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“Dong, dong, dong…” 

The melodious and deep sound of bells reached the ears of the group. Qing Shu was pleasantly surprised and asked Granny Gu as she held her hand, “Grandmother, are we almost there?” 

Granny Gu chuckled lightly, “The sound of the bells makes it seem close, but to reach the temple, we still need to walk for more than two quarters of an hour!” 

Qing Shu smiled and said, “Walking until you’re exhausted, I’ve learned a new saying.” 

Three quarters of an hour later, the group finally arrived at Ganlu Temple. 

Ganlu Temple had a good reputation in Taifeng County, and there were many people who came to burn incense. Just as they arrived outside the temple, they ran into acquaintances. 

Wei Lan approached and said, “Aunt, you also brought Hongdou to burn incense today. If I had known, I would have come with you.” 

Wei Lan was a close friend of Gu Xian, and they used to visit the Gu family frequently. So, she was very familiar with Granny Gu. Later, at her family’s arrangement, Wei Lan married Yue Xiaofeng, who was now the county magistrate of Taifeng County. 

Qing Shu called out, “Aunt Lan, Sister Xiangxiang.” 

When Qing Shu was bedridden at home, Wei Lan had brought her young daughter to visit. 

“I decided to come burn incense just last night,” After speaking, Old Madam Gu looked at Wei Lan’s little daughter and smiled, “Little Xiang has grown quite a bit taller.” 

Wei Lan’s daughter, Yue Xiang, was a picky eater and refused to eat any meat, unlike Qing Shu, who loved meat. To get Yue Xiang to eat meat, Wei Lan had to put in a lot of effort. 

Granny Gu shook her head and said, “Since she fell ill, Qing Shu’s appetite hasn’t been the same as before. She only eats a bowl of rice each meal, and she doesn’t like meat as much.” 

Yue Xiang had witnessed Qing Shu devour half a bowl of braised pork, and the memory was still vivid. Hearing that Qing Shu didn’t like to eat meat now, she was skeptical. “You really don’t like meat anymore?” 

Qing Shu nodded and said, “Not really, I just don’t eat as much as before.” She didn’t dislike eating meat; she was consciously controlling her portion. She didn’t want to become overweight like in her previous life, where she couldn’t wear nice clothes and was ridiculed. 

Yue Xiang couldn’t understand. “What’s so good about meat? It’s greasy, and eating too much makes you fat. Look at you now, you’ve reduced your meat consumption, and you look better. Unlike before, you looked like a meatball.” While not as exaggerated as a meatball, Qing Shu did indeed look quite plump in the past. 

Yue Xiang had made similar comments before, which had made Qing Shu cry. 

Wei Lan, worried that Qing Shu would start crying again, gave Yue Xiang a stern look and quickly consoled Qing Shu, “Hongdou, don’t mind her. Yue Xiang is too straightforward; I’ll scold her when we get back.” 

Qing Shu shook her head and said, “Aunt Lan, I’m fine. What Xiangxiang said is true; I was indeed too fat before.” 

During this period, she had lost a lot of weight. Her round face from before had started to show some contours. Her efforts at weight loss were beginning to pay off, but she knew she needed to continue working on it to become truly attractive. 

Granny Gu couldn’t help but smile. It turned out that Qing Shu’s taste hadn’t changed; she just didn’t want to eat as much meat because she was afraid of getting fat. “You’re still young; when you grow up, you won’t get fat.” 

Qing Shu didn’t believe this. In her previous life, she had remained plump until she got married. 

Yue Xiang Xiang disagreed with Granny Gu’s suggestion: “Hongdou, you shouldn’t eat meat anymore; you look so much better now.” 

Wei Lan felt somewhat awkward as she looked at Granny Gu and said, “Aunt, this girl has no filter; please don’t mind her.” 

Granny Gu chuckled and responded, “Children speak their minds; there’s no need to be concerned. My heart is not so narrow.” 

Qing Shu glanced at Yue Xiang Xiang and shook her head, saying, “You still need to eat meat; otherwise, you won’t grow tall.” 

Yue Xiang Xiang widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Who says you can’t grow taller if you don’t eat meat? I’m just teasing you!” Wasn’t it obvious that she was implying Qing Shu would not grow tall in the future? 

“Grandpa He said.” 

Yue Xiang Xiang fell silent. 

Wei Lan was somewhat surprised; this child used to be reserved and didn’t talk much. How did she become so eloquent after her illness? Nevertheless, this change was a positive one. The old Hong Dou had been too shy. 

When they arrived outside the Great Hero Hall, a welcoming monk approached them. 

As they entered the hall, Granny Gu intentionally glanced at Qing Shu and noticed that she was curious but not scared. She immediately felt relieved. 

The welcoming monk handed them incense sticks. 

Qing Shu took three incense sticks, bowed three times to the Buddha, and then knelt on the cushion, bowing three times. 

After bowing, Qing Shu silently prayed in her heart, “Buddha, please bless my child to be born into a good family, receive love from her parents, and lead a happy and joyful life.” 

After paying respects to the Buddha, they also paid respects to Guanyin Bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha, and the Arhats in the temple. Each time, Qing Shu silently repeated her prayer in her heart. 

After leaving the Daxiong Palace, Yue Xiangxiang asked softly, “Hongdou, what were you murmuring just now?” She saw Qing Shu’s lips moving but couldn’t hear what she was saying. 

Qing Shu smiled and replied, “I was hoping that the Buddha would bless me not to become as chubby as before.” 

Yue Xiangxiang burst into laughter and took Qing Shu’s hand, saying, “Hongdou, I didn’t realize you were so amusing!” 

Qing Shu didn’t understand what was so funny, but she couldn’t quite grasp the thoughts of children. 

After offering incense, Granny Gu expressed her desire to meet the abbot. Although Qing Shu hadn’t shown any unusual behavior earlier, only a meeting with the abbot could dispel Gu Xian’s doubts. 

The abbot, Master Wuchen, usually spent his days meditating and chanting in the temple’s rear courtyard and rarely received visitors. The temple affairs were managed by designated personnel. 

Granny Gu had been generous with her donation of one hundred taels of incense money earlier, which made it difficult for the welcoming monk to decline. He said, “Please wait a moment, let me inform the abbot.” 

After a while, the welcoming monk returned with a smile and said that Master Wuchen was willing to meet them. “Please follow me, benefactors.” 

Granny Gu turned to Wei Lan and said, “Let’s go together!” 

Having Wei Lan accompany them served her personal agenda. Wei Lan and Gu Xian were as close as sisters, and they often spent time together. If Gu Xian didn’t believe what she said, she could have Wei Lan serve as a witness. 

Wei Lan nodded in agreement. 

The group entered the meditation room, and Granny Gu and Wei Lan both clasped their hands together in respect. “Greetings, Master Wuchen.” 

Qing Shu followed suit, respectfully saying, “Greetings, Master Wuchen.” 

She disliked the sham monks and nuns who exploited the name of gods and buddhas for profit. However, she held deep respect for genuinely enlightened monks. 

Master Wuchen greeted them with a solemn “Amitabha” and said, “Benefactors, please be seated.” 

Master Wuchen had a benevolent appearance, a tranquil demeanor, and a calm and soothing voice that put people at ease. 

After Granny Gu and Wei Lan sat down, Granny Gu pushed Qing Shu forward a bit and said, “Master, my granddaughter fell ill a little over half a month ago. After her recovery, her grandmother insists that she has been possessed by evil spirits and even invited a village shaman to perform an exorcism. Master, please help us examine her.” 

Wei Lan was somewhat puzzled. 

“Child, look at me.” 

Qing Shu raised her head and looked at Master Wuchen. She wasn’t afraid; after all, she wasn’t a lost or wandering spirit. 

Master Wuchen examined Qing Shu, and his expression suddenly became serious. He couldn’t read this child’s fate. 

Granny Gu held Qing Shu’s hand tightly, worried about what Master Wuchen might say. What if he claimed that Qing Shu was possessed by a demon? 

Wei Lan and Yue Xiangxiang also grew anxious. 

After a long silence, Master Wuchen softly said, “This child is not possessed by demons; she has simply awakened.” 

Seeing the puzzled expressions on their faces, Master Wuchen didn’t provide further explanation, only adding, “Benefactor Gu, you need not worry. This is a blessing for the young benefactor.” 

Since it was considered a blessing, it was undoubtedly good news. Granny Gu finally let go of her anxieties.