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After dealing with the few zombies still alive and trapped under the stones, Nan Xing cautiously entered the house. 

She didn’t dare to close the door, just in case there were more zombies inside, she wanted to keep her escape route open. 

Upon entering, the living room was on the left, the kitchen on the right, and there was a staircase in the middle leading to the second floor. 

Nan Xing first listened for any sounds inside the house to make sure it was empty before she proceeded to search the living room, holding her steel fork. 

She hoped the medical supplies would be in the living room of a house as they usually are. With all the zombies around, it was likely that this house hadn’t been looted yet. 

However, she didn’t hold high hopes. She suspected that all the supplies on this island were provided by the competition organizers. The farm wouldn’t be too dangerous, so there might not be many resources. 

After rummaging through drawers and shelves with great care, Nan Xing’s nerves were constantly on edge, fearing that a zombie might suddenly rush at her from behind. 

Fortunately, her fears didn’t materialize. Instead, she was very lucky to find a 500g wheel of cheese, three bottles of 500ml water, and a 400g can of chickpeas in one of the cabinets. 

Nan Xing immediately opened one of the water bottles and drank half of it. She was incredibly thirsty. 

She paired the remaining half of the compressed biscuit with water and sat on a chair in the kitchen, feeling like she was coming back to life. 

As the day slowly turned to night, she had to pause her search for now and focus on ensuring the safety of the entire house. 

Carrying her steel fork, she tied two throw pillows from the sofa to her chest and back with some rope. Just in case there were any remaining zombies, the pillows could serve as protection against attacks and charges. 

Fearfully, she searched all the corners of every room, and every time she opened a door or cabinet that had been closed, she couldn’t help but fear a zombie might jump out at her. 

However, those movie-like scenarios didn’t occur to her, and Nan Xing let out a sigh of relief. 

Now, only the basement and the attic remained to be searched, but she didn’t dare to go there in the dark. She would wait until daylight. 

The farm should only have those zombies. 

When she returned to the living room, it was nearly pitch black outside. 

Nan Xing fumbled to close the house’s front door, then used a lighter to grab an iron bucket from the kitchen. 

She disassembled the two wooden crates from her storage space, which she had collected earlier with the intention of dealing with the dark night. Fortunately, she had found a lighter. 

She tossed the wood into the iron bucket and slowly ignited it with the dry straw. 

When the firelight emerged, Nan Xing finally felt a bit of security. 

She stared at the flames absentmindedly, her expression lost and deeply fearful. 

Today was only the first day. Would she have to endure days like this in the future? 

Constantly living in danger, worrying about food, water, and diseases at every moment. 

Nan Xing was awakened by a wolf howl in the forest. She quickly snapped back to reality and wrapped the iron bucket with a cloth before bringing it into the room she had identified earlier. 

This room didn’t have access to the attic, but it appeared clean and had pillows and blankets, which made her feel better. 

Inside the room’s wardrobe hung a few pieces of young men’s clothing, and Nan Xing selected some that fit her for a temporary change. 

She pulled the heavy curtains shut and, in the dim light from the fire, searched the room while dragging her injured leg. 

Unexpectedly, under the bed, she found a family-sized first aid kit! 

Without searching any further, she sat on the edge of the bed and eagerly opened the first aid kit. 

Inside the 18-inch first aid kit were only five items: opened sterile cotton swabs, a partially used bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a pack of masks, half a roll of bandages, and a first aid manual at the bottom. 

Nan Xing was overjoyed, with these items she wouldn’t have to worry about her wound worsening overnight. 

She quickly unwrapped the makeshift bandage; the bleeding had already stopped. Nan Xing took off the condom and hesitated for a moment but decided to keep it in her storage space. Who knew when it might come in handy; it didn’t take up much space anyway. 

Following the instructions in the first aid manual, Nan Xing used the hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound again and then rebandaged it with the bandage, tying it in a square knot. 

She placed the remaining medical supplies back into her storage space along with the first aid kit. Nan Xing finally relaxed, feeling the exhaustion wash over her like a tide. 

She couldn’t help but yawn, feeling both tired and sore all over. Right now, she urgently needed some rest. 

However, she resisted the urge to sleep and first extinguished the fire. She left a tiny gap in the curtains and checked the room’s door, which she had blocked with a cabinet. Only after doing all this did she finally lie down and fall asleep with a sense of security. 

The Next Day 

Nan Xing woke up safely. She first raised her sore arm and touched her forehead, which had a normal temperature; she wasn’t running a fever. 

That’s great. 

After losing so much blood, she had been worried that it might lead to a high fever. 

She glanced at her watch and was surprised to find that she had slept until eleven o’clock in the morning. Oh, my gosh. 

Moreover, due to yesterday’s strenuous activity, Nan Xing felt sore all over her body, and her limbs hardly felt like her own. 

But she had to get up; today, she needed to search the entire house. 

Nan Xing sat on the bed and checked her injured right leg, which hadn’t worsened. She disinfected it again with the remaining gauze and rebandaged it. 

Then, she endured the pain and spent ten minutes doing simple stretching exercises with her upper body and uninjured left leg. Only after that did she use her steel fork to support herself as she got out of bed. 

She opened the curtains a bit and looked outside, but Nan Xing’s heart sank. 

Overnight, several more zombies had appeared in the farm, wandering around. 

Were these zombies respawned every day? 

During the daytime, she had confirmed that the fence had no openings. 

She also saw four or five zombies gathered together, as if they were gnawing on something. 

Were they humans or animals? 

If they were humans, were they the island’s indigenous inhabitants, or were they fellow players like her? 

Did someone lure the zombies here? 

Nan Xing felt uneasy. Did someone die on the first day with so many zombies around? 

With so many zombies and her current physical condition, how could she deal with them? 

Would there be more zombies tomorrow or when her wound healed? 

She had endless questions but no answers. 

Nan Xing slowly let the curtain fall back into place and sat on the edge of the bed, stunned for quite some time before finally getting up. 

Thinking too much was pointless. The house was currently safe. Yesterday, while searching the house, she had taken care to seal all doors and windows with items, leaving only the main entrance open. 

There was still a wall of boxes in front of the main entrance, preventing the zombies from getting through for now. 

She should start by searching the house; perhaps there were some useful items.