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Limping on her injured leg, Nan Xing first conducted a search on the second floor. Besides the room where she slept, there were three other rooms, making a total of four rooms, two bathrooms, and one walk-in closet. 

She started with the bathroom, as it had been too dark to investigate properly yesterday. 

The bathroom counter held nothing except a bunch of rubber bands. However, there were cabinets under the toilet and washbasin, with tightly closed doors. 

When she opened them, Nan Xing couldn’t help but smile. She was incredibly lucky; there was an unopened bottle of mouthwash and four face masks. 

Nan Xing opened the mouthwash, took a sip, and started her simple morning hygiene routine. 

In the cabinet above the toilet, she found half a roll of toilet paper and two 420mm sanitary pads. 

As soon as she saw the sanitary pads, Nan Xing’s joy from finding the mouthwash vanished. She had almost forgotten about her menstrual cycle. 

Nan Xing’s expression turned grim. Since the organizers had refreshed these supplies, it was clear that menstrual cycles were still part of the game. 

365 days, a total of twelve menstrual cycles, each lasting five days. 

Not only did she have to face rampaging zombies during her period, but she also had to deal with a shortage of sanitary pads. 

She had two pads, which should last her two days at most. If she calculated based on real-world time, she still had six days until her next period. Misfortune never comes alone. 

With a stern face, Nan Xing continued to the next room. Island map, take it! 

She also took the soccer ball, diary, newspaper, and a jar of candy. 

It took her an hour to thoroughly search the entire second floor, except for the attic. Aside from the colorful jar of candy and a broken rice cracker under a pillow, there were no other food items. 

She did find a fair amount of clothes, both large and small, which Nan Xing picked through. 

She gathered all the supplies she had found in her sleeping room. Nan Xing took a deep breath and shifted her gaze towards the attic. 

She wondered if there would be a pleasant surprise up there, like firearms perhaps. 

Or maybe, just maybe, a box of sanitary pads would be even better. 

With a firm resolve, Nan Xing carefully lowered the stairs leading to the attic. 

Lifting the steel fork, Nan Xing carefully used the steel fork around the attic before daring to show up. 

However, the attic, which had raised her hopes, had nothing more than dust and cobwebs. Nan Xing was about to leave when a glimmer of silver passing through a corner caught her attention. 

The sunlight happened to shine on that corner. 

What could it be? 

Nan Xing laboriously climbed up to the attic and moved to that corner, where she discovered a bundle of rusty black arrows! 

Where there are arrows, there must be a bow! 

Nan Xing’s eyes quickly scanned the attic, but unfortunately, she found nothing else. This time, there was truly nothing more. 

The attic contained only this bundle of twelve arrows. 

Disappointed, she descended the attic. However, now that she had arrows, it was possible that the farm would refresh bows as well. They might not be in the same location, so she decided to search thoroughly. 

If all else failed, she could make a makeshift bow, which should be quite simple, right? 

Limping back to the first floor, Nan Xing moved as lightly as possible, considering the several zombies lurking outside. 

Yesterday, she had only searched the living room on the first floor and hadn’t even checked the kitchen. 

She glanced at the time; it was already past noon and nearly one o’clock. She needed to make the most of her time. 


Nan Xing’s stomach protested; it was time for lunch. She quickly satisfied her hunger with some compressed biscuits and water before continuing her search of the house. 

She thoroughly searched the fridge, cabinets, pots, pans, and even the trash cans. 

One thing puzzled her: why was there a pot of growing grass inside the fridge? The leaves looked tasty, crisp, and refreshing. 

Ignoring the grass, Nan Xing placed it on the table and continued her search. 

Inside the trash can, she found a large apple, and in one of the lower cabinets, there was half a sausage. 

Life was getting more flavorful by the minute. 

She stored all the food in her inventory for later sorting. 

Carrying the fire bucket, Nan Xing entered the basement, which was dark and eerie, making her feel like there might be a chained zombie lurking. 

There were no zombies, but there was a rotting corpse bound by iron chains, emitting a foul odor. 

Nan Xing knelt on the ground, her heart heavy. These family weren’t good, but then again, neither was she.  

She mustered the courage to approach the corpse, hoping to find something useful. 

The desire to survive ultimately overcame her fear. 

The corpse was not large in size, and from the tattered clothes and blurry face, it appeared to be a young woman or girl. 

“What’s this?” Nan Xing extended her hand, muttering apologies, “Forgive me, I’ll find a good place to bury you later.” 

Around the neck of this corpse, there hung a pocket watch that had long stopped ticking. Inside, there was a photograph of a dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl and a young boy, likely siblings. 

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean any harm.” Nan Xing folded her hands together, sincerely apologizing, hoping not to incur any wrath from the spirits. She was quite superstitious and didn’t want any harm to come her way. 

Nan Xing then turned her attention to the basement. 

The basement had little to offer: an iron-frame bed, tables, chairs, and a wall-mounted kerosene lamp. 

Nan Xing decided to take the two kerosene lamps and lit them, brightening up the basement a bit. 

She opened the drawer of the table, finding a diary and a pen, but nothing else of interest. 

While the farm’s supplies weren’t exactly scarce, Nan Xing couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed. 

Now, only two rooms remained on the first floor: an elderly person’s bedroom and a storage room. 

She thought about exploring the adjacent house and warehouse once she dealt with the zombies outside. There might be some unexpected treasures waiting there. 

In the elderly person’s bedroom, Nan Xing found a pack of biscuits, a pack of diapers, and a wheelchair. 

What surprised her most was finding a hunting rifle hidden under the old man’s pillow. 

Although it only had two bullets, it would be enough to intimidate others. 

The storage room didn’t contain much; there was a bag of high-gluten flour and a small shopping cart. 

Nan Xing returned to her room, satisfied with her finds. With sanitary pads and a pack of eight diapers, she had enough to last through her upcoming six-day period. 

Sitting on the bed, Nan Xing began to examine her haul from this house: 

Food: 2 chocolate bars, 2 packs of cigarettes, 8 potatoes, 500g of wheel cheese, 700ml of water, 400g of canned chickpeas, 1 large apple, 1 jar of 56 candies, 1 piece of “Woof Woof Snow” biscuit, 7 immature tomatoes and 3 tomato seedlings, remaining half pack of compressed biscuits, half sausage, 400g of milk salt soda biscuits, 1000g of high-gluten flour. 

Medical Supplies: 1/4 bottle of strong alcohol, medical cotton swabs, 1 pack of masks, remaining hydrogen peroxide, first aid manual, 6 unopened condoms, 1 opened condom, 2 sanitary pads, 1 bottle of mouthwash, 4 face masks, 8 diapers, 24 rubber bands, 1 medical kit. 

Tools: Parachute backpack, water kettle, lighter, wristwatch, pocket watch, 2 kerosene lamps, binoculars, fire bucket, charcoal, hiking backpack, wheelchair, shopping cart. 

Weapons: Multi-function folding knife, steel fork, old hunting rifle, 12 arrows, and several farm tools from outside. 

Others: 3 agricultural magazines, 2 diaries, island map, pen, soccer ball, 3 days’ worth of newspapers, dartboard, an unknown plant. 

Apart from these, there were mostly clothes, shoes, pillows, and blankets.  

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