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From the plane, the farm seemed close to where she landed, but in reality, it was much farther than she thought. 

Fortunately, she didn’t encounter a second zombie along the way, making her journey relatively smooth. 

Nan Xing sat under a tree, panting heavily, sweat pouring down her forehead. She was tired, hungry, and thirsty. 

She had just found a pack of compressed biscuits on the zombie, but she was hesitant to eat them, fearing they would make her even thirstier. 

Glancing at the sky, Nan Xing decided to take out the compressed biscuits, broke off small pieces, and ate them bit by bit, despite their dryness. She was just too thirsty. 

If there were zombies around, she needed to find a safe place to take shelter before nightfall. 

In most zombie stories, it was usually played this way: zombies became more active at night, increasing the danger. 

After eating the biscuits, her growling stomach quieted down, but she indeed felt even thirstier. 

Nan Xing got up and continued in the direction of the farm. 

On the way, Nan Xing was fortunate to come across a raspberry bush, but the raspberries were not ripe; they were all unripe and sour. 

Upon careful examination, they were indeed raspberries. 

Nan Xing picked one, wiped it off, and took a bite. It was sour, making her face contort, and it tasted awful. 

To alleviate the dryness in her mouth, Nan Xing forced herself to eat four or five of them. 

She didn’t know that eating unripe berries carried the risk of stomachaches and poisoning, but luckily, she didn’t eat too many. 

Nan Xing sighed and continued toward the farm. She walked for an hour straight, and at times, she wondered if she was walking unconsciously. Finally, she reached the edge of the farm. 

The farm resembled the Western farms Nan Xing had seen on TV, enclosed by fences, with houses featuring red walls and blue roofs. There were also one, two, three, or six zombies wandering around in the fields. 

Unfortunately, Nan Xing could barely see any plants in the fields; there were only golden haystacks, a tractor, and a truck. 

She had to deal with the field zombies before she could enter the house, or perhaps she could find another way to get inside from the back. 

After considering for a moment, Nan Xing decided to deal with the field zombies first. If there were zombies inside the house, getting caught between them would be deadly. 

Outside was more spacious, and she had room to run. 

After observing the terrain and objects on the farm and considering everything, Nan Xing decided to climb onto the tractor and then onto the truck, luring the zombies over and dealing with them the same way she had with the forest zombie. 

Zombies weren’t as fast, and the tractor was closer to her than the zombies, so this plan had a good chance of success. 

There were also tall wooden crates piled on top of the truck, which she could use as a substitute for rocks. She might even find some supplies inside the crates. 

Once her plan was set, Nan Xing carefully climbed over the fence, trying not to make a sound. 

As long as she cleared the zombies on the farm, with these fences in place, it would be a good shelter. 

She might even be able to spend the next fifty days here before the circle shrank. 

As Nan Xing stealthily approached the tractor, using the haystacks for cover, she was about a hundred meters away from it. Although she hadn’t made any noise, a zombie within her line of sight had spotted her. 


A zombie let out a roar and crazily lunged toward Nan Xing. Its cry alerted other zombies, and they all noticed Nan Xing and swiftly moved towards her. 

“!!!” Nan Xing was startled and ran towards the tractor with all her might. 

She swore she had never run this fast in her entire life. If she were to participate in a 100-meter sprint at this speed, not only would she pass, but she might even set a new record. 

Her heart pounded heavily, her face turned bright red, and tears welled up in her eyes. 

As the zombies closed in on her, she felt her limbs go weak. However, her strong survival instinct barely overcame her fear. At the last moment, she hastily climbed onto the tractor’s large tires. 

The zombie pounced onto the tractor, leaving a red mark on Nan Xing’s calf with its claws. 

“Bang!” The window of the tractor was forcefully pounded on, frightening Nan Xing. 

She hadn’t noticed it earlier, but there was actually a zombie inside the tractor. Fortunately, it was locked inside the vehicle and couldn’t harm her. 

Her plan had been well thought out, but implementing it was much harder than she had anticipated. She had come dangerously close to being caught by the zombies. 

Nevertheless, it was the best plan she could think of. 

Without wasting any time, Nan Xing used both her hands and feet to quickly climb from the tractor’s tires onto the tractor’s roof. From there, she climbed onto the back of the truck. 

Once she was sure the zombies couldn’t climb up after her for now, Nan Xing took a quick look at her leg where the zombie had scratched her. 

There was only a red mark, and it hadn’t broken the skin. She breathed a sigh of relief. 

She would definitely need to find a pair of long pants later. 

Tears streamed uncontrollably down her face. She knew crying wouldn’t help, but she couldn’t control herself. 

Just a few hours ago, she had been a delicate flower living in a peaceful society. Who would have thought that a few hours later, she would be facing zombies that could end her life? 

Since the zombies had already been alerted, Nan Xing decided to cry softly while searching through the contents of the truck. 

“Why am I so miserable? The box is empty, and these fruits are all rotten. Oh, this is even worse.” 

Nan Xing shed tears while lifting the box and throwing it at the zombies. 

She is so pitiful, these zombies actually want to eat her, they all need to die for her! 

The box is quite light in weight and is made of wooden boards with gaps. However, because of these gaps, it is difficult to get rid of the zombies when the box is thrown down. 

Nan Xing threw all the boxes down like she vents her anger. She found no supplies, only a pile of rotting and stinking fruits. 

Her stolen shoes which were already dirty, were now even dirtier. 



After a series of noises, Nan Xing faintly heard the screams of zombies coming from inside the house, indicating that there would be another intense battle ahead. 

However, dealing with the zombies in front of her was more important right now. 

The previous attack hadn’t killed all the zombies, so Nan Xing took off her jacket, leaving only one finger exposed. 

In this world, she couldn’t retrieve items from a distance; she had to physically touch them to collect them. 

After collecting the stone again and repeating the process, Nan Xing finally managed to take down all six zombies, smashing them into a pulp. 

She wiped away her tears with her skirt, tremblingly crouched down behind the truck. Things had deteriorated to the point where it was impossible to search for supplies. 

Nan Xing glanced inside the truck; there were no zombies inside, and the key was still in the lock.