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“Hmm? Why is there suddenly a pop-up?” Nan Xing, an ordinary office worker, was busy typing away at her computer, furiously pounding the keyboard.

A very large and rudimentary-looking pop-up, one that seemed like a virus, suddenly appeared on her computer screen, taking up most of the interface. 

“The 1st Post-Apocalyptic World Survival Contest is now open! Survive for 365 days to share a prize of 9,999,999,999 RMB!!!” 

“Click ‘Confirm’ to register for the competition!!!” 

Nan Xing shook her head and took a sip of her soda from the desk. 

As a fan of online novels, she was all too familiar with this kind of plotline. 

Even if it were a time-travel scam, it was outdated now, too cliché. 

Scams needed to keep up with the times, at least try to trick her into getting a COVID test or something. 

Tsk, she was very satisfied with her current life. Although she was born in an orphanage in Yundian Orphanage, years of hard work had allowed her to save up a hefty sum of fifty thousand bucks. 

No scam, whether about time travel or anything else, was going to make her part with her precious money! 

Nan Xing took out her phone, took some pictures to mock with her friends, and then looked at the advertising pop-up on her computer screen, feeling a bit intrigued. 

Clicking once shouldn’t hurt, right? 

However, in the moment she clicked “Confirm,” a mechanical voice in her ear startled her, and she jumped up from her chair. 

“Player Nan Xing, ID A000444888, registration successful, preparing for teleportation, countdown 10, 9, 8…” 

“No way, is this for real?!”

T/N Note:
Zhup, everyone. This is >>Not a Pessimist<<, and I will be the one translating this novel till the end. (Well, I hope so).
I like apocalypse novels that’s why my ongoing theme will be apocalypse novels or doomsday novels most probably.

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