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Qing Shu looked at the Buddhist beads in Master Wuchen’s hand, lost in thought for a while, and finally gathered the courage to ask, “Master, could you give me the Buddhist beads you have?” 

Master Wuchen paused while holding the Buddhist beads but soon resumed his composure. 

Old Madam Gu grabbed Qing Shu, her face filled with anxiety, and said, “Master, this child is still young and doesn’t understand, please forgive any unintentional offense.” 

This child’s audacity seemed to be growing, to the extent that she dared to ask for things from Master Wuchen. 

Qing Shu wasn’t willing to give up and looked at Master Wuchen, saying, “Master, my grandmother said I was possessed by evil spirits, so she invited a fairy to exorcise them. I drank the fairy’s talisman water, and it caused severe stomach pain. I almost died. Master, I’m afraid that if I go back, my grandmother will make me drink more of that talisman water.” 

After saying this, Qing Shu knelt on the ground and cried, saying, “Master, please save me!” 

These words were half true and half false, as she had concerns. However, her concerns weren’t about Old Madam Lin but rather Gu Xian. Even though Gu Xian had disappointed her, she was still her biological mother. If Gu Xian believed that she was possessed by evil spirits, Qing Shu would be doomed. 

When she had just returned, she didn’t want to live anymore. But now, with Old Madam Gu, who was treating her like a treasure, Qing Shu wanted to live well. 

The monks are compassionate, Master Wuchen naturally wouldn’t ignore this plea. However, he couldn’t give away the Buddhist beads, which were a gift from his master. Instead, Master Wuchen gave Qing Shu a small-leaf red sandalwood Buddha head bracelet that he had personally carved scripture onto and occasionally wore. When he wasn’t wearing it, he placed it in front of the Buddha statue in his room. 

Qing Shu wrapped the bracelet around her wrist and then kowtowed to Master Wuchen three times, saying, “Thank you, Master, for saving my life.” 

With this item, she no longer needed to worry about Gu Xian suspecting her of being possessed by evil spirits. Old Madam Gu was delighted and donated another hundred taels of incense money to the temple. 

After having a meal at the temple, both families returned home together. Since their homes were in different directions, they had to part ways at the city gate. 

Yue Xiangxiang said to Qing Shu, “Qing Shu, come to my house to play in a few days!” 

Yue Xiangxiang was lively and enjoyed looking at beautiful people and things. Qing Shu, who was timid, small, and cried easily, naturally didn’t appeal to her. However, her opinion of Qing Shu had changed now. 

Qing Shu nodded and said, “Okay.” 

When Qing Shu returned home, she took a bath. After climbing so many stone steps, she was covered in sweat and had a distinct odor. 

Old Madam Gu called for Chun Mama and asked, “How is Qing Shu’s progress in learning characters over the past few days?” 

Now that this child had shown signs of intelligence, she was likely to learn quickly. 

Qing Shu’s aptitude had been mediocre before, but she had suddenly become so smart. Chun Mama also had some suspicions, but without any evidence, she didn’t inform Old Madam Gu. 

However, now that Old Madam Gu asked, Chun Mama no longer concealed the truth. “Old Madam, Miss is exceptionally clever. She learns everything I teach her quickly.” 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “It seems that our Qing Shu has turned misfortune into a blessing.” 

Chun Mama looked puzzled. 

Old Madam Gu smiled as she explained, “Master Wuchen said that Qing Shu has become enlightened.” 

After that, she added, “In other words, my Qing Shu has become smarter after falling ill this time.” 

Master Wuchen had a great reputation in Taifeng County, and if he said that Qing Shu had become enlightened, there was no doubt about it. 

Chun Mama was secretly relieved that she hadn’t said too much. “Old Madam, this is great news!” 

Old Madam Gu smiled but also cautioned, “You know about it, but don’t spread it around.” 

Having a great reputation wasn’t always a good thing, especially when Qing Shu was still so young. If she were praised too much, it might change her personality for the worse. 

Chun Mama smiled and said, “Old Madam, with Miss being so clever, why not hire a tutor to teach her? This way, when she goes to the girls’ school in the capital in the future, her chances of success will be even higher.” 

Although Chun Mama had studied in Jinling Girls School, it had been a long time, and she had forgotten most of what she had learned. Moreover, specialization was important. To ensure that Qing Shu would pass the exam for the girls’ school in the capital, hiring a tutor was the safest option. 

Old Madam Gu hesitated. “Qing Shu is just three years old. Is it too early?” 

Chun Mama shook her head. “Old Madam, in prominent families in Jinling, children start receiving tutoring at the age of three. Qing Shu is at the right age.” 

Seeing Old Madam Gu still hesitating, Chun Mama added, “If you want Qing Shu to excel in her studies and have a better chance of entering the Jinling girls’ school in the future, it’s better to start early.” 

“Let me think it over.” 

Thinking about how Qing Shu had her own opinions now, Old Madam Gu decided to ask for Qing Shu’s opinion first. 

In the evening, Old Madam Gu discussed the matter with Qing Shu. “The girls’ school in the capital admits one hundred students every year. If you start learning now, your chances of getting in will be much higher. Otherwise, you might not be able to pass the exam.” 

Every year, there were thousands of applicants for the girls’ school in the capital, but only one hundred were accepted, and some of them had connections. With such a low acceptance rate, it was difficult to get in without standing out. 

In her previous life, she hadn’t had the chance to study, but this time she did. She couldn’t afford to miss it. Qing Shu hadn’t expected Old Madam Gu to plan for her future so early. 

Thinking about her experiences in her previous life, Qing Shu’s eyes welled up with tears. She hugged Old Madam Gu and said, “Grandmother, you are so good to me.”  

If her grandmother hadn’t passed away, she would never have married that beast, Cui Jianbo, in her previous life, and her fate wouldn’t have been so miserable. 

Old Madam Gu patted Qing Shu’s back and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Who else would your grandmother be good to if not you?” 

Her sisters had advised her to raise her grandson, Fugui, by her side a few years ago so that she would have someone to rely on in the future. However, she had been deceived once by Yuan Shi, and she didn’t want to spend her time and effort raising someone else’s child. If it wasn’t her own flesh and blood, she wouldn’t feel a genuine connection. 

Qing Shu held Old Madam Gu and said, “Grandmother, don’t worry. I will take care of you in the future.” 

Old Madam Gu loved hearing this and smiled, saying, “Qing Shu, learning to read and write is not easy. If you start, you mustn’t give up halfway. Otherwise, your grandmother won’t agree.” 

Qing Shu nodded. 

After a day of traveling, Old Madam Gu soaked in a medicinal bath in the evening. Thinking about Qing Shu’s words, she smiled and said to Hua Mama, “Ah Zhi1, Qing Shu said she would take care of me in the future.” 

When Qing Shu had said this before, Old Madam Gu had been happy but didn’t take it to heart, thinking it was just a child’s talk. However, things were different now that Qing Shu  had become more intelligent. 

Hua Mama smiled and said, “Old Madam, take good care of your health, and you will surely enjoy your granddaughter’s blessings in the future.” 

Old Madam Gu’s face lit up with a smile, and her wrinkles smoothed out.

  1. “阿芝” (Ā Zhī) is a colloquial term, often used to refer to a servant or maid in a somewhat affectionate or familiar manner.