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After a brief rest in place, Nan Xing got up, ready to strike while the iron was hot. 

Considering that she might need to stay in this house for a while, Nan Xing didn’t intend to damage its windows and doors. 

There were several large warehouses next to the house, with open doors. She believed there wouldn’t be any zombies inside. Her plan was to check for usable resources there, as she had lost hope for finding food and was hoping for some straw, wooden boards, or tools. 

Dragging her tired feet, Nan Xing reached the first warehouse, which was full of straw. 

The warehouse was quite large, and she didn’t thoroughly search it. After a cursory look, she moved on to the second warehouse. 

After checking each warehouse one by one, apart from the straw and empty wooden crates, Nan Xing only found some agricultural tools, like hoes and sickles. 

She cautiously used her steel fork to probe the straw, making sure there were no hidden zombies. Then, she lay down in the straw to think quietly. 

At the moment, her available resources included straw, wooden crates, agricultural tools, and the large stone she had brought from the forest. 

How could she best deal with the zombies while ensuring her safety? 

Straw, wooden crates, stone, and the farm… That’s it! 

Nan Xing suddenly had an idea and immediately got up. 

She first went to the warehouse with the wooden crates, temporarily moving everything out of her storage space and placing it by the door for easy access later. 

After filling her storage space with the crates, Nan Xing picked up a hoe and headed to the garden. The soil here was a bit softer. 

She placed the crates and the hoe on the ground and continued transferring the crates back and forth. After several trips, the area was filled with rectangular wooden crates. 

Nan Xing pulled out the straw from nearby haystacks to line the bottom and sides of the crates. 

She diligently dug up soil to fill the crates and then transported them to the front of the house, stacking them to form a small wall over two meters high with a narrow passageway in the middle. 

She could squeeze through the passageway, but the people from this farm probably couldn’t. The zombies she had just killed were all well-built. 

In this way, after exhausting herself, her body drenched in sweat, Nan Xing had built a small wall of crates around the house, leaving only a very narrow passage. 

She could quickly escape from the zombies after opening the door, and then use the gap to attack them. 

However, she was now extremely tired and thirsty, and she felt that if she didn’t find water soon, she might die of thirst. 

Fearing that the zombies might push down the crates, Nan Xing had compacted the earth several times to ensure stability. 

Nan Xing checked the time; it was already 5:31 PM. She had unknowingly spent so much time, so she needed to speed up and enter the house for a search. 

She placed all the farming tools by the wall and went to the back door of the house. After observing the surroundings and making sure that no zombies were lurking behind the fence, she forcefully pounded on the back door. 

“Bang, bang, bang!” 

“Roar!” The sounds of zombies approached from a distance and drew closer. Nan Xing pinched her steel fork and listened carefully; there were possibly four or five sets of footsteps. 

She couldn’t help but tighten her jacket; there might be even more zombies. 

Nan Xing hurriedly sneaked back to the front door, planning to open it while she had the chance. 

Standing in front of the door, she peered inside through the blinds. There were indeed no zombies in front of the main entrance. 

Carefully taking out the bunch of keys, Nan Xing compared them to the door lock and chose one that looked promising. 

She inserted it into the lock. 

She was quite lucky; she had picked the right key. 

However, at the same time, she realized that this door wasn’t even locked; it opened easily with a twist. 

Without thinking much, Nan Xing pushed the door open heavily and quickly retreated. 

“Roar!” A total of eight zombies, two large, two old, and four small, noticed Nan Xing’s presence and rushed toward her. 

Nan Xing squeezed into a gap and retreated rapidly. She had underestimated the situation; she hadn’t expected to encounter small zombies as well. 

Good thing she had a backup plan. 

Quickly moving to the outer edge of the enclosure, Nan Xing used an empty crate from the wall to create a makeshift ladder to climb onto the crate wall. 

As she climbed, Nan Xing simultaneously retrieved empty crates into her storage space. 



Nan Xing gasped when she realized that, because the crates were empty, they had weaker structural integrity, and there were gaps between them. 

In her panic, Nan Xing stepped on thin air and fell, landing in a gap and splitting a crate. 

The wooden pieces cut her ankle, causing fresh red blood to flow. 

The scent of blood was even more alluring to the zombies. Gritting her teeth, Nan Xing used her steel fork to prop up the wooden crate and quickly pulled her foot out of the crate. 

The intense pain made Nan Xing’s eyes well up with tears. She wasn’t sure if there were splinters embedded in the wound, but she couldn’t afford to think about that right now. 

Before the zombies arrived, Nan Xing endured the pain and barely climbed up the crate wall. 

Two large zombies, two old ones, and a small zombie couldn’t squeeze through the gap. One of them got stuck in the opening, while the others clustered around the gap. 

Nan Xing, ignoring her injury, quickly reached the gap and dropped a massive stone from her storage space, incapacitating the zombies at the edge of the gap, rendering them powerless. 

She then lifted her steel fork and approached the middle of the gap. One of the zombies was still hissing at her, its mouth wide open. Nan Xing aimed the steel fork at its mouth and thrust it down forcefully. 

One after another, the zombies quickly met their demise. 

Nan Xing put away her steel fork and sat on a crate, her hands trembling uncontrollably. 

She was both tired and frightened. 

After catching her breath, Nan Xing first eliminated the three remaining small zombies outside before dealing with her own foot injury. 

Not knowing if there were medical supplies inside the house, Nan Xing had to resort to simple first aid using the resources at hand. 

She took out a condom, tore it open, and stretched it out, tying it tightly above the bleeding wound to stop the bleeding. 

Then, she tremblingly unscrewed the cap of a water bottle. She knew that alcohol wasn’t an ideal disinfectant, but it was all she had for now. If she found better medical supplies inside the house, she could treat the wound properly. 

As the alcohol was poured, Nan Xing endured excruciating pain. She didn’t dare to cry out loudly; instead, she could only sob softly. 

The surrounding forest might still conceal many zombies, and the open field was vast. She was afraid her screams would be too loud. 

After pouring nearly half the bottle of alcohol, Nan Xing was drenched in sweat. 

Fortunately, there were no splinters left in the wound, so she didn’t have to be more brutal with herself. 

She cut a piece from a parachute, wiped it with alcohol, applied it directly to the injured ankle, and then used the previously cleaned piece to secure the wound. Finally, she built a small staircase using crates filled with soil and climbed down from the crate wall, limping.