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Song Qingxiao has been wondering why Doctor Number Four didn’t kill Professional Lady Number Two. 

It wasn’t until the death of Big Han Number Seven that she understood why. 

After the game officially started, Song Qingxiao considered both the doctor and Big Han as the most difficult people to deal with. Similarly, the doctor also evaluated the situation of the trial. Number Seven’s strong physique was considered the biggest enemy by everyone. 

In terms of intelligence, the doctor was naturally not inferior to others. However, in this game, it tested not only intelligence but also physical strength and combat power. 

If the doctor killed Professional Lady Number Two, he might not necessarily win against Number Seven. 

Even if he managed to kill Number Seven by chance, the strength of Number Seven’s counterattack would definitely injure him. In such an environment, the probability of surviving after being injured would naturally be smaller. Perhaps when encountering the next survivor, he would fall into someone else’s hands. 

In this situation, it was better for two people to temporarily form an alliance than for one person alone. The probability of survival would also greatly increase. 

The nonsense that the doctor had previously said would not be believed by any of the three survivors. 

His claims of not wanting to actively kill people here to avoid trouble, and killing Number Seven being a forced action, were all nonsense. His words contradicted his proactive behavior of seeking out Song Qingxiao. 

But Professional Lady Number Two might understand this logic. She was not as naive and innocent as the deceased Girl Number One from before, nor was she like Lady Number Eight in the red dress who only had beauty. The reason she was willing to cooperate with the doctor should also be because she understood that in this space, if she had a falling out with the doctor and left alone, she might not survive. 

To deal with such a woman, simple and straightforward instigation would not change her mind unless something more realistic was presented! 

Song Qingxiao repeatedly swallowed her saliva, forcing herself to stay calm. 

The current situation was that the three of them were in opposition. She had just been thrown out of the cylinder and had suffered an impact, greatly reducing her mobility. In addition, she was hungry and tired, soaked in the dirty water in the cylinder for a long time. Under fear, she sweated profusely and lost physical strength. At this moment, she could barely stand, relying solely on willpower. 

Although the doctor and Professional Lady Number Two were also injured during the fight with Big Han Number Seven, these injuries did not affect their mobility. Although the two of them were likely enduring hunger and exhaustion at this time, their situation should be similar to Song Qingxiao’s. However, the doctor was a man, and compared to Song Qingxiao’s weak physique, Professional Lady Number Two undoubtedly had the advantage. 

“Number Two, now there are only three of us left in this space.” 

Song Qingxiao carefully considered the words she wanted to say, afraid that a single wrong word would lead to her irreversible fate. 

While she was speaking, both the doctor and Professional Lady were moving towards her. The distance between the three of them was getting closer and closer, and it was not wise for her to turn and run at this moment. 

Song Qingxiao was anxious and repeatedly wanted to reach out and grab the hidden dagger, but every time this thought arose, she forcibly suppressed it. 

If the dagger was revealed by her, although it would temporarily deter the doctor and Professional Lady, with her possessing a weapon, both of them would undoubtedly see her as a dangerous person, forcing the two of them to cooperate once again. 

Moreover, the dagger could only be used to gain an advantage through surprise attacks. In the face of two people, with her current abilities, she had no way to kill them. 

“We are both women, so it would be easy for you to kill me.” 

In a moment of danger, Song Qingxiao’s expression became even more calm. “But after I die, how will you survive, Number Two?” 

At this moment, Song Qingxiao’s crisis was the concern of Professional Lady Number Two. 

The doctor still had the advantage when facing her. 

“Have you considered cooperating with me, killing the doctor, and then considering other matters when it’s just the two of us?” She calmly discussed her life and death, objectively analyzing the current situation for Professional Lady: 

“Number Two, you see, I pose less danger compared to Number Four. Your physique is stronger than mine, so it would be easier for you to kill me than Number Four.” 

Her words made the doctor laugh and Professional Lady Number Two’s face showed a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. Before she could say anything, the doctor’s peripheral vision noticed that Professional Lady Number Two, who had been advancing towards Song Qingxiao, stopped. 

This action proved that Song Qingxiao’s words struck a chord in Professional Lady Number Two’s deepest concerns, making her somewhat tempted. 

The smile on the doctor’s face froze, and his expression gradually stiffened. 

“Killing you is easy?” The doctor also stopped and turned his head to look at Professional Lady’s face. “Number Two, you don’t believe her words, do you?”   The doctor noticed that while he was speaking, the professional woman had already taken a few steps back, creating distance between them. Originally, he and the professional woman were the closest, with both of them moving closer to Song Qingxiao. 

But Song Qingxiao’s words easily disrupted this delicate balance and made the professional woman wary of her. 

“She and Number One and Number Six were in the same group, but Number One and Number Six are dead, and she’s the only one left. She was the first one to kill, so do you think she would be easy to deal with?” 

The professional woman took a few steps back, and the three of them stood in a triangular formation, maintaining a certain distance from each other, creating a stalemate. 

Although the doctor continued to speak, he regretted it in his heart. 

The fact that Song Qingxiao was able to kill Number One and Number Six and survive proved that she was not an easy opponent. He shouldn’t have worried too much and given her a chance to speak. 

He should have stuck to his original plan, cooperate with Number Two first, kill Song Qingxiao, and then kill Number Two, and leave this cursed place. 

Number Two’s expression was uncertain. This was not an ordinary gamble where they could lose money or rice. If they lost, they would lose their lives. 

Seeing this situation, Song Qingxiao quickly said, “Number Six had murderous intent towards us, and I had no choice but to join forces with Number One to fight back.” Her words revealed that she and Number One were responsible for Number Six’s death, and she was just lucky to survive. 

These words greatly encouraged Number Two and made the professional woman think that if she joined forces with Song Qingxiao to kill the doctor, she might also be lucky like Song Qingxiao and both of them could perish together. She could become the ultimate winner of this trial! 

Finally, Number Two made up her mind. She shook off her hesitations, turned her head, and looked at the doctor with a cold and vigilant gaze. 


The doctor sighed, seemingly regretful. 

“It seems you have made your decision.” 

“I have no choice. I also want to stay alive.” Number Two’s gaze was icy. “Besides, you also want to kill me. Otherwise, why have we been working together for so long and you never asked for my name?” 

The reason why the doctor didn’t ask for her name was because he already had a plan. After killing her, the card that belonged to her in his consciousness would be turned over, and he would eventually know her name! At this point, there was no need to pretend anymore. 

This ending was not pleasant for the doctor, but it was inevitable. 

The two women closed in on him, and the doctor gradually retreated until his back was against the large tub containing the body of the middle-aged man who was Number Six. When he could no longer retreat, the two women approached closer. The doctor turned his face and looked at Song Qingxiao. 

He no longer concealed the murderous intent in his heart. In that moment, Song Qingxiao felt as if she was being stared at by a venomous snake. She understood that the doctor had seen her weakness and had chosen her as his first target, planning to deal with her first before going after the professional woman, in order to reduce the pressure of dealing with both of them at the same time. 

In the doctor’s eyes, she had become the soft target that was chosen! This was the real crisis for Song Qingxiao!