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Xia Wan’an had no idea how many times she had repeated phrases like “Good boy, Han Jingnian, go to sleep” before she finally fell asleep herself. 


The next day. 

Han Jingnian woke up naturally from a deep sleep, slowly opening his eyes. 

He gazed at the bright sunlight streaming into the room, momentarily lost in thought. Then, he suddenly remembered the events of the previous night. His eyes were instantly filled with a sharp intensity. 

Why had the entire building’s power inexplicably gone out last night? And why did it happen when he had finished work and was alone in the stairwell? It all seemed too coincidental. 

Han Jingnian’s expression grew even more serious. He made a slight effort to sit up and was about to reach for his phone when he noticed something was amiss. He furrowed his brows and looked down, only to find a girl nestled in his arms like a docile kitten, sleeping soundly. 

Her hair emitted a faint fragrance, and her body carried a mild scent similar to skincare lotion, unlike the overpowering perfumes of other women. It was a delicate and sweet milky fragrance. Her breath, brushing against his chest through his shirt, left a faint warmth and a slight tingling sensation. 

The sharp edge around him dissipated as if it had been swept away by gentle hands, and even his expression became somewhat dazed. 

Was she the one who had bumped into him last night? Was she the one who had softly whispered soothing words to him when he was in agony late at night, gently patting his back? 

The girl had fair and flawless skin, without a single visible pore. Under the sunlight, she looked like a peeled egg. 

As Han Jingnian continued to gaze at her, he impulsively lifted his fingertip and reached toward her cheek… 

However, before his hand could touch her face, the office door suddenly knocked, followed by the sound of footsteps entering. 

“Mr. Han, are you there?” It was the voice of his assistant, Assistant Zhang. 

His tone was a bit loud, waking the girl who was sleeping in Han Jingnian’s arms. 

Seeming rather unhappy, she turned over, rolled out of Han Jingnian’s embrace, and lay on the bed. 

Han Jingnian looked down at his empty chest, and his eyes grew colder. 

“Mr. Han, are you there?” Assistant Zhang’s voice sounded again, this time louder. 

This finally woke Xia Wan’an up. She opened her eyes, looked around in confusion, and then, upon seeing Han Jingnian’s face, she sat up suddenly. She was clearly startled and looked around the unfamiliar room with her dark eyes rolling. After a moment of confusion, she seemed to grasp the situation and calmed down completely. She waved at Han Jingnian and greeted him, “Morning.” 

Han Jingnian, who was usually quiet and reserved, responded with a rare, “Morning.” 

Xia Wan’an, feeling somewhat surprised by the attention, glanced at Han Jingnian a few more times and then lazily stretched. 

“Mr. Han, are you there?” Assistant Zhang’s voice came again, impatient this time. 

This time, it wasn’t just Assistant Zhang’s voice. There were several other unfamiliar voices. 

Among them, one voice was very familiar to Xia Wan’an. It was Ai Jiang’s voice. “Assistant Zhang, isn’t Mr. Han here in the office?” 

Wait… unfamiliar voices? Does that mean there are strangers here? 

Han Jingnian had mentioned that he didn’t like others knowing about their relationship. If they came in, wouldn’t she be exposed? What’s more, she hadn’t told Ai Jiang about her marriage to Han Jingnian. Just yesterday, Ai Jiang had asked about it, and today she woke up in the BOSS’s bed… 

“This shouldn’t happen. I’ve already checked the places he usually goes to, but I couldn’t find him. Let’s go check the lounge inside…” Assistant Zhang suggested. 

With Assistant Zhang speaking again, footsteps from outside were getting closer. Without thinking, Xia Wan’an rushed to the nearby wardrobe. 

As she was about to open the wardrobe, Han Jingnian, who had been on the bed earlier, suddenly appeared by her side and grabbed her wrist. 

Afraid that he might speak and be heard by the people outside, Xia Wan’an, contrary to their usual non-interference agreement, raised her hand and covered his mouth, whispering, “Shh…” 

Lowering her voice to a level only they could hear, she continued, “Don’t speak. Be careful not to be heard by the people outside. I need to hide inside. I can’t be seen by them. Our relationship will definitely be exposed, and more importantly, there’s my friend who doesn’t know about us…” 

With her words, Han Jingnian’s gaze visibly turned colder. 

Hearing the sound of the door lock turning, Xia Wan’an, who had no interest in observing Han Jingnian’s changing emotions, broke free from his grasp and slipped into the wardrobe, gently closing the door. 

Soon, the door to the lounge was pushed open. Inside the wardrobe, Xia Wan’an heard Assistant Zhang calling out, “Mr. Han…” 

Before he could say more, Han Jingnian spoke, “You can go to the conference room for now.” 

Following his command, Xia Wan’an heard a series of footsteps moving away. 

As the group of people left, Ai Jiang walked behind them, casting curious glances at the slightly familiar phone left on the bed. 

Once the room was completely quiet again, Xia Wan’an slightly opened the wardrobe door to peek outside. Seeing that there was no one left, she sneaked into the bathroom, quickly freshened up, and then, unnoticed, left the General Manager’s office. 


Today was Saturday, and yesterday Han Jingnian had mentioned that there would be a meeting today. However, when everyone arrived at the company for overtime, he suddenly announced that the meeting was postponed until next Monday, and everyone was dismissed. 

Assistant Zhang, who quickly sensed that something was amiss, naturally didn’t leave and instead found an excuse to follow Han Jingnian back to his office. 

Upon entering the office, Zhang saw his boss looking around as if searching for something. Unable to contain his curiosity, he finally asked, “Mr. Han? What are you looking for?” 

“Nothing,” Han Jingnian replied in a nonchalant tone, staring at the neatly arranged wardrobe filled with clothes. 

Zhang simply responded with an “Oh” and didn’t press further. 

After gazing at the disheveled bed for a moment, Han Jingnian suddenly spoke up, “Is she in the Han’s Corporation?”