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“Player A000444888, please exit the helicopter within one minute, or the helicopter will explode in one minute.” 

Nan Xing clenched the backpack of her parachute tightly, looking down from a height she couldn’t quite determine. She couldn’t help but swallow hard as her legs trembled. 

She hadn’t expected that the so-called Blue Star 1st Survival Contest would turn out to be real. 

She had just absentmindedly clicked “Agree,” and in the blink of an eye, she found herself on this aircraft. There was no one else on the plane except for her. 

There wasn’t even a pilot; it was truly terrifying. 

Not long after takeoff, she realized that all her clothes had disappeared except for a set of gray undergarments. 

Then a mechanical voice appeared, quickly reciting the rules of the game. 

Nan Xing grasped a few key points: zombies, survival, 365 days, and space. 

The organizers of the game would provide all players with a one-cubic-meter space, and players could freely choose the items to materialize within their space. 

Nan Xing’s immediate reaction was, “Tattoos.” 

The mechanical voice only responded to her with six points. 

However, with Nan Xing’s stubborn insistence, such as saying that she only wanted the tattoo ink and would use it to create tattoos on her body, it surprisingly agreed. 

A not-so-noticeable star appeared on the left side of Nan Xing’s chest. 

In addition to having a one-cubic-meter space, they needed to survive for 365 days on this 3 million square kilometer island. The last survivor would share the prize of 9,999,999,999 RMB. 

Everything here originated from their world, but this island was inhabited by wild beasts, zombies, and their fellow contestants. 

Besides these, they would also face dangers like hunger, cold, disease, and so on. 

Moreover, the island’s survival zones would refresh every fifty days. Those who couldn’t reach the designated survival zones in time would be killed by poison gas. 

Most importantly, death here meant real death; there was no resurrection. 

Oh, and spaces could be stolen and merged. 

The game organizers supported a range of ruthless competition. If Nan Xing’s space were to be stolen, it would be like someone cutting a piece of flesh from her. 

“Countdown: 10, 9…” 

With no time to think further, Nan Xing had to jump. 

Fortunately, the darn organizers provided an automatic parachute mode. After reaching a certain altitude, the parachute would open automatically. 

“Hiss…” Nan Xing shivered, rubbing her arms. It was so cold. In just a short distance of height, she turned pale and covered herself in goosebumps. 

However, the descent was relatively fast, and as long as she reached the ground, she could quickly find some clothing. 

The problem was that her landing spot seemed a bit off. 

Sparse sunlight, soft grasslands, she watched in horror as her parachute drifted towards a ghastly-looking zombie. 

Nan Xing frantically tried to adjust her landing direction, but she was currently defenseless and powerless. 

However, it was already too late. 

The zombie had already spotted her and was growling, rushing toward Nan Xing, who was about to touch down. 

In this scene of starting off in a dire situation, Nan Xing quickly grabbed a nearby tree branch and hung herself from the tree. 

However, the parachute hung down and was seized by the zombie. 

To prevent herself from being pulled down by the zombie, Nan Xing quickly took off the parachute bag, a hint of pain in her eyes. 

This thing should be considered her only starting equipment, right? 

The parachute bag dropped, trapping the zombie inside it. The zombie struggled wildly inside the parachute, emitting muffled growls. 

A golden opportunity! 

Nan Xing immediately surveyed her surroundings; there were no other zombies. 

She was still young and hadn’t lived enough yet; she absolutely couldn’t die here! 

Sharp-eyed Nan Xing spotted a large rock about ten meters away. It was heavy, probably a few hundred pounds. 

Although she couldn’t move it herself, she had her space! 

Taking advantage of the zombie’s struggles, Nan Xing jumped down from the tree, quickly ran to the rock, and stored it in her space. 

Then, she climbed back up the tree and aimed at the zombie’s head, releasing the rock in one swift motion. 

The zombie was instantly crushed beyond death. 

As a precaution, Nan Xing waited for a moment to make sure the zombie remained motionless before descending from the tree again. 

Standing barefoot on the grass, Nan Xing’s legs gave way, and she knelt on the ground. 

It was too terrifying. 

Why had she clicked “Confirm”? Why couldn’t she just lie in bed, scroll on her phone, and drink bubble tea? 

Tears streamed down Nan Xing’s face uncontrollably. She had nearly died just now. 

And it would have been death by zombie; it was too gruesome. 

While crying, Nan Xing moved the rock away. Regardless of her tears, she couldn’t go back in time now. She could only do her best to survive. 

After removing the rock, she saw the flattened zombie head with brain matter smeared all over the parachute, emitting a disgusting stench. 

“Ugh…” Nan Xing dry heaved for a moment, then quickly covered her mouth. 

She had seen many zombie movies, and people like her usually died early. She couldn’t afford to die so soon; she had to make it to the big finale. 

Nan Xing held her breath and shakily reached out to search the zombie’s body. 

She had smashed accurately, and the area above its shoulders was a mess, but the rest of the body was intact. 

The zombie was wearing a jacket with a shirt underneath, jeans, and hiking boots. Both the jacket and pants had pockets. 

Nan Xing searched and found quite a few things on the zombie. 

A multifunctional folding knife stained with blood, a half-empty can of lighter fluid, three band-aids, and a pack of 120g compressed biscuits. 

Nan Xing hesitated for a moment as she looked at the zombie’s clothing and parachute. Should she wear the zombie’s clothes or use the parachute for something else? 

She only hesitated for three seconds before deciding to do both. She took off the zombie’s jacket; the inside was still clean. She also removed its shoes, stuffed them with rolled-up leaves, and used them as makeshift insoles. 

Although it was repulsive, there was no other option at this point; she had to make do. 

She had no medical supplies on her, and it would be terrible if she got injured, especially considering she lacked medical knowledge. 

Shoes were a necessity, and clothing was essential. 

After wiping the knife clean, Nan Xing cut a piece of fabric from the parachute, dug a few holes in it, and quickly fashioned a sleeveless dress, securing it loosely with a piece of rope. 

Then, she cut two more pieces of fabric to wrap her feet and put on the shoes. She also wore the jacket. 

Nan Xing cut the parachute cord and stuffed the parachute into the parachute bag along with the lighter, band-aids, and compressed biscuits. 

She hesitated for a moment as she looked at the zombie, which was still wearing clothes. 

One minute later, Nan Xing was carrying half-filled space, bound the folding knife to her wrist with a piece of rope and headed east. 

She had seen from the plane that there should be several houses and fields ahead, possibly a farm. 

She left behind only a headless, completely naked zombie on the ground.