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If the truck could be started, searching for supplies would become much easier in the future. 

She opened the truck door and climbed inside. 

On the passenger seat, there was a large water bottle, but there wasn’t much else. 

She unscrewed the water bottle cap, and a strong smell of alcohol wafted out. 

This driver had been driving drunk, serves him right for turning into a zombie. 

She closed the bottle cap and casually stored it in her space. 

There were still indigenous people, often referred to as NPCs, on this island. 

According to the mechanical voice, some NPCs were open to trading. 

She had read plenty of post-apocalyptic novels, watched movies and TV shows, and knew that items like cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, and gasoline were valuable trade commodities. 

Although she didn’t drink, maybe she could get a good price for these items. 

Nan Xing continued her search. The front of the car had already been checked, but the storage compartments had not been opened yet. 

There were cigarette ashes under the driver’s seat, so she might find some cigarettes. 

The truck had a total of three storage compartments: one on the roof, one in front of the passenger seat, and one in the middle of the driver and passenger seats. 

She opened all the storage compartments and found an unknown brand of cigarettes (about one and a half packs), a men’s wristwatch, two high-calorie chocolate bars, and a box of condoms with seven remaining. 

Nan Xing suddenly felt like this truck was unclean. 

The watch was still in good condition, so Nan Xing put it on her wrist. It was now 12:11 PM. 

She still had time. 

After finishing her search, Nan Xing attempted to start the truck. 

No success. 

It wouldn’t even start. 

She didn’t know what was wrong, or maybe it was out of gas. 

Nan Xing decided to check below the truck. If it was out of gas, she might still be able to use it. 

If there was gas, then she was out of luck. She knew nothing about vehicles and certainly couldn’t repair them. 

After cautiously surveying her surroundings and seeing no zombies except the one on the tractor, Nan Xing got out of the truck. 

She circled around and found the fuel tank. She opened it and took a look; it was still half full. 

It seemed to be a problem with the truck itself. She had no choice but to give up on this truck. 

Next, she needed to find a suitable weapon to enter the house and deal with the zombie on the tractor. 

She glanced around; if this was a farm, maybe there would be a farm tool like a pitchfork. 

That kind of thing would be perfect for her – not too heavy, decent for attacking, and could keep the zombies at a distance. 

After a quick look, Nan Xing finally found something resembling a pitchfork near a haystack close to the house. 

She hurried over and confirmed it was a pitchfork. Nan Xing immediately stored the knife and replaced it with the pitchfork. 

The pitchfork was a bit rusty but still sharp. 

Nan Xing decided to test it on the zombie on the tractor first. Breaking a window should be enough. She could then attack the zombie without it being able to reach her. She was quite the little genius. 

Dragging her tired steps, Nan Xing slowly returned to the tractor. She shook her aching arm; she was so tired. 

Today’s level of physical activity was truly the highest in history. 

Nan Xing sighed, raised the pitchfork, positioned herself at a safe distance, and used all her strength to break the glass. 


The smell of food had attracted the zombie, and it clawed at the broken opening, its flesh feeling no pain from the glass cuts. 

Nan Xing quickly thrust the pitchfork into its head. 

It was somewhat easier than she had imagined, but she couldn’t kill it with a single strike. 

Nan Xing tried another spot, as the skull was quite hard. 

This time, she aimed for the neck, thrusting it in fiercely and twisting. 

She actually managed to detach the head! 

The head had separated from the body, and the mouth of the fallen head continued to open and close. Nan Xing quickly jumped back. 

It was time for that stone to come into play again. 

With a “crunch,” this zombie also joined its companions. 

Nan Xing climbed onto the tractor while holding the pitchfork, determined to make a habit of keeping a weapon at hand. 

There wasn’t much on the tractor—only half a pack of cigarettes. 

However, in the zombie’s pocket, she found a bunch of keys, likely for the house. 

So far, she hadn’t found a single drop of water. 

Moreover, after the recent exertion, Nan Xing had finished the compressed biscuits she had eaten. 

Nan Xing sat on the tractor seat, panting. Given her current state, it wouldn’t be suitable to enter the house and search. 

Her limbs were sore and tired, she was thirsty and hungry, and going inside would be like delivering herself to the zombies. 

The farm should have a well or a faucet, she thought. 

She had to find water. 

There shouldn’t be any other zombies outside the farmhouse by now, as all the noise earlier hadn’t attracted any. 

Nan Xing rested in the vehicle for a while and then got up, dragging her exhausted body toward the back of the farmhouse. 

She hadn’t searched there yet. 

The front of the house was clear, with nothing to be seen. 

As soon as she arrived at the back of the house, Nan Xing clearly saw a faucet in the shade, connected to a well. 

Most importantly, she spotted a row of tomato plants growing in wooden boxes, bearing fresh and ripe tomatoes. They weren’t very numerous, and they weren’t fully ripe, but at least they had started to turn red. 

Nan Xing practically pounced on them, staring at a not-so-large tomato and swallowing hard. 

She carefully selected the ripest one, took three bites, and devoured it without washing. 

There was no need to wash it; the water might not even be clean. 

With her thirst quenched, Nan Xing turned to look at the well. 

What she saw startled her, fortunately she didn’t wash from it. 

There was a bloated zombie submerged in the well, stuck there. 

The water was ruined. 

Luckily, there were still tomatoes. 

In addition to tomatoes, there was also a box of what appeared to be potato plants behind the house. Nan Xing wasn’t sure if they were ripe yet. 

She picked up the shovel nearby and dug around a bit. Very fortunately, the potatoes were already ripe. 

She immediately dug out all the potatoes. There weren’t many, a total of eight, varying in size, and they probably didn’t weigh more than two pounds. 

When she dug down, Nan Xing noticed that the bottom of the wooden box had rotted away. No wonder these plants hadn’t withered. 

The soil here shouldn’t have been contaminated, otherwise, these plants and fruits wouldn’t appear so normal. 

After storing the potatoes in her storage space, Nan Xing didn’t even leave out the potato leaves. She took everything out of her space, reorganized it, and then put it all back in. 

Her storage space was only one cubic meter, and there were many resources needed for survival. She couldn’t afford to waste space. 

As for the tomatoes, she didn’t touch them for now. After clearing the zombies from the house, she might stay here for a while, allowing the tomatoes to ripen further. 

She picked another tomato and ate it with the remaining half of the 120g compressed biscuits she had left. 

She wasn’t sure about the situation inside the house, so she decided to be conservative for now. 

There was a door and windows at the back of the house. Nan Xing considered whether to thoroughly clean the place now or rest in the truck for the night and decide in the morning. 

After a short rest, Nan Xing decided to go for it in one go. 

She wasn’t used to regular physical activity, and after the strenuous exercise today, she knew she’d be sore all over tomorrow. She didn’t want the situation to worsen. 

Nan Xing’s gaze rested on the back door. She had heard some commotion inside earlier, and she knew there was something going on.