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Song Qingxiao noticed that the professional woman Number Two’s face revealed an undisguised smile due to the doctor’s choice. 

At this point, it was already a difficult situation to get off the tiger’s back. Everyone’s survival was at stake, and no one would have any pity for others. 

Perhaps only the person who survived until the end could leave. The alliance between her and the professional woman Number Two was extremely fragile. At this moment, she could only find a way to save her own life and not rely on others to save her. 

At this point, Song Qingxiao could not retreat either. Once she retreated, the professional woman would definitely also retreat. The temporary agreement between the team would collapse, and the consequences would still be unfavorable to her. 

With this in mind, Song Qingxiao’s eyes became even more determined. 

Now she only hoped that the professional woman would be smarter and realize that if she died too quickly, it would only save the doctor’s energy, which was not a wise move. 

After the doctor saved his strength, the professional woman’s situation would not be any better. 

If the professional woman Number Two could understand this, she could lend a hand during the process when the doctor was preparing to kill her, and buy her some time to ease the situation. 


Just as Song Qingxiao opened her mouth, the doctor made a decision and naturally did not give her a chance to speak. 

Because of her previous mistake, which led to Song Qingxiao convincing the professional woman Number Two, the doctor had already caused trouble for himself. As soon as Song Qingxiao’s lips moved, the doctor pounced on her. 

When she killed Number Six, Song Qingxiao was able to succeed by taking advantage of his unpreparedness and relying on having a dagger in her hand. 

Now that she was facing a real opponent, Song Qingxiao realized how great the pressure was. 

In fact, her body had long reached its limit and was only supported by her willpower. Her legs felt as heavy as lead, and her reactions were slow and sluggish. 

The doctor took out the hand he had been hiding in his pocket and clenched it into a fist, as if he was going to hit her in the eye. 

She desperately tried to dodge, but her exhausted legs couldn’t support such a big movement. In a moment of danger, she instinctively smashed the doctor’s fist with her left hand, which was holding the mouse, trying to stabilize herself with the doctor’s force. 

In the first confrontation, Song Qingxiao had already shown signs of weakness, which made the doctor realize that she was already at her wits’ end. 

Although the doctor’s first attack did not succeed, the broken mouse left several blood marks on the back of his hand, but Song Qingxiao did not gain any advantage either. 

Although she managed to avoid the doctor’s fist aimed at her eyes, his hand still grazed her cheek. The doctor couldn’t stop his steps and stumbled forward. She turned around alertly, took two breaths, and approached the professional woman, only to realize belatedly that her cheek was slightly stinging. 

At this moment, she didn’t dare to touch her face, but she could vaguely feel that her cheek must have been scratched, and blood was starting to seep out. 

When the doctor attacked, she noticed that he was holding something in his hand. It should be the trump card that the doctor had been hiding. He only revealed it now. 

Song Qingxiao suppressed the urge to touch the dagger and took deep breaths. 

After the doctor failed to hit her, he stopped his forward momentum and turned around. In his right hand, he held a pen that had already lost its cap. The pen tip was stained with flesh and blood, indicating that it had just scratched Song Qingxiao’s cheek. 

After noticing this, Song Qingxiao realized how close she was to danger. The doctor was aiming for her eyes. Fortunately, she managed to dodge, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. 

As their directions changed, the doctor did not stop and pounced on Song Qingxiao again. He learned from his previous lesson and charged towards her. This time, Song Qingxiao was not as lucky as before. Her body couldn’t keep up with her thoughts, and she was hit by the doctor, falling straight backwards. 

Once she was knocked down to the ground, the outcome was self-evident. Fortunately, she was not far from the large tank containing the body of Number Six. After the doctor crashed into her, her body leaned back, and the back of her head hit the tank, making a crisp sound. 

Although she was hit hard, the tank supported her body. The doctor’s arm bent, and his elbow pressed heavily on her. She was driven by her survival instinct, grabbing the mouse and phone, and smashing them towards the doctor’s face. But this strength was negligible to the doctor. 

He first restrained Song Qingxiao to prevent her from resisting fiercely and consuming his extra energy. The doctor then forcefully struck her temple, and soon Song Qingxiao’s eyes became unfocused. The hand holding the phone drooped first. 

The phone fell to the ground with a bang, and the doctor reached out to grab the mouse in her other hand. For some reason, her grip on the mouse was tight, and the doctor had to pull it twice before he could snatch it away. 

Her head was spinning, and the dilapidated factory seemed to be spinning. Her stomach churned, and she could hear the sound of her arteries pounding in her mind. 

In that instant, she keenly felt the approach of death. 

Her eyes should have been bloodshot. The doctor’s grim face was blurred, and it overlapped with the image of the killer who almost stabbed her to death with a dagger in a dark alley, as she remembered. 

Facing two dangerous situations in one day, perhaps in a person’s lifetime, no one would have such extraordinary experiences like her. 

Her arms felt as heavy as a thousand pounds, and her body felt like it didn’t belong to her. Her consciousness seemed to want to leave her body in the next second. If it weren’t for a breath still sustaining her, Song Qingxiao felt that she might have already passed out and died in the doctor’s hands. 

The arm that was pressing against her neck was getting tighter and tighter, almost breaking her throat. 

This suffocating feeling seemed familiar. She moved her fingers, which were hanging loosely on both sides of her body, and a dagger was hidden inside her sleeve. 

“Huhuhu,” she opened her mouth wide, trying her best to breathe. Her chest was weakly rising and falling. One hand desperately tried to push the doctor away, fighting for a chance to catch her breath. 

At this moment, Song Qingxiao’s actions were like praying mantis trying to stop a car, and the doctor did not regard her weak resistance as a threat. 

On the other hand, the professional woman beside her was stunned when she saw this scene. 

She was a smart person. She could understand what Song Qingxiao had been thinking before. She knew that once Song Qingxiao died, the next person the doctor would kill would definitely be her. 

Regardless of whether the rules of the game allowed only one person to survive, she had witnessed the scene of the doctor killing someone. In any case, he would not let her go. 

She should take this opportunity to save Song Qingxiao first, and then the two of them could join forces to deal with the doctor. 

But after seeing the scene in front of her, her plans began to waver. The doctor had saved his strength, and the hand he had been hiding in his pocket was not because of an injury, but because it concealed a pen that was sharp enough to injure someone. 

A look of hesitation appeared on her face, and the next moment, she started to step back. 

Song Qingxiao had anticipated this result, but when it actually happened, it still chilled her to the bone. 

She resented the professional woman’s retreat in the face of danger, but at this moment, she couldn’t even shout angrily. Her chest began to feel painful due to lack of oxygen. She moved her arm and felt the dagger hidden in her sleeve starting to slide down. 

At this point, revealing her trump card was extremely dangerous, but Song Qingxiao had no other choice. 

If she continued to endure, she feared that she wouldn’t even have the chance to take out the dagger before she died in the doctor’s hands! 

At this point, she could only give it her all, whether it meant life or death, she could only leave it to fate. 

Fortunately, the next moment, the situation took a turn, and the goddess of luck once again stood on her side. 

In the doctor’s judgment, he believed that she could no longer pose a threat to him. She had reached such a state that she couldn’t come up with any powerful counterattack. The doctor relaxed his vigilance against her and at a critical moment, released the hand that was restraining her arm to grab the professional woman who was trying to escape!