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After Han Jingnian regained his balance, Xia Wan’an bent down to pick up her phone. Glancing at the time, she noticed it was already 11 o’clock. While supporting Han Jingnian with her petite frame, she asked, “Now that the elevator is fixed, should we take the one upstairs or downstairs?” 

Han Jingnian remained silent and pointed downstairs. 

With almost no strength left, Han Jingnian leaned on Xia Wan’an the entire way as she helped him reach the elevator doors. 

Once inside the elevator, Xia Wan’an assumed he wanted to go downstairs. Without thinking, she raised her hand to press the button for the first floor. However, before her fingertips could touch the elevator’s buttons, Han Jingnian, who was standing next to her, suddenly grasped her hand and pressed the button for the top floor. 

His palm was dry and emitted warmth, but his fingertips felt slightly cool. 

Xia Wan’an’s heart skipped a beat, and for a moment, she forgot to retract her hand from his grasp. 

Regaining her composure, Xia Wan’an noticed that Han Jingnian was still holding her hand. Blushing slightly, she gently freed her hand from his, trying to cover her embarrassment. “Do you want to return to your office?” 

Han Jingnian stared at the empty space in his palm for a while before responding with a faint “Mm.” 

“So late, are you planning to work overtime?” she asked. 

“No…” After a moment, Han Jingnian added, “Rest.” 

“Oh.” Xia Wan’an thought Han Jingnian meant he would take a short break in his office. She didn’t expect him to directly ask her to assist him to the rest area inside the office. 

Watching Han Jingnian pull back the blanket, lie down on the bed, and close his eyes as if he intended to spend the night here, Xia Wan’an was dumbfounded. 

Did he mean to sleep here? 

Xia Wan’an blinked, feeling a hint of envy. She wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed and sleep right now. 

Seeing that his condition had improved significantly compared to when they were in the hallway, she assumed he was fine now. In her eagerness to return home, take a shower, and sleep, she said, “Rest well; I’m heading home to sleep!” 

With that, Xia Wan’an prepared to leave, holding her phone. 

However, as she turned around and had yet to take a step, Han Jingnian suddenly spoke, “Come here!” 

Xia Wan’an turned back and looked at him in surprise. “Huh?” 

“Come here!” Han Jingnian seemed impatient and repeated the same words. 

Come here? What for? 

Muttering to herself, Xia Wan’an hesitated for a moment, then took two steps backward. She hadn’t reached the bedside when he abruptly reached out, grabbed her arm, and pulled her onto the bed, causing her to lie down beside him. 

Uh? What did he mean by this? 

Xia Wan’an instinctively tried to sit up, but before she could do anything, he covered her with the blanket and said, “Sleep.” 


Did he mean for her to stay and sleep beside him? 

Xia Wan’an was momentarily stunned, then belatedly responded with an “Oh.” She raised her phone, intending to turn off the flashlight. 

However, before her fingertips touched the screen, Han Jingnian next to her suddenly grabbed her phone. “Just sleep like this.” 

With that, he placed her phone at the other end of his pillow. 

Sleep like this? Did he mean sleeping with her phone’s flashlight on? 

Perhaps it was because it was late at night, no one had come to fix the electrical issue, or the problem hadn’t been resolved yet, but the entire building remained without power. When Xia Wan’an had approached him earlier with the flashlight, he had been in bad condition, but it seemed that seeing the flashlight’s light had slightly improved his state. Could it be that this man, who seemed like an immortal, was actually afraid of the dark? 

Lost in thought, Xia Wan’an couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Han Jingnian. 

The light from her phone’s flashlight illuminated the entire bedside. 

With the help of the light, she saw the man lying next to her, his expression calm, as if he had already fallen asleep. 

His eyelashes were long, and his facial features were somewhat feminine. His hair was slightly messy, and his complexion was pale. He looked like one of those handsome and enigmatic characters from a manga. 

Xia Wan’an was left somewhat stunned, and she suddenly understood why, despite not being particularly interested in appearances, she had been so infatuated with him from the moment she met him. It was because he was just too incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful. 

Enchanted by Han Jingnian’s extraordinary beauty, Xia Wan’an gradually fell asleep. 

As she slept soundly, she began to sense that something was amiss in her surroundings. 

Half-awake, she opened her eyes and saw nothing but darkness. She mumbled sleepily, “It’s still dark outside,” then turned over and continued to sleep. 

However, this time, before she could fall back into a deep slumber, she heard heavy and rapid breathing by her side. 

She kept her eyes closed for a few seconds and then, as if she had realized something, suddenly opened her eyes wide. 

It was Han Jingnian. He was lying beside her, trembling violently. When she reached out to touch him, she realized that his clothes were soaked with sweat. 

Was he having a nightmare? Or was something else wrong with him? 

Xia Wan’an became instantly alert. “Han Jingnian?” 

“Han Jingnian?” 

She called his name several times, but he didn’t respond. She reached for her phone, only to realize that it had automatically shut down because it ran out of battery. 

She tossed her phone aside and tried to reach for the bedside lamp. It hadn’t come back on yet. Her phone was unusable, and the room still had no power. 

Feeling helpless, Xia Wan’an noticed that Han Jingnian’s condition was deteriorating. She decided to try what her mother used to do when she had nightmares as a child—patting his back gently and cooing soothing words. “Baby, it’s okay…” 

Well, it was a bit strange to call him “baby.” 

“Han Jingnian, be good…?” 

It felt strange, but Xia Wan’an found that Han Jingnian’s condition seemed to improve slightly. 

Strange as it was, it appeared to be effective? 

So, Xia Wan’an, determined to help, continued to comfort Han Jingnian with her motherly words. “Good boy, go to sleep… Everything will be fine, no need to be afraid…” 

The dark room was quiet, with only her soft and warm voice continuously filling the air. 

Han Jingnian gradually calmed down and eventually pulled her into his embrace, drifting back into slumber.