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“Hmm?” Assistant Zhang was taken aback by the question. “Who?” 

“When did she join Han’s Corporation?” Han Jingnian asked again. 

Assistant Zhang still couldn’t grasp it. “Mr. Han, who are you talking about?” 

Han Jingnian fell silent for a moment. “Xia Wan’an.” 

Hearing that name, Assistant Zhang was even more puzzled. “Are you talking about Madam Xia? Madam Xia joined Han’s Corporation last year. It was First Madam’s intention, and she told the Old Madam, who agreed. So Madam Xia joined then… That was almost a year ago, I think? Madam Xia was in the design department… When the First Madam said it, you were next to her, don’t you remember?” 


Xia Wan’an walked out of the office building and realized she had left her phone in Han Jingnian’s office due to her haste. 

She remembered that it was Saturday today, and not many people were at the company. They were probably having the meeting in the conference room at this hour. So she took the elevator back to retrieve her phone. 

However, as soon as she reached the top floor, she saw a group of people coming out of the conference room… 

Had the meeting ended so quickly? 

Startled, Xia Wan’an quickly pressed the elevator button again, descended to the ground floor, and waited until everyone had left before taking the elevator back to the top floor. 

Han Jingnian’s office door was open, so she gently pushed it open. 

The room was empty, and she assumed Han Jingnian wasn’t there. Thus, she headed towards the lounge. 

However, as she approached the lounge’s entrance, she heard his voice from inside, “When did she join Han’s Corporation?” 

She… Who was he talking about? Who had joined Han’s Corporation that he cared so much about? 

Xia Wan’an didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it was purely coincidental. Subsequently, she heard Assistant Zhang expressing the same confusion. Then, she heard Han Jingnian say her name, “Xia Wan’an.” 

Xia Wan’an… Such familiar words, but hearing her own name from him was like being struck by a sudden shock, freezing her in place. 

In her memory, was this the first time he had uttered her name? 

During their two years of marriage, they hadn’t interacted much. It was only recently that they had started communicating more frequently, but even that was purely coincidental. However, during this recent period, he hadn’t called her by name. 

She used to imagine that his voice would sound so melodious when he called her name. But now she realized it didn’t have to be sweet; it could also be cruel. 

Back then, when she joined Han’s Corporation, it was in front of the First Madam and his presence while he was reading documents. She thought he was aware… Looking back now, he probably hadn’t cared at all. To him, she must have been insignificant, unimportant, and utterly dispensable. Otherwise, why would he have ignored his own legal wife like this? 

Xia Wan’an didn’t dare to listen to the rest of their conversation or enter the room to retrieve her phone. Instead, she chose to leave quietly. 


In the lounge, Han Jingnian, who didn’t know Xia Wan’an had been there, was stunned by Assistant Zhang’s words. 

She had joined Han’s Corporation in front of him? He had no recollection of it… 

Just like when she was injured and hospitalized, he had been completely unaware… Had he been neglecting her like this for the past two years? 

Han Jingnian lowered his eyes slightly. After a moment, he spoke, “Zhang Cheng, do you know? If it weren’t for her last night, I might already be dead.” 

Died… These two words startled Assistant Zhang. He no longer had the patience to dwell on Han Jingnian’s ignorance about when Xia Wan’an joined the company. Instead, he looked at Han Jingnian with a concerned expression. “Mr. Han, are you saying… your condition flared up again last night?” 

Han Jingnian gave a simple “Yes” and briefly explained the situation. “There was a power outage, and I was in the stairwell.” 

“No, that doesn’t make sense. How could the power suddenly go out for no reason? Even if there was a power outage, it should have been repaired quickly, and we have backup generators. It can’t have stayed out for long, right?” Assistant Zhang questioned. 

Han Jingnian didn’t pay attention to Zhang’s incessant questions. Instead, he asked a new one, “When was the last elevator maintenance, and what time is it usually done?” 

“Uh?” Assistant Zhang paused. “Elevator maintenance is usually done once a month. I don’t remember the exact date of the last one, but it’s usually in the morning…” 

As Assistant Zhang spoke, he seemed to realize something and suddenly changed his statement, “Wait a minute, I had an emergency yesterday and didn’t come to the office. Then the elevator was indeed under maintenance, and it was in the evening. After that, you entered the stairwell, and the entire building lost power…” 

With each point Assistant Zhang brought up, he saw Han Jingnian’s eyes widen. “Mr. Han… Are you suggesting that everything last night was prearranged and intentional?” 

Han Jingnian didn’t say a word, but Assistant Zhang seemed to grasp the situation. 

“Yes, that’s right. Everything was too coincidental, and such a coincidence must have a hidden agenda. Moreover, this move was too ruthless. It left no traces, and if Madam hadn’t appeared last night, you would have had a cardiac arrest in the corridor. The next day, everyone would have found only a lifeless body. Even if the police came, they wouldn’t have suspected anything. They would have just thought you had bad luck—’beauty is a curse.'” 

As these four words spilled from Assistant Zhang’s mouth, he clearly felt the deadly stare from the big boss. He instinctively covered his mouth and then nervously chuckled, “I misspoke, I misspoke…” 

Han Jingnian continued to stare at him with his cold and piercing gaze. 

Assistant Zhang rolled his eyes, desperately thinking of how to keep this secret. He then noticed a phone on the bed. 

Uh… That phone wasn’t the big boss’s, but it was the phone that saved the big boss’s life last night… 

Thinking quickly, Assistant Zhang pointed at the phone on the bed. “Mr. Han, why is there a phone on your bed? Is it Madam’s?” 

Madam… those two words successfully redirected Han Jingnian’s gaze from Assistant Zhang’s face to the bed. When he saw the phone, the icy anger in his eyes dissipated instantly. 

No, no, no, this can’t be true. He couldn’t even compare to his own wife when it came to something as simple as a phone? 

Assistant Zhang patted his own thumping heart and decided to make his exit. “Mr. Han, a phone is still important. Madam must be inconvenienced without it. How about… I accompany you to deliver the phone to Madam?”