 

With her back turned, Nan Xing’s eyes flashed with a touch of melancholy; these people were not simple. 

The white and black people were one thing, but even the two people from China and Korea were proficient with firearms. 

Her instincts as a small animal made Nan Xing sure they were dangerous. 


Before they had gone far, the distant howls of zombies began to echo from all directions. 

The gunshot from earlier attracted them! 

“FUCK!” The black woman cursed irritably, lit a cigarette, placed it in her mouth, and skillfully picked up her gun. 

“Lin Li, come over to my side.” The kindly-looking old man with a white beard waved to her. He seemed to be either the brother or the twin of the other white-bearded man, as they looked quite similar. 

Nan Xing noticed a hint of disgust on the white-bearded man with the bow, but he didn’t make any attempts to stop her. 

“Come over, Lin Li,” he called again. 

Nan Xing had no other choice. She knew the danger but had to go over anyway. 

“Don’t run around,” the man called Zhou said coldly, casting a glance at the old white man. 

The old man grumbled something but didn’t stop Nan Xing and Zhou. 

“Thank you,” Nan Xing quickly expressed her gratitude, letting out a sigh of relief, and subtly moved closer to him by two steps. 

Zhou didn’t respond, holding his gun vigilantly and looking around. They followed the main group cautiously. 

With this level of zombie noise, they were already surrounded by zombies. However, they didn’t seem worried. Nan Xing took a glance at their equipment – rifles and machine guns, all with large capacities. Their space was mostly filled with bullets. 

“They’re coming,” someone announced, but Nan Xing didn’t know who it was. She raised her steel fork in caution and took cover among them. 

Roars from the forest zombies grew louder as they converged on the group. 

‘Ratatat!!’ Machine guns opened fire wildly, and zombies fell one after another, only to be replaced by more from all directions. 

“Retreat,” Will, the white man, made a decisive decision to retreat and quickly chose the direction he came from, where the two cars they found were parked. 

They didn’t forget to bring Nan Xing along. She was the first living native they had encountered. It wasn’t difficult to take her with them, so they just took her with them. She could be used for other purposes. 

But Nan Xing is lame now and can’t walk fast at all, let alone run. 

“Hackman,” Will looked at Hackman, who was closest to Nan Xing, and signaled for him to carry her. 

Will, what gives you the right to command me?’ Hackman sneered, showing no intention of cooperating. 

“I… I can do it,” Nan Xing timidly spoke up. She could tell that this group wasn’t united. 

Seeing Hackman’s lack of cooperation, Will grew increasingly frustrated, but he suppressed his anger for now. He would settle the score with Hackman later. 

“Shut up,” another strong black woman abruptly picked up Nan Xing and carried her on her back, holding a gun in her other hand, leaving Nan Xing in awe of her immense strength. 

The speed of the zombies was surprisingly fast, especially with such tempting prey nearby. Even their agility could rival that of athletes. Nan Xing wondered why they had used guns and triggered such a large zombie horde when they could have silently taken out the few zombies. She analyzed the group’s situation silently. 

Firstly, they weren’t united in purpose. Secondly, their guns and ammunition seemed to be looted, as she noticed the same emblem on their equipment as the dead soldier at the farm. 

This suggested that the soldiers might have come here, been attacked by this group, stolen from, injured, and then gone to the farm looking for Lin Li.  

The sequence of these events remained uncertain. But it seemed that Lin Li might not be that important to them. So, what were the soldiers looking for?  

She couldn’t help but associate it with the Kukas Biomedical Laboratory and the TA-579 Resurrection Serum.” 

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